Watch ‘The Man In The Lake’ Right Now!

Winners of the contest we have been running will be emailed tomorrow. In the mean time, watch ‘The Man In The Lake’ below and leave your thoughts or mini-review in the comments after you are done watching the film. The film is in 5 parts, so remember to watch one at a time in order from top to bottom. Enjoy the film everyone!


Produced by Southlan-Films
Directed by Ron McLellen
written by Kevin L Powers

After the drowning death of a young man at Camp Crystal Lake, the camp is closed down for good. Police searched for days after the accident but the body of the young man was never rcovered from the lake. Now years later a private investor, Spencer Hartwell, buys the property where the camp once stood with plans of reopening it. He hires a group of young folks to join him at the camp and help him get it ready for the upcoming season. When they arrive at the nearby town of Crystal City they are warned to stay away from the old camp. A local store owner tells them how no one goes there because legend has it that the young boy who drowned all those years back actually survived, and now he haunts the forest surrounding Crystal Lake taking vengence on anyone that somes around. None of them take the stories seriously, and they go on their way. Shortly after arriving one of the guys, exploring the forest, happens upon an old shack. Upon checking it out he discovers that the stories are true, and the Man in the Lake… is real.

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88 Responses to “ Watch ‘The Man In The Lake’ Right Now! ”

  1. I really enjoyed it! My only gripe is I wish the Friday 7 score wasn’t used so much, it was one of my least favorite scores of the series.

  2. Fun fan film and I know it’s a fan film but one criticism I have that’s worth mentioning is the use of the Hockey Mask Prologue OST from part 7. It’s overused IMO. I always found it very interesting how in F13 films locals are content to let Jason have his territory. They know he’s there. Don’t know what that really says about them but it’s interesting.

  3. Great film!!!

  4. Pretty cool for what it’s worth. Turned out better then I thought, not a huge fan of fan films, but great homage to the franchise all and all.

  5. for all the hype this site has givin this fan film i was not impressed. seemed like a rehash of all the friday flicks combined with rob zombies halloween. not saying i could make anything better but for all the effort and time put into it i was expecting better. jason didnt look right the music didnt fit i guess you just looped the part 7 music throughout most of the film.

    make a sequel to redeem yourself!

  6. Well I’m not going to be near as critical of the film. I personally think you did a fantastic job. It is clear you are a fan of parts 6 & 7 and you pay a nice homage to both films. I think the acting was really good. Ralph was better than I thought he would be, I just have a hard time replacing the old Ralph but I give the actor credit he made his own version of the character and pulled it off pretty darn good. Especially in the scene at the old store. All in all one of the better fan films from the F13 series. Well done

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  8. I agree with Tony. This was one of the better fan films, and I would personally like to thank Southlan Films for a job well done. I would like to compare with the late “Legends” fan film that was made in 2024. Very so often does a great team come together with a Director (that is totally dedicated and that really cares about the project) to make sure a great film. I would like to purchase this film from the Director and just wanted again to say GREAT JOB!!! :) Let’s make a sequel!!!
    P.S. TO ALL THE HATERS. Don’t sit here, watch the film and then be so critical about every technical aspect that you thought was wrong. Me as a first time Director myself, we do the best we can with what we have to work with. We already understand when we made our movies that it was not going to please everyone. So, if you have nothing good to say then just thank us (for our effort) and go about your business!!!

  9. I love the ending. That was cool

  10. Awesome job!!!!…Love the classic mood of the film..keep them coming…

  11. It was one of the better fanfilms, but the music from Part VII really didn´t fit and was used too much.
    This could have easily worked as another sequjel-fanfilm and I didn´t like that young-Jason was rather normal and not a “special boy”, but that where just minor grapes. I kinda missed a chase-sequence in the finale.

    The Jasom costume, the setting, the kills and the way the story was told (as well as the inematography) where very good.

  12. I personally liked the way the original music was remixed and mixed in with the music from the films. Gave it a fresh sequel feel for sure. Nice work gents

  13. Very good I liked it alot.

  14. It’s a noble effort and I think every filmmaker goes through phases in wanting to make films like their heroes and to make fan films – with that said, is it really worth the time and effort to make a fan film rather than make an original, scary and effective horror film based off of ideas that are still scary? I have a problem with films like Hatchet because they take from the films that worked in the past (but don’t work today) and a film like Hatchet failed to be scary or effective. I think a really interesting way to do a Friday the 13th film would be with no mask (and have the mongoloid features) but make it different – maybe no killing of innocent counselors or people – perhaps a different direction because honestly, the series has run itself dry. Jason in a winter environment but in the woods at a camp would really be interesting, and maybe it should be so much about killing counselors. Maybe something within his mind that really shows how the mind of a mentally challenged kid thinks? Things like that will breathe some fresh air into the series. I still think the best films of the series are Part 1-4. And the reason I’m making these points is to help other filmmakers who are making fan films / starting out to think hard about the type of films you want to make. Also, I was once in those shoes of wanting to pay homage to the horror that I loved, so I made a zombie film back in 2024 to pay homage to George Romero – the film was good practice but it wasn’t groundbreaking – my believe is that with horror we can really make such amazing cinema, but we need to have the right mindset.

