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BIOGRAPHY - Darcy DeMoss

BIOGRAPHY – Darcy DeMoss

The Friday the 13th franchise is noted for having its fair share of scantily-clad victims, many of whom are either dispatched during or shortly after sex. Whilst several installments in the series have also boasted nudity, others have proven to be relatively restrained. Tom McLoughlin’s Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives was an attempt [...]

BIOGRAPHY - James Isaac

BIOGRAPHY – James Isaac

With all the technical challenges of a slasher film it is surprising that more are not directed by special effects artists. John Carl Buechler had been the first to helm a Friday the 13th movie, with 1988′s The New Blood which, whilst suffering from an uneven script and bland characters, boasted perhaps the most action-packed [...]

BIOGRAPHY – Julie Michaels

BIOGRAPHY – Julie Michaels

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday opened like any other Friday the 13th movie. An attractive young woman arrives at the seemingly deserted Camp Crystal Lake and immediately strips off to take a shower. When the house is thrown into darkness she goes to investigate, whilst still wearing nothing but a towel. Stepping out [...]



Whilst there have been countless discussions on the merits of the slasher’s ‘final girls,’ the victims themselves are often overlooked. The Friday the 13th series, more than any other, has boasted a cream of undiscovered talent that would later go on to enjoy varied degrees of success in Hollywood. Kevin Bacon, Corey Feldman and Crispin [...]



The slasher movie has repeatedly been accused of misogyny over the years and no franchise has been such a regular target as Friday the 13th. Yet, whilst over a dozen movies several of the victims have been teenage girls in their underwear or killed mid-coitus by a sexless serial killer, it could also be argued [...]

BIOGRAPHY - Tom Savini

BIOGRAPHY – Tom Savini

One of the names most associated with the slasher genre is not a director or even an actor, but a make-up artist. Tom Savini became synonymous with gory splatter effects in the early 1980s after his groundbreaking work on the likes of Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 [...]

BIOGRAPHY - John Carl Buechler

BIOGRAPHY – John Carl Buechler

If anyone has a reason to hate Harry Potter, it’s John Carl Buechler! Back in 1986, a low budget fantasy called Troll was released and enjoyed minor success at the box office. Its protagonist was a young man named Harry Potter Jr., portrayed with wide-eyed innocence by Noah Hathaway, previously known for his roles in [...]