Halloween Hockathon Final Week

hockathonCrash Cunningham’s Final Week of his $100 Hockathon is here and this week it features the “Manhattan Part Eight”. Check out his website or see the details below. He does a great job as I just received a Jason Goes To Hell mask from him and it is flawless!

$100 plus shipping. U.S. shipping is $10 and all other is $15.
Order more than one mask and pay only one shipping fee.


At the end of the sale, I will enter everyone who participated into a drawing for a special prize. Trust me . . . it’s cool!


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4 Responses to “ Halloween Hockathon Final Week ”

  1. can you post a link to the web site? If there is one, and I’m not seeing it, I apologize for being a stupid dummy.

  2. Wow, sory about that. I thought I added the URL in the post. I have a link in there now. Here’s the address as well: http://www.crasharmy.com

  3. Nice, thanks. What a cool site. How do these masks hold up against others? The only mask I have is a Neca one.

  4. Hands down crash makes the best hocks

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