    All in all Critic, keep on working hard and make movies as long as you love it and as long as you want to make new cinema that will bring horror back. These fan films can be good practice – you have some experience under your belt. Keep on making films, but be sure to make them original and be sure to take from life lessons and situations. I’m learning that more and more every time I sit down and write out a film. If you really desire horror films, for future projects do not copy whats been done. That’s my best advice to you and any other young filmmaker. I myself am 28 years of age and still learning, so those are my “words of wisdom” from someone who has made a lot of independent films – keep on working hard and never listen to the critics. Keep up the good work and always remember – do it because you love it and never buy into having to make a film on todays standards because horror films and music today are failing at being anygood. Keep your head up, looking forward to your next film.

  15. And I just noticed that “Critic” might not be the Director of this film, but regardless of that, this type of advice is GOLD for anyone starting out making films. I wish I knew these things when I started out a few year back – it will always be an ongoing process of hard work, determination and learning more about yourself and about your art.

  16. Thanks for all the comments guys. Mr Goldberg I have been making films for well over a decade and I find it very relaxing making fun films like Man in the lake, and that’s all it is supposed to be is a fun film. No long drawn out overly thought through story, just a simple plot with our favorite killer yet on the lose again. I see where you are coming from though. For me I make fan films for one reason and one reason only. For the fun of doing it. Certainly not for the money. I have made many original pieces, and enjoyed making them all. Thanks for the comment everyone, I hope you had fun…watching the film.

  17. Looking forward to seeing your previous and upcoming film projects. Keep us posted.

  18. I loved it. I loved how professional it all looked. It didn’t have that “Made with a $50 Wal-Mart Camera” feel to it that all fan films seem to. The acting was actually quite good, compared to other fan films. Were they real actors? Not just friends?

    Either way, all-in-all, very enjoyable. I hope I win the DVD!

  19. I found it very enjoyable and better then most fan films ive seen, my only complaint is that it wasnt long enough!, but i understand the hard work you guys put into it, and dedication. I dig it! you guys did a good job!..hell call me crazy, but i found it had more of a friday the 13th feel to it, then the remake.

  20. Great film! Will we see a sequel?

  21. WOW!!!!!!!! Well done and fun to watch. You guys got to do a part 2!!! Does the girl die at the end???

  22. I’ve seen my share of fan films and this was the best one in my opinion. It was freakin’ awesome! I really enjoyed it and I will watch it again for sure. I liked everything about it. Thank you for making it and entertaining us.

  23. Damn that black haired chick was hot!!!! Love the flick — Great quality and please use that girl again

  24. Thanks for all the feed back. We really worked hard to give it a very authentic feel. I hope you found it entertaining and true to Jason lure! :))))

  25. Damn that was pretty good. Better than other Fan Films i’ve seen. Like someone already said this movie had more a Jason/Friday the 13th movie feel to it, than the reboot. Good job guys. My only gripe is the use of the part 7 music… It was a little over used. But other than that I enjoyed it.

  26. Ya know I actually found myself getting into a fan film, I usually turn them off before I make it five minutes, but this one really kept me watching. Ir was very well made, not your run of the mill fan film

  27. Great Job!! Really goes back to the first 4 Fridays (which are my favorites) Keep up the good work!

  28. Haha I liked this alot. It was a good campy little film and Crazy Ralph was great. The kills were actually effective for what its worth. Kind of bummed that it wasn’t longer but thats usually the problem with fan films. It’s entirely face-value with little-to-no character development. Although I do admit Jason’s backstory was really well done and a fresh take on the story.

    All and all I liked it alot and you guys keep up the good work!

  29. This was pretty cool.

  30. Freakin’ sweet job guys! Loved it!

  31. Great job, enjoyed it very much! That kill where the girl gets her head bashed in whith a rock was pretty graphic and original. Jason looked great. Great location too, really felt like camp crystal lake. Hope to see a sequel!

