Custom Paint Up of The Final Chapter Bust

“Spaz” emailed photos of his custom paint up to us using a bust he purchased from MMFX. I love the detail and colors he chose for the bust as this is a beautiful piece to add to any fans collection. Congratulations on a great paint job! Also, check out all of those hocks on the shelves in the background of the first pic. That is awesome!




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7 Responses to “ Custom Paint Up of The Final Chapter Bust ”

  1. Damn – that is freaking killer. Nice work man.

  2. That is awesome….You do really good work.

  3. Freakin’ A that looks ill, so does the part 8 & JGTH masks up there in the first pic, I hate how his face looked in part 8 when he took off the mask, but i’m pretty sure that was meant to be his look before that chick threw the toxic waste on him

  4. Yea, he really did a great job. I love the look wih the shirt on him! ;) Once you got a hock in it, it would be eerily similar to the movie.

  5. cant put a hock on it
    this bad boy is BIGGGGGGG

  6. i am the biggest fan of the final chapter, man i would so like to get my hands on a bust like this!

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