Friday Sequel Still Awaiting Green Light

normal_f13_2009_23Brad Fuller added the following to his Twitter page today:

on the mixing stage working on NOES. Still hoping for some good news that will take us back to Crystal Lake.

Even though Warner Bros. and New Line have announced the release date of August 13, 2024 for the Friday the 13th sequel, it seems as though it has not been given the green light. So, this lends further proof that there has been no casting and that the script has not even been approved yet. Hang in there as news shall be coming forth soon!

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46 Responses to “ Friday Sequel Still Awaiting Green Light ”

  1. It better not be fucking 3D …save it for part 3 ,,and dont make a zombie jason till part 4 or 5 !!!!first It was remakes now ITS all fucking 3D COME ON just make part 3 in 3D ..

  2. I really don’t see a reason you can’t make one Friday movie a year. I mean….it doesn’t really take that much effort.

  3. Because of the law of diminishing returns. Take a look at what Saw VI made this past weekend.

  4. I hope that’s only a question of time….

  5. why does the car say “Crystal Lake Police”? I thought Crystal Lake was a camp. Or, at most, a lake.

  6. With all do respect madgoalie you honestly simply cannot by any sense of the word compare Friday the 13th to saw!

  7. Yeah why a Crystal lake police car ?

    It’s Lake FOREST GREEN …. Duh !!!

  8. According to Part 7 and beyond, the town just decided to revert back to Crystal Lake as tourism was down due to people not knowing what Forest Green was. :)

  9. What blows me away is that fact that a remake is a remake meaning what? “Retelling of the original idea”. Having sequals to a remake is like making the “remake” and then knock offs of the original series, i.e. part 3-4-5-6 off of the remake. It’s like how can there be 2 versions of Friday the 13th? one being the actually thing and the other being a remake version of the original thing. This concept is getting crazy.
    What would be be interesting is going the “prequal” way like they did with TCM, although i don’t know how much of a movie you could make with young jason drowning.

  10. ratta tatta touille

    I believe that in the original films Crystal lake was the town, and the lake was named after the town. in part 6 they changed the name of the town from Crystal Lake to forrest Green.

  11. I’m glad it’s not green lit. This gives a fan like me more time to complain about how it shouldn’t happen, how the remake was a waste, and nothing will live up to the original series. I am a true fan in that sense. I am hardcore.

    If anything, Platinum Dunes owes us for the crappy kills they gave us in the remake. Jason just stabbed his way through most of his victims and didn’t really get too much more creative. There was nothing in the remake that lived up to the wheelchair kill that Warrington Gillette executed with the sames smoothness by which the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra plays Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

  12. there should be a sequal but only this time bring back the original scores ,the first one didnt have anything scarry at all and please bring back (kane hodder) hes the only original , and hes tall 6;3 thats inof and more kills please ,

  13. there should be a sequal yes and jason should be played by (kane hooder) thats why the first one sucked and the mask just like freddy vs jason was not on right terrible ,

  14. Welcome back Wal Mart Man. Missed the Warrington Gillette man love.


  16. @ Walmart Man and others:

    Ahem, Warringtom Gillette never performed the “wheelchair kill” kill in Part 2. all that Gillette did was the unmasked scene at the end (the scene where he crashed through the window).90% of the other stuff was done by Steve Dazkawicz aka Steve Dash (some closeups of the boots etc here done by different persons). So when you talk about “the guy who played Jason in Part 2″ you have to referr to Steve Dash.
    The same troule seems to be with Part 5, where a lot of people think that Dick Wieand played the masked Roy … which is not true. Tom Morga did 95% of the Roy and Jason stuff in Part 5.

    The remake sucked because it did not have Kane Hodder? Part 1-6 did not have Kane Hodder! Hodder´s movies don´t reach the quality of the ones before him (that´s not just my opinion; in opinion polls on various forums classic F13th are regared higher than “the second half of the saga” ). But it also needs to be mentioned that it wasn´t Hodders fault that his F13´s weren´t as good as the others. His crappy performances as Jason were not the main reasons why his movies lacked compared to the others … but that is not the topic of this blog post.

    I think they need to have a concept (vague story/script idea) before they green-light the sequel … and of course they will have to deal with the financial issues. I think the right-issues have to be dealt with again. Does Paramount have to be involved again or can Platinum dunes and New line do this one on their own?
    It´s been like half a year since the remake was in cinemas and PD is still kinda busy with ANOEs … so I am not surprised that the F13-sequel isn´t officialy green-light.
    Also: The past has shown that takin your time is better than to rush something. Imagine if they gave the green-light to one of those rejected, awful FvsJ scipts (the Abernathy, Braga etc scripts where absolutly crappy). Good things need their time. Be patient.