  32. That was pretty cool. The best fan film Ive seen so far. I wouldnt mind having that on DVD.

  33. I”m trying very hard to keep from watching this. I want a copy of this on dvd to watch on my tv at home. When can someone get hold of a copy?

  34. Awesome work!
    Loved the camp fire formula for telling the story. I agree with a previous poster the rock to the head kill was well done, both the actress and FX team were great. Enjoyed Ralph’s demise, nice throw back to Part 2 and of course the canoe towards the end with Jason jumping out of the lake, a nice throw back as well.
    Keep em coming!

  35. BADASS! Damn, fellas, that’s some amazing work. So awesome that you nailed down Jim Adams for that sheriff role–that man is a genius! I did a film with Jim several years ago and he was such a cool guy. Two big thumbs up from me, gentlemen, Sean Cunningham should be damn proud.

  36. The throwback to the original with Jason attacking the final girl in the canoe was nicely done! Good job guys :)

  37. this was so awesome, yall done an outstanding job on all the props and effects and sound, was such a chiling effect when jason would come up behind someone and grap them i like to jumped out of my britches, the only quirk that i have is that it want be at the theaters this movie would get so many good reviews you have your scary moments your sad moments and thrilling and i was sayin its awesome all the characters done such a wonderful job I commends each and everyone of them. and not be preduice or nuttin but the popstop store (not just its the store i grew up going to ahha) made a outstanding setup..perfect and the short little woman at the counter laughing with that gory laugh just set the whole thing off..congrats to all and all i can say is TWO THUMBS UP….

  38. awesome job,some scary moments made me jump back in my seat.

  39. awesome job. Fun film.

    Love the slo mo scene of Jason jumping out of the lake.

    Hopefully I can get on DVD someday.

  40. “search called of for lost hikers”???? Spell check on the “of”!! OOPS!! Otherwise…AWESOME!!!

  41. Great job! I liked the effort that was put into this. I enjoyed it. I haven’t enjoyed a good fan film since Batman:Dead End. I hope you make sequels. If I could change one thing on Jason, it’s the hair. Too fake looking. Otherwise, he looked cool. I’d love to see the old camera angle where you see just the machete. Have a little more build up to see Jason.
    Hey Goldberg, are you serious? Change the story, Jason with no mask? Why don’t we change his name too. Have him drive a car, or maybe even talk….gimme a break. Jason has been established to be his own character and that’s who we all know him as. It’s ideas like yours that pave way for movies like H2. Look how good that one turned out.

  42. evilekim, let’s be honest with the remake in 2024 – it brought nothing but mediocrity and a boring, generic storyline to the table. Same with Freddy vs. Jason – the nu-metal type of music, the horrible cinematography, the horrible look of Jason, etc. These so-called “writers” of the last two films have lost an understanding of how good horror films can be if they don’t copy what’s been done before. Cinema goers are want scary horror again and some, including myself want to see something fresh and unique. Make Jason scary again by not making it generic and typical. That’s the point. The films NEED to be FRESH again.

  43. that was sick i will admit a few things i was not happy with but for the most part great job

  44. Scott, I agree with some of your points. I think that the remake should’ve gave us a little more mystery and a better score,but changing Jason too much kills the character. I think it would’ve been cool if they didn’t show him much until the end. Like they did in the originals. It scary when we don’t know what to expect. Guess it gets down to having better writers.

  45. Having conceived the story of THE MAN IN THE LAKE (MITL) with producer/director Ron McLellen it was a mandate that this film be open to a lot more improvisation than any of his previous films. Due to the overwhelmingly good response to our previous fan film RETURN OF THE SANDMAN, MITL was designed to allow for a lot of on the fly filming as he wanted to go for broke on his second fan film. When we did our first fan film it was a fluke and we didn’t see much coming from it but then fans of that film wanted us to do another and hence MITL was born but it was made with the fans in mind so it’s a little more fun, a little more bloody, and pays homage to the series as a whole.

    Of course it has it’s problems (what fan film on a no-budget doesn’t?) but due to the hard work of the cast and crew (which are all professional) we wanted to give fans a more polished and refined fan film with higher production values and better deaths than other fan films (we know because we watched a whole lot of them). This is just a warm up for things to come for Fan Art Films and Southlan-Films because in the middle of our regular original features and shorts there will be more fan films “For the Fans.”

    These films are fun and exciting to make and remind us horror fans why we got into horror in the first place. They also allow us to make the films with the characters that we wanted to see when we were growing up. On tap in the future for us is a sequel to our first fan film REVENGE OF THE SANDMAN including talks for a TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD fan film, so, keep your eyes peeled for these upcoming projects.

