Fan Film Trailer Pays Homage To Part 2

I have to say that you don’t see too many fan films being created to represent Friday the 13th Part 2 or the look of Jason from that film. However, the trailer below does just that. Director Starsky Partridge has created this first trailer for his Friday the 13th fan film which showcases Jason with the sack covering his face, instead of the iconic hockey mask. The films should be fun to watch!

Also, stay tuned for the end of the trailer as Jason truly does go out of his way to kill his victims the way he wants too, especially the way he supposedly died! Watch for the film to be released May 13th, 2024.

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9 Responses to “ Fan Film Trailer Pays Homage To Part 2 ”

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  2. I dig it. Plus, it’s official (for me), the sack is a bit scarier than the hock. Dig the music score. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. Interesting to see a little bit of how Jason lives. The grave site on the beach was cool too!

  4. Another kickass fan film looks like. Sometimes I feel the sackhead Jason is more scarier than the hockey masked Jason. Plus I love how they showed what Jason was doing while He wasnt killing. In part 2 You get a description on how Jason lives, but You dont really see anything. But anyway this film looks promising and I cant wait.

  5. nice job with the music indeed! and on a schlock note; gotta love the floating blobs of dried-ice along in the water’s edge for creating the mist :)

    am looking forward to seeing this one.

  6. I knew it…Jason IS an Autobot! BWAHAHAHA!!! Seriously…nobody else caught this?
    Seriously though, the only thing I never like about these fan films is the way the actors who play Jason do his walk. I guess I’m used to how he moves in the movies, but it seems like the actors who portray him in these fan films are too…”everyday”…(for lack of a better term) in their movement. Not to nitpick, because I appreciate the work and passion that go into these. But that’s my only beef with these.

  7. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback so far. Our Jason only has an “everyday” walk when he is in passive mode. He lives his sad tortured life wandering the woods around the lake as harmless as a kitten, maintaining his mother’s memorial grounds, hunting for food etc. It’s only when people come to desecrate his woods that he becomes the Jason we expect to see in these films. I assure you when he goes into kill mode this Jason is nothing short of terrifying! Phil Garrett who is playing Jason here has been giving one hundred and ten percent and it has been a real treat to watch! I can’t wait to share the final results with you. We will be taking our time to get the sound and original score just right.

    cheers and thanks for watching!

  8. Hmf, fat Jason. Doesn’t look like him at all. And most camcorders have an exposure lock feature, the camera op should turn that on. It’s nice to see someone try to bring back the sack mask, I always liked that better than the hockey mask, and show him NOT killing people, I give major props to that. The kill was lame, though, and that’s what Friday movies were all about! Awesome kills! It was really obvious that the guy wasn’t being killed, it looked very staged, if you’re trying to get me into the movie you have to make things look authentic, and since when does anyone bleed from being choked? I totally understand that this is a no budget camcorder movie, but at least TRY to make it look like the kills are really happening. Or don’t do it. I think it might have worked if the kill was shorter, as it was in the trailer it was way too long, I saw too much of it, that’s why it looked fake, cuz it WAS fake and the shot lasted long enough for me to realize it. We all know movie kills aren’t real, the point is to make them LOOK real, and this failed to do that. If you fail to deliver on the kills in a FRIDAY THE 13th movie, you just fail all together. Nice try.

  9. When he jumped up from sleeping that made me jump! It scared me! LOL I do think he was a little chunky to be just surviving off what he could find in the woods, from the looks of him, he had went to the chinese buffet too many times. But besides that I think it is a really cool aspect to go deeper into how he lives and survives. I would like to see the film and I think the sack is scarier.

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