    But I have to agree that the kills in the next one need to be more “original” (not nececarrily gorier, but more “inventive/special”).

  17. I am soooo not worried. There will be another F13 I garantee. After the reboots box office records they will cash in on Jason once again in the futur. Besides why stop after 12 movies??

  18. Germaniac,
    Don’t sweat “Walmart Man”. He is a occasional visitor who you will never convince otherwise. That’s because he purposely posts about Warrington Gillete to get a rise out of people. And unfortunately, most fans that visit here don’t realize that he visits here to patronize them. Is he a real fan of the series or a person who visits here to cause trouble?

    His comments of being a true fan and being hardcore and then wanting more time to complain about the newer movies sort of shows that he isn’t here to discuss the series, he is here to cause a stir. Everyone can make their own call on this, but this is my observation as someone who has seen a lot of different posts of the same sort.

  19. Germaniac,

    The amount of screen time that Steve Dash and Warrington Gillette have as Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2 is a huge debate, even among the two actors. To throw out numbers like “95%” and say that Jason was mostly played by Steve Dash is pure speculation. I, in fact, know Warrington Gillette (he works at a local Walmart now)and it was verified by me that he was Jason for most of the time you see him on screen. It WAS his hand that smacked the handicapped guy in the face with a meat cleaver. He told me.


    Dude, you’re actually pretty offensive when you say I’m just here to get a rise out of people. It’s only natural that people on message boards don’t always agree with each other. And that’s not “patronizing” to me. It’s just the way things are. Nobody ever told anyone that they had to agree with me or even believe that I know a few things about Warrington Gillette. It’s the internet, people lie all of the time. You are just making your “own call on this” but I have to admit to you, I think its a poor observation.

  20. Warrington Gillette told you that, huh? Well, no surpise here. He is known for being a liar (or mabye he just got confused again since he lost his memory in an skiing accident[which he likes to give as an excuse for all the bullshitting) ). He signed various photos of Steve Dash in costume, he tricked sideshow toys (saying they modeled the Jason 2 figure after him). Gilette had his 5 seconds of fame in F13 history: The window-crashing scene (at conventions and interviews that´s the only sequence he can talk about because it´s the only one he did). Steve Dash is backed by various actors and crew members. The entire stuff can also be read in the Crystal Lake Memories.
    Gilette claims he lost his memory because of an skiing accident and that´s why he went on claiming “being” Jason in part 2. Yeah, right!
    I give him credit for his 5 seconds in the movie; he definitly is an F13 alumni. But Steve Dash was Jason in Part 2 (and a wonderful Jason he was). That´s CONFIRMED by various Part-2 cast R crew members like Russell Todd, Amy Steel, John Furey, Lauren-Marie Taylor and Cliff Cudney.

    Scabboy did a good write-up of the entire dilemma:

  21. Ahhh, glad to have Walmart Man back

  22. Wow Germaniac! That first link you posted was quite informative. I had no idea that the debate between Warrington Gillette and Steve Dash became so tense at one point. Still, I think that the whole article is a little slanted and favor’s Steve Dash – which I think is unprofessional. The uncredited author of that article says that he doesn’t think Warrington Gillette’s autograph should be worth anything simply because he sold $50 raffle tickets to a few fans “for a movie that will probably never see the light of day.”

    The whole article, to me, just seems like another example of fan speculation about who the real Jason of Part 2 is. Plus, the person who wrote the article didn’t even provide the reader with their name?!? What’s up with that?

    Even though I don’t always agree with The Walmart Man, he does provide a few cool points about the series here and there. On the same note, I don’t think I’m sure I’m ready to believe that Steve Dash was Jason for 95% of the film. For the few weeks that Gillette was hired to be Jason, I doubt that the window scene was the only one where shots of Gillette were used. The shooting schedules for these films was always so tight that I’m sure they got a lot of stuff done while Gillette was on the set.

    Okay…I totally feel like I’m babbling now. I just found those links to have opened up a whole new chapter on some behind-the-scenes stuff I never knew about the series.

    Does anyone know what other shots Warrington Gillette is in in Part 2? I’m curious to know now.