  46. Kevin & Ron after watching the film twice here are some notes… First is what most people have said already, the sound track. Honestly you could have purchased the soundtrack on Amazon and not used it from the actual film which I can tell you did. It really takes away from the film and it looks like you really didn’t try. Second the camera work was a mixed sometimes it was good and sometimes it was not, make the camera part of the story telling not just a tool to shoot the story. The use of the tripod when panning made the camera jump and really took you out of the film. Third setting up your shots, watch you framing because most of the time it was off. I didn’t care for the tree behind the Sheriff while he talked to the kids at the camp. Your eye was focus on that instead of the actors. Forth Editing which was also a mixed bag, sometimes it was good, sometimes not, if you got a bad shot, cut away faster or just reshoot it. Fifth Lighting, I know lighting is a pain for low budget, but it is really something that was needed here in the night scenes, you could have set up a better mood with good lighting. Now using the XL2 with just one lens is a waste of the camera. Purchase a 3X wide angle lens when you can it will help you with the group shots and shots in tight places. And finally the story… Here is my grip with most fan films, you did the same thing with your Halloween one as well. COPYING whats been done already… Honestly I’d raither watch the original then. In both your Halloween and Friday fan films there was nothing there that you did that did not come from the original films. Challenge your self in making something that has not been done before. You guys have the talent, its there… Its okay to pay homage to the film with a little hit of what was done. But not just copy, word for word or kill for kill…

    Now for the good, the JASON A++, the ACTING C++, the SOUND B++(Not FX sound which you took from the film just the regular stuff)Don’t fall back on the excuss that it is low budget film or a fan film, just prep more and purchase more gear if you need it. You cut some corners here and it really hurt the film. However it is one of the better fan film released in a while. It gives Legends a run for its money, so good job guys. C+

  47. loved it best fan film ever!!! where can i get hold of this on dvd?? and what other films have they made??

  48. I have to completely disagree with this DTR guy. Seems he wants to be some kind of a film teacher or something. I think the film was well played and the use of the traditional music is a must for fans, otherwise you have a film with Jason but no Friday the 13th feel about it. I think using the music from the films in a fan movie is a VERY wise decision, as far as the camerawork I think it is very good, I like the hand held feel and the strange camera angles. Why would you wanna make it mundane by using all static shots in the films. The acting was well above par in my book. It just bedazzles me when someone starts telling filmmakers how they should have made their film. Why not just go out and do one for yourself. I think the lighting in the night scenes was as real to life as it gets. I mean I have never walked outside at night and seen the world beautifully lit. Apparently DTR has never been camping, because the way theses guys lit the campfire scenes is real to life. You can’t see anything outside the immediate light of the fire and lanterns. So DTR if you want it to look like fake lighting then go Hollywood and light the shit out of the woods. Personally I would rather see something more real to life versus something theatrical and fake looking. Anyhow guys don’t listen to those people who want to try and be film teachers, just keep on making these great fan films. I really want a copy of it. GREAT WORK!

  49. I agree with Randal, why pick someones work apart like that. Especially someone who took the rime to make a super bad ass film for us fans. Personally I think that is in bad taste. I think the movie was well done. I am a film student and I can tell you that this type of film making is very popular now a days, what with the un traditional camera angles and mood lighting. Being an avid Friday fan I can attest to the fact that the filmmakers choice to mix their original music with music from past films was a good choice indeed. It kept the traditional feel of the franchise alive in this film. I thank you guys for your hard work.

  50. Absolutely fantastic! Ron, your camera work is very impressive. The low angles and great use of sound to build tension was really well done. Can’t wait to see your next film. Maybe one day we could work together. Keep up the great work!

  51. Loved it! Hope it was as much fun making it as it was watching it!

  52. For a fan film this was really a good movie. I too liked the blend of music with tracks and snip its taken from the original movies. Nice character development, and Ralph was funny as hell. Best two Kills IMO were Ralph and the hot Blondie who gets her head bashed in with the rock. All the kills were top notch! My favorite character, was the Sheriff. Fun movie

  53. A+ all the way. It was a fun ride, I thought the camera work was uniquely cool. I enjoyed all aspects of the movie. Great work peeps

  54. That is a very nice fan film! I enjoy watching it. Love the kills! The ending was nice.

  55. That if you want to call it a movie SSSSUUUUCCCCKKKKDDDDD!!!!! That shit was pathetic. I know 6 year olds that could sling better crap than that. That was a waste of my time that I will never get back. Do us all a favor and stick to watching movies and not making them. I just threw up again thinking about the movie.

  56. myers 4eva why are u on a F13th site?

