Glory Be The Unrealized Jason XI & Jason XII

The Formspring account of Jason X screenwriter (and Angry Driver) Todd Farmer has been a virtual wellspring of industry insight. Tonight it got me all fired up to hit that CTRL+C & CTRL+V combo for your benefit…

Ever wondered what the plots for a Jason X trilogy would have been?

Figured XI would take place on Earth II at the end of which they would send Uber back in time. XII would have been Uber vs Old in the 80s. Let’s thank the gods X tanked. :)

You know, I like to trick my friends about Freddy Vs Jason by telling them it was all part of the Jason X Crystal Lake sim.

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10 Responses to “ Glory Be The Unrealized Jason XI & Jason XII ”

  1. I don’t get the hate about Jason X, if it had been release when it was done it would have been hugh because it used state of the art tech. when it was made and then sitting on a shelf for what over a year let that tech fall to the way side. It is a good Friday movie because it gives you everything a Friday fan wants. Now FvJ, that needs sent to second earth to never be heard from again! JASON X 2 = AWESOME

  2. While Jason X is not one of my favorites, I do hold it about FVJ for obvious reasons.

    That would be nice if FVJ was just a Jason X sim, therefor making it as really not part of the continuity.

  3. I just wanted to say Happy Holidays everyone! Have a safe one….

  4. damn! i love that! :-(

  5. I don’t like Jason X at all and it’s not because I huff paint.

    It has nothing a Friday the 13th fan could want. No Jason killing kids at Crystal Lake. They even make Jason a quasi-robot. The effects are sub-SiFi channel movie of the week. All of the ideas for sequels sound as ill-conceived as Jason X was.

    There can be a series of movies aboot a quasi-robot killer killing people in Space and that would be perfectly fine. But that’s not Friday the 13th. That being said, you people that like/love Jason X- go right ahead. Love it, hug it, kiss it, share awkward eye-contact over breakfast the next day with it. Go on with your bad selves. I choose to pretend it doesn’t exist.

    Isn’t that’s what Christmas is all aboot?

  6. That wouldve been cool. I was looking forward to Jason X 2 when it was announced breifly. But it didnt happen obviously. I think Jason on Earth 2 wouldve been a cool concept, maybe a Camp Crystal Lake in the future. Ahh what couldve been.

  7. I liked the ending to Jason X, with him landing on a new Earth and two dumb teens decide to go and check out the strange light in the sky that crashes near a lake. I’m glad they didn’t continue it though as the ending works well by letting you imagine that Jason gets to start his rampage all over again. And for the record I thought both Freddy vs. Jason and the Friday the 13th remake were far inferior to Jason X, this was the last one I actually found fun.

  8. I love JX i dont see anything wrong with it!!! Gos these people!
    I would off loved seeing new Jason fighting old Jason, that would be super cool!!!!

  9. I hate Jason X with a passion. Making Jason looking almost like Lord Zedd was the major point of hating the film beside sending him to space. I’ll take FvJ over JX, despite some flaws it has. At least Jason isn’t a cyborg & a body hoping demon in it. ;)

  10. A body hoping demon? Must have missed that one. Makes me laugh how much fans hate it when the filmmakers try and divert from the same old formula. How many movies must we sit through of Jason killing people in Crystal Lake? At least the filmmakers try different scenarios, they may not always work but you should be thankful they still bother making new Friday the 13th movies.

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