German Friday Franchise DVD Box Set

Now, I am not exactly sure if this authentic as this set contains both Paramount and New Line/Warner Bros. releases from the franchise. I am thinking it is not a legitimate release, but I still like the art work on the main box and would love to one day see a full release of all movies in one package.

If you look on the DVD’s, part 2-4 are in English? The rest are in German. I find that strange? However, since I do not live in Germany, I would not know for sure how the movies are released. Any info on this would be appreciated!


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9 Responses to “ German Friday Franchise DVD Box Set ”

  1. The box looks cool. i would love to have it just to keep all the usa released dvd’s i own in it. After freddy vs jason, it looks like just two blank dvd cases with no cover sleaves, i wonder whats up with that. :)

  2. sb shoes, where can i get some of the drugs you’re on?

  3. This is obviously another fanmade-Box like the ones done by Paul Champagne. It´s just the boxes for DVD`s of several franchises … just the boxes – you still have to buy the DVD´s yourself and put them in yourself. So it´s nothing official nor special (you can take your own shoe-box and paint it yourself without paying 30 bucks for a piece of cardboard). The DVD of part 1 on that picture is german. There are no german DVD´s for part 3 and 4 because these installments are BANNED here!
    I just googled for it and saw it on some german and austrian online dvd-shops and as suspected: The box is not an official release and does not include the DVD´s.
    The box does not seem o be made by Paul Champagne though (because I can only find his “old” F13 box on his webpage)

  4. I got all mine in a leather black case along with the Freddys and Michaels. If I had the time, means, and know how to make that. I f’n would, thats cool!

  5. is it me…or does Jason X have WB at the top?

  6. Mitch,
    since there is no division of New Line in Europe the New Line movies where distributed by various euopean distributors here. In Germany (and UK as far as I know) Warner released them … The original Part 1 is also distributed by Warner in Europe.

  7. I\’ve never understood why Paramount changed the cover designs after THE FINAL CHAPTER. I like the original poster art, not the bad photoshop jobs. And, why the title design change too? I made my own covers for 5-8.

  8. i agree junior wadd; i think paramount is having college students do covers with photoshop for free. i’ve never seen such amateur designs actually make it to stores as the ones for the f13ths. the ones for the new special editions are even worse in my opinion.

  9. I wish this was real, I’d so get this! now all the box needs is the remake in there..

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