  57. Struckworld- He couldn’t see through that Shatner Mask lol

  58. myers 4eva-
    Please grow up. as far as i can tell, you are a 10 year old fat ass kid sitting in his moms basement, who isn’t good at anything, so he criticizes other people’s works of art. So…that being said…My challenge to you is that YOU, my ignorant friend, create a better piece of fan art, and put it on here for us all to see. And while you are at it, try building half of the anticipation that this film did. Face it, all you haters have no clue what kind of hard work and dedication has gone into this film from each and every last person involved. All of you tearing this film apart should truly be ashamed of yourselves, and get up off your asses and produce something better.

  59. For someone to come out and just bash a film – that’s wrong. I thought the film could be better, but so can my films as can other films from other filmmakers. It’s all a continuous learning process. The problem with the big studios is that they’re putting out horrible remakes with no originality and independent filmmakers who make Friday the 13th fan films are copying what they see in the other films and that usually means dull execution of a film. The best films were the first four, hands down.

    With that said, I do not agree with myers 4eva – a filmmaker should never give up just because someone says “give up, this movie sucked” etc.

    I agree with DTR about copying horror films and what has been done before. There is no need for that. Like I said, it would be cool to see it done differently and with more of a retro score rather than music of today – Freddy vs Jason sucked not only because of the music but because of everything about it. Back to the music – I love John Harrison’s synths in Day of the Dead – very subtle, and imagine a Friday the 13th score with that type of tone in the music.

  60. I agree Scott, I think it’s time to make “a classic Friday the 13th” film, just one like the four first movies, the best ones no doubt. We need Jason from Parts 3 and 4’s look to be back! (say goodbye to that machete and jacket thing!), we need the real suspense to return! (do not show Jason in every single shot of the movie!, we need to feel Jason rather that watching him every single second of the movie), we need Manfredini’s classic music score (the kind of music and sound he did for 1 to 4), also we need a screenwriter who know that there is a great formula contained in the four first films and a director able to bring that formula to life: Steve Miner…; you producers, want a good Friday the 13th movie to make us the fans trust again in the franchise?… makes the things right RIGHT from the beginning!

  61. About “The man in the lake” (although knowing the great efforts that’ve been put on its making) it’s an example of what I could call “misunderstood Jason concept”… you know, this shortfilm shows a sort of “warrior Jason”, almost like a ninja, we (again) see him too much, there is no suspense… but well, I can imagine the makers wanted it that way, it seems they wanted to follow the way set by “the bad sequels” of this franchise… you know: I’m talking about showing Jason (with jacket-look) too much, no suspense, even they did noy choose a “classic” Friday the 13th music score (they were with Part 7’s)… so, to sum up, I think they are acting just like the actual filmmakers of most of the (bad) sequels of this franchise… if amateur filmmakers (who have the freedom to do anything) do not go classic with their shortfilms, why actual filmmakers should do it?… I mean, if fans just imitate the bad sequels what kind of hope will we have for a classic Friday the 13th movie?, I think the actual filmmakers think their (bad) sequels are pretty decent of very good for us!!, they can say “hey, fans imitate our film, so they like it”… and I think that’s not the way to go, they are bad sequels and they are not Friday the 13th as I understand it (first four films are really F13th movies!)… I’ve always said this: GO CLASSIC WITH FRIDAY THE 13TH!!

  62. Who are you guys to say what these filmmakers should have done? I mean come on guys let’s get real here for just a second. These guys did a terrific job, and just because some of you so called fans think the film should have been done differently well for Gods sake get out there and do it the way you want, but I personally see no reason to criticize someone else’s work. Oh and Myers 4ever or whatever your dumb ass name is, you are just pathetic. Get off of your Mama’s tit and get a freekin life you stupid moron. Whoever runs this site should delete that idiots rude and distasteful remark.I think we should be more thankful that someone took the time to make this film for us. I for one enjoyed it. Yeah I am not a huge fan of some of the sequels but I am a huge fan of Jason, and this was the best fan film I have seen in a long time. Thank you guys from us fans who appreciate your work in making this for us.

  63. “but I personally see no reason to criticize someone else’s work.”

    That does happen to everyone in life. All of the major studio films get critiqued to death. Some films and crew get negative reviews more than others, but every single person and their work will be critiqued. When you make a film, or anything creative for that matter, you must be prepared to have someone not like what you have done.

    To say that there is no reason to do so is not practical. I agree, though, that outright bashing a film with no real reason is just wrong. Construstive criticism, which is mostly what has been laid out here, is acceptable, in my opinion.

