UPDATE “Jason Goes To Hell” Deleted Hell Demon Bust

Now this is a truly unique project that no one we know about has ever attempted before. Near the end of Jason Goes To Hell, the hell baby is unleashed and searches frantically for a relative to enter into so Jason can be reborn. Well, Eric Scherer is in the finishing stages of his Jason Goes To Hell Demon Bust, titled “Hell Awaits”, which is a reproduction of the full size Demon that was cut from the ending of the film. The full size Demon was the original choice to represent the demon that was the essence of Jason.

Time constraints and uncertainity by the filmmmakers caused this full size Demon to be scrapped in favor of the hell baby that is now seen in the film. Check out the production pictures of the Hell Demon immediately below and then see the in-progress images of Eric creating this truly awesome bust from Jason Goes To Hell.


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16 Responses to “ UPDATE “Jason Goes To Hell” Deleted Hell Demon Bust ”

  1. This is cool. To shame, that this version of Demon vasn’t in the original JGTH version. :(

  2. One word….. Awesome! We need more pieces like this from the movie being made. There was so much more effects created for this film. Why is there not more of a push to make pieces like this from the movie? Great job on this Eric!

  3. A lot of fans from the franchise just do not like this movie and that’s why you don’t see a lot of great pieces like this one created. It is a shame as this was one of the more inventive and fun films in the series!

  4. I have fond memories of this movie. I saw it in the theater and everyone there had a ball. When Jason finally got a body the audience exploded. Yeah more Jason would have rocked but it was a step up from part eight in many ways.

  5. This demon makes an appearance in the comic adaption, also.

  6. No hell demon would have saved this movie from being bad anyways.

  7. I agree w/ you jasonsfury. But what was with the naked shaving scene?

  8. The biggest WTF moment in franchise history. Jason didn’t want to have a stache again I guess??? :)

  9. haha Adam Marcus said he wrote that scene to confuse the hell out of people. Anyway, this thing is really cool! I like how they gave it Jason’s missing eye.

  10. This movie also touched on a lot of Spiritual/Occult themes. We have the book of the dead, overshadowing/demon possession, and a demon summoned. I think it would have been great to have used the big demon as well as the Hell Baby in the film. Like how the chest-buster becomes huge and full super quick in Alien.

    I think the naked shaving scene was awesome in the film as it was one of the greatest WTF moments in film history. The scene still shocks some people to this day.

    Also, I agree with jasonfury, this film was very inventive. I still don’t get why so many fans were against it. The first two films did not have the Hockey mask Jason in it and people still loved it. The fx in this movie were great(though they had more like this and a different puppet for the ending that I think would have made the film better had they gotten them to work/used them.) It had an interesting story. And it really tried to take Friday the 13Th in a new and interesting direction.

  11. These guys must be some diehard fans of this movie to go through making this. The sculpting and paint are well done. I think the movie would’ve been better if it had nothing to do with Friday the 13th or Jason though. I mean,If you’re gonna completely change the story and kill the main character in the beginning, why bother making it. The movie should’ve been titled……Go to Hell.
    This bust is a great piece of work, but I find it hard to believe that this thing is supposed to represent Jason, or atleast what’s inside of him.

  12. In JGTH, it was reveiled to be that Mrs. Voorhees-maybe even Elias was a satanist. Since then, I always wondered if Pamela killed elias, and summoned A demon to host Elias’ body that somehow could not have even been Jason as we all thought all these years. What if Jason stayed dead after he drowned at eleven yeas old? Or Jason did something horrible as a child like kiling his dad and Pam was hiding another secret all this time? I doubt that’s the case…but this messes up your mind thinking about it.

  13. I, and someone else in a message board as well, also think that Pamela was using demonic ritual. From what I hear, one of the Jason X novels goes into the Voorhees line being dark magic practitioners. This would explain how Pamela might have gotten the Necronomicon. I think she trying to bring Jason back from the dead with blood sacrifice.

    She not only kills the victims, but often displays the bodies in ceremonial ways where they will get a lot of visceral attention. This way the demons can feed on the fear and resurrect her child.

    Also, it is very clear to me Jason is trying the inverse in Part 2. (And I presume the entire series to fallow to this day.) He not only kills the victims, he spikes them into door ways crucifixion style and onto trees. If Jason’s goal was mere murder, he’d leave the body on the floor or hide it. Jason would not be spiking them in door ways, putting their heads in cars, and putting them up on trees.

    In Part 2 Jason has a candle-lit alter, as well as in Part 12. And in Part 2 he is clearly dragging the bodies to the alter. The would be ending of Part 2 had his Mother’s head waking up and smiling. She also comes back from the dead in a dream sequence in Part 3 and in one of the Novels. Jason is also very easy to fool by people who look like his mother; as if he has an expectation that she is coming back.

  14. Jasonlivessince1980 Jun 17th, 2024 at 5:17 pm
    haha Adam Marcus said he wrote that scene to confuse the hell out of people. Anyway, this thing is really cool! I like how they gave it Jason’s missing eye.

    I agree, Jason. It is cool that they gave the demon the missing eye, like Jason. Also notice that they gave the demon the axe cut in the head as well. ;) Awesome!

  15. Adam Marcus definitely succeeded there. But I don’t agree w/ anyone that feel it fits.

    You are already weaving a lot of strange elements into the franchise mythos, at the last installment, why push it w/ weird for the sake of weird?

  16. They’ve let us not see something that looks fantastic, god they never think off the fans!! ggrrrr

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