  23. “Warrington told us that he was a stunt man and that he could do the stunts at the time we started filming,” Recalls stunt co-ordinator Cliff Cudney. “Basically Warrington quit the film or was fired, because he said that he didn’t feel comfortable doing the stunts. Steve (Miner) wanted certain close-ups for some of the scenes in order for the audiance could see that it was Jason but he just couldn’t do it.” Taso Stavrakis (Savini’s buddy, co-worker, and the hands of the decapitated Mrs Voorhees in part 1) was asked first to be Jason in part 2 but he turned it down.
    Steve Dash got a call from his buddy Cliff Cudney saying “…the guy they had playing Jason was scared shitless and they were going to fire him. Cliff told me to get my ass up there a.s.a.p.!”
    The mould had already been made of Warrington’s head at the beginning of production or he would not have been in it at all. Steve had been a “godsend” and they weren’t looking forward to having Warrington back.
    So there it is. It looks like it was almost entirely Steve Dash with Warrington thrown in when they had no choice. Oh and let’s not forget, just to really screw things up, The Prowler played by Jerry Wallace! Jason III? Will the real Jason Voorhees please stand up?!

  24. I just hope that kane hodder plays jason in the next one. I Like to see him wear the mask again.

  25. how did this turn into news about the next friday movie to who played what in the original friday part 2? :)

  26. I like Hodder, but really people, he is not Favre of the Jason’s and Meers is not Rodgers of the Jason replacement. Hodder needs to stay out of this. Meers did a great job and like Kane, he made Jason his own for the movie. If anything White was the best of them all with Brooker a close second. I don’t put Hodder in that line-up because even though it was Jason, it just seems as if his Jason got away from the story. He only did 1 1/2 (JGTH had him in the finally part of the movie) at the Lake. He was elsewhere most of the time. It was Jason, but not the Jason I knew from the 2 through 4, it just seemed 7-X was more stand alone. He was good, but completely different from Jason in 3 and 4. Sorry, I do wish though that Hodder had done FvsJ instead of ohh what was his name, yeah that one WHO SUCKED and embarrassed Jason. I mean c’mon people, you bitch about Kane making him a Zombie, but that loser turn him into Frankenstein. To quote the comic book guy from the Simpson,” Worst Jason ever”! Last thing, Warrington is a D-bag, Dash was the man in part2. I don’t even consider or rank Warrington as a Jason. Jumping out the window, no kills, your loco to consider him.

  27. Robert Wick,

    By that logic, I suppose you can’t consider Ari Lehman as Jason either since all he effectively did was drown and the jump out of the lake at the end of the first movie.

    But thankfully, you and everyone who agrees with you is completely wrong. Warrington Gillette sat through hours of make-up effects and was featured far more in the film than you and Germaniac want to admit. Warrington Gillette did the wheelchair kill in Part 2. I am certain of this because I have first hand knowledge. Gillette’s Jason also killed Crazy Ralph.


    It’s funny that you would mention that Gillette couldn’t do his stunts correctly and that’s why he was fired. I will remember that the next time I also remember that Steve Dash nearly had his finger cut off by Amy Steel during a stunt. To my recollection, Steve Dash is the only Jason to have ever been sent to the hospital for doing a stunt on one of these films. You should remember that next time you want to accuse someone of being “Worst Jason ever!”

    The window scene was also the most difficult stunt performed in Friday the 13th Part 2…and it was Warrington Gillette who did it, not Steve Dash. Nobody can deny this. Nobody.

  28. better be another one!!!!!! ggrrr!!
    Anyway it will be no 13!!!!

  29. Hey Walmart, I did not accuse Warrington of being the worst Jason ever. That award goes to Mr Hodder in my book. All of the things that I wrote regarding part 2 were direct quotes from those who were there. I was just trying to clear up any questions posed by Jimbo X. Jimbo, I hope I helped. Walmart, mellow out dude. They’re fun movies- you should have fun chatting about them. Cheers!

  30. Well go figure that. How can we have a release date when the movie hasn’t even been green-lit? As far as having Kane return for the role of Jason, I liked Kane’s Jason, But I also liked Mears. I think Kane’s ship has sailed. I hope they get Mears back but who knows what they’ll do with the next movie. I am with the guy who said enough with the damn remakes. What the hell is this gonna be, a remake of part 2 now? When is it going to end. Is Paramount going to be involved or did they give new line the rights fully? I have alot of concerns about how they will make another Friday the 13th. I hope they don’t go the route of shitty horror movies now a days and have it in 3D, thats a shitty gimmick that just tries to cover up a bad movie :cough: the final destination :cough: I hope that whatever we get will have the original music or revamped music from the original. GET RID OF THE FUCKING JACKET!!!! Get better writers for the next film Fuck Shannon and Swift those two monkey fucks couldn’t write a decent movie if their lives depended on it. Bring Mears back, Get rid of the Hills have eyes/ alien Makeup. Jason wasn’t that scary looking it the remake, he looked like a something from Men In Black. Sorry for the long incoherent rambling been up for over 28 hours straight.