  64. David I understand where you are coming from and criticism of major films where people are getting paid to make something worthwhile is one thing, when someone does something for fans on their own dime and receive no compensation, well to me criticizing them is basically saying we don’t care that you took the time to do this for us. I have always thought that when someone does something for you, you should not tell them thanks but I wish you had have done it this way instead. That’s the point I am making here, and the Michael Myers fan who outright bashed this film, well dude you are an immature idiot with no brains in your head at all. Go put on your crappy ass Myers mask an look at yourself in the mirror some more.

  65. Hi everyone, my criticism on “The man in the lake” is not intended to hurt its filmmakers. I know they have put all their efforts on its making and that’s a very good thing, but (as I said about the Platinum Dunes’ reboot too) I think the result is not the best. I agree with the opinion that when you make a film (shortfilm or full lenght picture) you have to accept critics on your work, and that doesn’t mean nothing personal… I preffer people to say to me their real opinion about my films instead being simply correct about them, because this is a learning process and if people do not like it I’d like to know it in order to, you know, do it better next time…

    I’m a filmmaker too and I’ve written and directed a slasher horror shortfilm called VERONICA. It can be watched in two parts in youtube… and I know I have to be prepared for all kind of opinions… in fact, I will thank good and bad opinions… because the main reason for making a film is the audience… at least, that’s my opinion… and I think it’s not a matter of budget in order to be criticized or not… I think criticsm is always a good thing, for actual and aspiring filmmakers, for people who earn money with or just spend it in a no return way…

    My slasher shortfilm can be watched here:

    VERONICA Part 1:

    VERONICA Part 2:

    Thank you all and criticism would be welcome.

  66. I mean, after watching “The man in the lake” I could be saying “wow!, what a great shortfilm. That’s the way Jason’s got to be!, It’s got suspense and I’ve been at the edge of my seat all the time!”…. BUT if I’ve had said that, I’d have been lying… I’m not being disrespectful with the filmmakers. I’m only being the way I’d like the audience to be with my shortfilms… I’m planning filming a short Friday The 13th fan movie too, and I’m afraid because it’s not easy… and I don’t want an audience that’s going to tell me the film is good just because I’ve made it for them for free or because its named “Friday the 13th fan film”!… I’ve been in many shortfilm festivals, they all were “free entrance festivals” and there were good and bad shortfilms, although they all were made for us to watch them for free… ;to sum up, you wanna make films?, be prepared to listen to all kind of opinions, whether you as a filmmaker like it or not…

  67. Hey guys thanks for all of your input. We do encourage you guys, the fans to give us your input. It doesn’t bruise our egos or anything. We made this film with you fans in mind, but at the same time we have our own ideas and our own way of doing things. There is room for improvement in the biggest budget film out there. Part of the fun of making fan films is getting to read everyone’s input. It seems for the most part the film has been well received, and there are some folks who would have rather seen the film go on another direction, but we took it in the direction that best paid homage to our favorite things about the franchise. Not everyone is a fan of the sequels past part four, but there are a ton of fans who are. We did not try and do some original story in this film, that was not what we wanted at all. We wanted to make a fun film that paid homage to some of our favorite things in the films. As far as Ralph goes and his character in the film, we just took a character from the franchise and did a bit of a reboot on him. There was no rhyme or reason to it, there wasn’t supposed to be. It’s just a tip of the hat to the character. Anyhow I am glad that most of you enjoyed the film.

  68. I think we can all agree on fan films needing to be “done right” meaning, as you have said, to not copy the later films which are lacking in many different aspects – but every artist has a choice of the type of film they want to make and that has to be respected. In this case Ron felt the need to focus on the Jason of the later films and that’s fine because that’s his choice.

    Now as far as original work, there is NO NEED AT ALL to copy whats being done in horror films of today and the past and in Hollywood. The remakes are horrible because they copy a formula that is generic and old. This is why I suggest a Friday the 13th sequel to be different and in the hands of a filmmaker who could breathe some new life into the series. The remake was horrible and copied what was done before. If independent filmmakers do the same for their fan films of Friday the 13th, what good does that do? Honestly it’s doesn’t do it any good because it’s a formula that is being done over and over.

    Rejecting the mainstream ideas as an independent artist is important. Take music for example. Look at bands like Pink Floyd – their song “Dogs” off their Animals album is an epic song, with NO LIMITATIONS at all – it was not made with the intention to play it on the radio – it was made with the intention to say something – Roger Waters wanted to express his concerns about politics and society. Imagine if filmmakers had the same mindset! And some do, it’s just about finding that voice.

