Spectacular Jason Remake Hood and Hock

This combo set is up for sale right now at the Fright Stuff Forums This looks really good and is worth the price if you are a serious collector. This has great detail and there were only 5 of these hoods made. You will need a login and password to gain access to the message thread. They were mentioning $600 to $900 for the price, but I am not sure if that is accurate or not.





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14 Responses to “ Spectacular Jason Remake Hood and Hock ”

  1. nice id love to get it to improve my costume awsome mask and hood for sure

  2. The eye looks like something a gypsy would look in to.

  3. Look at the comically raised eyebrow! It’s as if Jason is thinking, “Holy crap! Where did half of my face go?”

    Seriously though, great hood and mask.

  4. Nosferatu,
    I never looked at the hood like that. You’re right, it does look like he is surprised and shocked. :)

  5. This looks cool. That eyeball looks a little bit like that old woman’s eye from Drag Me to Hell.

  6. “They were mentioning $600 to $900 for the price, but I am not sure if that is accurate or not.”

    only $600-$900?? What a great deal!

  7. I read that Ken Tarallo is trying to play that hockey mask off as if it were created from the actual movie mold. Bullshit. It’s a good mask, but it looks to me like a retooled Neca recast.

  8. Well, I understand that there are a number of people in the hockey mask world that share your view point and you have stated your opinion here in the past. This subject has been covered tirelessly on this website, at Frightstuff and just about every website like this one on the net. I respect your opinion. However, regardless of your view on where the hock came from our how it was created, the hood is very well made and the set as a whole looks great.

  9. Truth, do you have any proof either way? Do you personally know if Ken did or did not acquire the movie mold? It’s not my intention to start an argument, because for all I know it is a recast, but it really irks me when people are judgemental like that.

  10. Nosferatu,
    This debate has raged on for a long time. It is very personal and a lot of people have lost time and energy debating and discussing this subject. You will here a lot of people say they are right and have proof. But in the end, we the fans, that are not directly related to this debate will never truly know the truth. The best thing to do is just let it pass here on this website. I would rather not have another blog posting hijacked by this topic.

    If you want more information on this, please check out this post as it was already discussed in length here. Nosferatu, I think you posted in this blog as well.


  11. that isnt one of kens hockey masks, its the necca remake mask. if kens masks arent from the origional mold, they look about as close as ive seen.

  12. the bottom half of the mask looks off to me. like its not tall enough or something.

  13. I agree jasonsfury, the hood is GREAT.

  14. thats funny, because the hood isn\’t fro ken, and that mask right there, is not even form ken\’s mold, moron, so he isn\’t playing anything off, a user on the forum made that mask, molded it and painted it, and it is cast directly from the NECA, I love ignorant a$$holes on the internet

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