  31. At the end of the day a new Friday movie will always come out (it’s the franchise that wont die).I hope that the reboot’s sequel comes out for next August’s Friday The 13th release date as reported.But for the love of God keep Shannon and Swift away from anything associated with F13 or any horror for that matter.They are nothing more than a couple of chancers that got lucky and who i believe have no real affinity for horror in general anyway.Have you seen those two fuckers interviewed on film.Talk about annoying.They need to be left in a room with nothing but real fans of Friday The 13th for company.Then and only then we might get an F13 movie befitting of what we the fans deserve.We who have poured so much of our hard earned cash over the years on over priced ticket’s,dvd’s (and now blu-ray),all manner of merchandise and that’s not to mention the small fortunes blown by fans following F13 on the convention scene.We truly do deserve better.I’ll never forgive s+s for what they come up with for FvsJ (or Ronny Yu for that matter).To be honest it’s probably only a matter of time before that gets a remake.Derek Mears vs Jackie Earl Hayley,now that’s a movie i’d pay to see.HAPPY HALLOWE’EN TO ALL THE REGULARS ON THE BLOG PAGE…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  32. Robert Wick that is funny, your right though the Walmart man is Willington lover. But he did get you on the Ari, even though Willington jumped through (wait for it)…… SUGAR GLASS and was swung in!!!! Ari on the other hand was in freezing water with all that make-up and was probably sucking it in. So I guessing Robert would put Ari on his list, because we all know Warrington is a LAIR and Ari is not a phony.

  33. I hear you AFW14, I mean, Ari, I’ve seen his interviews and he does not come across as punk like that other loser or base his whole acting (I know bad joke, but he jokes about it to) on his one bit part, or claim to be the star of the film, or steal others fame like Warrington does with Dash. So yes he is on my fav list, but not as high as White or Brooker. He is between CJ and Hodder. BTW Dash killed Ralph not your boyfriend

  34. AFW14 and Robert Wick,either you have split personality issues or you really are that sad.Get a life dude……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  35. baz your comment makes no sense. You should get a life

  36. Sorry to disapoint you sarah but i’ve already got one.If you’d bothered to look at both AFW14 and Robert Wick’s avatar’s you would have noticed they are both the same.Meaning that the same person tried and failed to post under two different aliases.He even agreed with himself in the second post trying to pass himself off as a completely different person.Where i come from that’s a guy with mental health issues or he’s an arsehole,you be the judge…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  37. baz,
    Good catch. You’re right on your observation. I saw this situation the other night and had to eliminate a less than flattering comment made by the Robert Wick persona. ;)

  38. Next bracket challenge;

    Robert Wick vs. WalMart Man!!!!

  39. Cheers jasonsfury.Oh and Jimbo X i’d be sure to want ringside seats for that match up.LOL…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  40. Hey, lets use this page to bicker! Awesome! Anyways…give us Jason in the snow already! They could do some really creepy stuff with Jason surrounded by snow.

  41. I would win.

  42. No you won’t walmart man. As for the baz comment, I guess since you live in your parent basement and are afraid to go outside, you would notice there is world out there and some people actually work outside the US in the military and we all share the same computer DUMBASS!!! So because my troops decided use the same computer, not there Avatar does not mean they are the same person. If you had friends you would think before you know that DUMBASS

  43. Who’s the guy in the orange ball cap in this picture?

  44. If Mrs Voorhees shows in part 2, I’d love to see Betsy Palmer.

  45. Puckbunny13,
    That’s Andrew Form, one of the producers of the movie. The other is Brad Fuller.

  46. Robert Wick i meant no harm.But this page has a history of arseholes posting under different aliases just to start shit (just ask jasonsfury).

    1)I don’t live in my parents basement.I own my own property and work 12 hour day shifts and night shifts so therefore i’m not afraid to go “outside”.

    2)You appear to have the small minded attitude in thinking i’m a U.S citizen.I’m not,there are Friday The 13th fans outside America you know (i’m from Scotland by the way).

    3)I have a rich and varied social life.Some of my best “friends” are currently serving/have served in the forces.

    I am sorry for assuming you were using multiple aliases but you can’t call me a dumbass for thinking otherwise.I mean come on how was i supposed to know that your troops were all posting under the same adress.It’s not as if you made it clear in your postings.Anyways i have been visiting here for a few years now and don’t want start a bitchfest.I wish you and your troops the best of luck wherever you are serving and a safe and speedy return home to your families and loved ones.All the best,dude……………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

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