  69. WOW, I like it when a film cause a great discussion about filmmaking. Constructive criticism is the world we all agreed to be in once we decided to do anything in the world of filmmaking. Some of the best filmmakers in the world have other filmmakers critic there films before we the world see it. Why can’t us in the indie world do the same. How are we going to get better if we can not step back from our films and look at what other people are saying. Now that I’ve said that RON I’ve just read your comment above and I must disagree with you. There is a fine line between homage and copy. Honestly both your Halloween and Friday film are carbon copies. Paying homage repeats a recognizable scene or stylistic element from the other work. Not just copy over and over again unless your doing a parody. Paying homage are films like SHAWN OF THE DEAD, SCREAM, hell even HALLOWEEN & FRIDAY THE 13th are paying homage to PSYCHO. Look at what happens when Hollywood remakes a film. Most of the fans and filmmakers out there hate the out come. When Kevin said “We wanted to give fans a more polished and refined fan film with higher production values and better deaths than other fan films” It opened the door for people to compare your films to whats been done and critic accordingly. Just because you shot it on a better camera doesn’t make the film better. Honestly there are better Friday fan films out there and lets not forget STAR WARS fan films, STAR TREK Fanfilms, GHOSTBUSTER fan films. etc. There is a whole world of fan films out there.

    Now I’ve said it before you have talent, it does show in your work, there are moments there. I just feel you need to push your self. Good filmmakers are hard to come by, don’t just settle.

  70. NOW! MLC… Wow what a great short film… It is the perfect example of what good lighting and good camera work is. Now its not perfect and has a few flaws with editing and some lighting.. But it does show that a film with no budget can be shot good.

  71. Since we’re sharing films – Paul Kratka from Friday the 13th III plays the lead.

  72. awesome fan film

  73. I love it when one filmmaker tosses chunks at another because they think what was done is copied or old school or hackneyed. Come on guys originality died long ago. For Christ sake this is a fan film, but to hear you guys go on, well it’s just funny to me. I have been making films for 36 years and I can tell you young guys think you know it all. Cracks me up. As far as this film goes, well I actually enjoyed it. And DTR after watching the film and reading what you wrote, well I don’t think you even know what an homage is, because this film is full of them. I saw no direct copies of anything in the Friday the 13th films, what I did see was a filmmaker paying respect to the films of the series. The sound in this film was as pro as it gets and the acting was way above what you expect in these films, the kills were very well done, and I like the way the filmmaker arranged the Friday music into his or their own original score. The drowning scene was cool, and the canoe scene was the best homage in the film, well that and Ralph’s death. Hey you guys, don’t listen to all of these people who think what they have to say is gospel. You guys keep your chin up and keep on keeping on. I have not seen you Halloween film mentioned but now I want to check it out. From one filmmaker to another. Bravo.

  74. I disagree about originality “dying long ago”. There are still filmmakers who push for free-thinking and revolutionary ideas through their art, while inspiring others as well. Films that inspire me to make better cinema are films like Milk, There Will Be Blood, Into the Wild, No Country For Old Men, Day of the Dead, Halloween, Carrie, etc. It just takes time for some to find their voice to where they are able to think outside the box of what the typical storyline is. Sometimes fan films are laughable because the things that worked in the 80s, don’t work now and so a scene like where a girl twists her ankle and the boyfriend has to leave to get help, is cliche and hilarious. That is what destroys a film – the lack of originality. That is what most of us independent filmmakers are against – some of us like to think that great cinema can made, whether it be fan films or original content. The truth hurts and I’m not in any way putting Ron or his film down. I support independent filmmaker 110 percent. I just think for his next fan film, it should be done without copying whats been done before because the Paramount versions have been done on bigger budgets with better equipment, etc. Like my friend Chris says, “If I didn’t care, I’d say keep doing what you’re doing…” meaning if I didn’t care about waking others up to being more original, then I’d just nod my head and lie to your face saying “Great job! Fantastic film, no flaws, perfect!” – I refuse to do that. There needs to be an open line for discussion and constructive criticism.

  75. Thank you DTR!, I’m happy to see you liked my shortfilm VERONICA!… it’s just a demo for a slasher film I’d like to make someday (when having the money)… now I want to make a Friday the 13th fan shortfilm, but I will not have all the media I had for VERONICA because I spent a lot of money with that shortfilm… but one thing is clear in my mind: I want to make an “old fashioned” Friday the 13th shortfilm… following the first four films… as classic as I can… thank you again DTR for your kind words!

  76. Hey Scott Goldberg, what the hell man? I just started reading these comments and it seems like you and MLC are just hogging all the time trying to promote your movies on someone else’s thread, That’s pretty much a dead fuck thing to do. I have made several films but I think I will find somewhere other than these guys thread to promote it. Rude, absolutely rude. Oh and I watched Veronica…boring. Sorry but it didn’t do a thing for me.
    Man in the Lake was not the greatest film ever made but it wasn’t boring and I enjoyed it for the most part.

