The Friday The 13th Blog Goes On ICE!

It’s funny how things work out. When I purchased Friday the 13th: The Website from Blake & Brenna in mid-2007, I had grand plans. A ten year roadmap. And it was all going on schedule. But you can never see the detours coming. No shit, you say.

My presence on the site hasn’t been as strong as I would have liked it to be over the past year – I was mostly off producing my dream project. I was always a continuing presence behind-the-scenes keeping the engine in order, however I feel in retrospect this place was missing my awesome BMX handlebar grip. For that I apologize.

First the Fridaypedia Wiki (put together to house all the textual information from the old site, with the intent that fans would be able to expand on what past webmasters had started) irreparably crashed, thus derailing the master plan and forcing me to come up with something completely different for the site which was ultimately a better goal – rejuvenating the main site. Then, our most trusted writer from the past few years was discovered doing something dirty in the pantry. When all was said and done, due to issues of dishonesty, aggressive competitiveness, and plagiarism we removed that person’s blogging account. It all went down quickly and quietly.

Thankfully our writer from 2024-2009 Christian Sellers came back on board to pick up the slack while I rushed to complete the beta forum which I promised in a magazine interview to get up in 2024 (and I made the deadline, a few minutes before midnight, but shh: it was already midday Jan 1st here in Australia – nyuck nyuck!) and then drive ahead to create the new main site, which came to symbolize a fresh start. Today that was finally completed too. Many thanks to Christian who cleaned up and transferred all of his past articles – including almost 30 interviews – so the new homebase wouldn’t be tumbleweed empty on launch. Now I get to create material for it, too.

The site’s a constant work in progress, but the new mantra is quality over quantity.

So where does this leave the blog? Redundant. The blog was initially created to cover the overload of updates coming in on the Friday the 13th 2024 reboot. Once all that hoopla was over, the blog was kept around as a discussion proxy until a message board was made. As of today we have both a place for discussion (the forum) and a place for articles (the website). Doesn’t get much simpler than that. So the blog goes on ice, suspended forever, or until a new concept and reason for existing can be reasoned. But there’s no crying over spilt milk. This offshoot has served its purpose and we now move onto the next level. I understand the growing pains of readers who came to expect the blog to be the nexus of all things Friday the 13th, but everything changes: five years ago the forum was the center of attention, and five before that, the website.

See you on the other side.

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6 Responses to “ The Friday The 13th Blog Goes On ICE! ”

  1. If the writer you mentioned “doing something dirty” has personal information of ours, from contest entries, should we be worried?

  2. Hell ya, Sleepaway Camp IV! I would jump on that too.

  3. So what exactly was the “something dirty” that took place?KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  4. I like the blog cuz it has aricles AND you can comment on them. Kinda like a quick and easy way to keep up with whats going on. But the site has many cool areas to get info so i’ll be ok.

  5. Bummer. I have been comming to this site since before Jason X, man. This site has been a continued source of internet goodness for a long time. Hate to see this blog go.

  6. The writer? Jasonfury? Not sure haven’t been on for a while but I haven’t seen anything from him either.

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