The Biggest Fan Of Jason X On Earth (and Earth 2)

Check this rockin’ Jason X tat submitted by ‘Greg Voorhees’. No, that isn’t a pseudonym for Todd Farmer, silly – though this fan has just as little hair on the noggin. Do you see the red around the fresh tattoo work? That’s not ink, folks – talk about suffering for your fandom! It’s great to see some more off-kilter Jason inkwork than the standard hock and machete.

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12 Responses to “ The Biggest Fan Of Jason X On Earth (and Earth 2) ”

  1. i have a jason tattoo too, where can i send my picture?

  2. i like it!

  3. I like this alot! I didn’t have a problem with Jason X. I think its pretty cool that this person got a tat on his shaved head. I like it!

  4. Nice tat….. Give Jason X some love!

  5. i liked the movie, just one thing that bothered me, is the Jason X ubermask, just looks too…Mighty Ducks cartoony… judge for yourself

  6. Awesome!

    I have a tat of Jason on my leg.

  7. What an idiot! How can he hope to have a job in this day and age with that on his head? I hope he has his own business!

  8. Maybe he runs or works at a tattoo shop?

    Anyway, this is way badass!

  9. If he works at or runs the shop, it will just increase business.

  10. Some really professional work

  11. I do see the mighty ducks in the UBER Jason mask but I also see the bad dude from Power Rangers…. But as far as the tat goes, It’s badass! JasonX may not be the best Jason movie but, I enjoyed the hell out of it, and still do.

  12. Now thats a true fan. Very nice work. Looks like a painful spot to get it done though. But thats cool, its nice to know theres more hard core Jason fans then Myself.

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