  77. I’m not promoting my shortfilm, I’ve been saying my opinion about “The man in the lake” and, as an aspiring filmmaker myself, I just put my work on the table because I understand people could ask me to show them what I’ve done to be so critic with a Friday the 13th fan movie. So you know now, Dominic, that I make “boring” shortfilms… think what you want, I don’t care about it really…

  78. And I’d like to watch some of your films, Dominic… don’t be afraid to show us what I expect to be extremely funny movies… it’s not promoting yourself, it’s simply a way for us to know who are we speaking to…

  79. I do agree that Mr Goldberg and MLC are really doing a lot of talk on here that really has nothing to do with the Man 9in the Lake film. Seems like they are trying to make this their show or something. Guys you have said your piece now give everyone else a chance to do so. I also agree this is not the place to peddle your movie.

    I enjoyed the film. Thanks you for a nicely made film for us to watch. It was very fun to watch

  80. Let’s play nice, everyone. :) Don’t want to have to close the comments as I want to hear what people have to say about the film.

  81. I’ve only said that I didn’t liked “The man in the lake” because it follows the movies that I consider to be the worst ones of the franchise (although I liked “Jason Lives”). But hey!, it’s the filmmakers’ choice and I’ve no problem with it!, I respect that! But I know when you tell your opinion about a shortfilm, people can ask you “and who you are to say this or that?” or “you make first a movie and then critic the other’s work!”, so well… that’s the reason I put the links to my shortfilm… do you think it’s promoting it?, ok, I’m sorry, I don’t think so… anyway, I won’t do it again, don’t worry…, but let me tell you something: I think it’s not a good thing saying “it’s an awesome film” when it’s not really (would you pay to watch it??)… filmmaking is a learning process… and even if it’s a Friday the 13th fan film, I will talk about it from what I would ask a real Friday the 13th picture to be!… I mean, I don’t care about the budget!, the budget-thing use to be an excuse for allowing anything in fan films and then tell they are “awesome”: it’s a simple matter of mindset, of what you want to put in front of the camera and what you want to leave behind it. I respect the fact of filmmaking for fun!!, as “The man in the lake” crew did, I think it’s the greatest way to do things!, but the result is not what I hoped, because their mindset for making it was apart from the first four movies (in Jason’s treatment I mean)… let’s talk about a single shot of “The man in the lake”: the Sheriff’s shot, or was it the big tree’s shot?… things like that are far from being “awesome”… everybody have to keep learning, and me being the first one.

  82. And god forbid someone works with a Friday alumn and wants to share it with the fans. ;-)

  83. Scott, “Mr.Mullen” seems very “OliverStonish” (if you know what I mean)… I like it, good job!… (I’m not promoting Mr Goldberg’s shortfilm… it’s just an opinion)…

  84. I think tonight I’m going to give another chance to the “Friday the 13th” reboot… the more I watch it the more I (sort kind of) “like” it… anyway, I’m still waiting for a new classic “old school” “Friday the 13th” movie involving Tommy Jarvis’ storyline and, if possible, directed by Steve Miner… let’s keep dreamin’!!

  85. MLC you obviously have problems with other peoples work, but I bet you think your little film is awesome huh? Just because you do not think this film is awesome, or good, that does not mean that it is not, from the looks of the comments above you are in the minority when it comes to this film. Yeah you are entitled to your opinion but that’s all it is…an opinion, and you have already voiced yours…MANY TIMES. So how about step down from your soap box and give other folks a chance to comment. Like I said before I am not saying this is the best film ever, but it is one of the best fan films I have seen in a long while. Whoever is the MOD of this site should tell these thread preachers to give it a rest.

  86. So, Agulario says if I don’t like a certain fan film I’m attacking all this site or something?, wow!… well, I do not think my short film is awesome, it’s you Agulario who’s betting that, and that’s not my problem. It seems some people try hardly to find “hurting intentions” of one single opinion of mine about a fan film and I think I haven’t hurt anyone. Once again, think whatever you want… I’m not trying to fight anyone… but it seems constructive critics are not accepted for some people… (curiously, the maker of “The man on the lake” has demostrated being a very polished guy by accepting there are people, like me, that hoped other kind of fan film. So, if even “The man in the lake”’s maker doesn’t feel hurt by my opinion, why other people seem to?… maybe I’m not the one who have problems with other work/opinions…

  87. And on that note….. This will conclude our regularly scheduled conversation.