‘The New Blood’ and John Otrin Behind The Scenes

Mr. John Shepard is probably one of the most hated characters in all of the Friday the 13th films. His alcohol induced domestic violence against Mrs. Shepard in the beginning of Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood did not earn him any sympathy when his daughter Tina collapsed the dock on top of his head. This plot point, however, was the catalyst in bringing Jason Voorhees back from the dead and out of his watery grave.

The actor that played John Shepard, John Otrin, had to endure many hours of makeup for the final confrontation of the film as his character was to be resurrected by his daughter Tina to drag Jason Voorhees back into the lake. One problem with his long makeup sessions were that his makeup was never seen on screen. According to Director John Carl Buechler, one producer and the MPAA forced him to change the ending and discard the rotted corpse looking Mr. Shepard. Although footage of the cut scene with the makeup were not seen until recently, photos have been circulating about the Internet and below are some truly awesome behind the scenes pics of Mr. Otrin enduring his makeup sessions as well as taking some photos with the cast during down times.

Some of these images are used for fan signings at conventions so those people that attend such events regularly have definintely witnessed these photos before. For everyone else who have not viewed these photos before, enjoy and let us know your thoughts on one of the heaviest cut films in the series.

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13 Responses to “ ‘The New Blood’ and John Otrin Behind The Scenes ”

  1. great phots as usual. its almost like opening an old family photo album…lol

  2. Awesome shots!!!Thanks for posting these Jason.

  3. o how i wish paramount would release these films in all of their uncut glory.

  4. Shame that producer bitch Barbara Sachs did her best to sabotage the movie. Man, what might have been.

  5. Such a good job with the makeup, I love that look. Would’ve been nice to see it on the t.v. instead of my laptop lol.

  6. Awesome shots!!!Thanks for posting these Jason.

    No problem. I love these pics and the one of Kane and John is my favorite.

  7. I didn’t hate him that much…plus he was instrumental in the demise of Jason (for the time being).

    McCullough from part 8 has to be my vote for the most hated character. Just an all around prick.

  8. Nice to see these rare photos. Its a stupid mistake to have his make-up removed cause it makes no sense how a dead person has no signs of flesh rotting after being dead for so long. MPAA and Paramount dropped the ball on that one!

  9. Great photos. Never seen these before! Iike he I age of Kane and John. Awesome.

  10. I agree that photo is really good, CrystalLakeSlasher. I would have liked to see John in more pictures with Lar Park Lincoln. Father and daughter reunited. :)

  11. Cool pics bro, thanks for sharing. I always thought the final version of the ending to 7 was lame. Hes been underwater for many years, and all He has is a little dirt on His face? When I saw that in the theatre My brother and I saw that part and went that was seriously lame. I wish there was a way to do a part 7 unrated with all the original kills and the original Mr Shephard.

  12. Great photos are fantastic!! Doesnt Kane look sooo young!!!
    Thanks for sharing them with us!!! Lovely!!!

  13. I wonder what the heck went through that Paramount executive’s head. I would like to hear that guy explain why Jason is decomposed but John isn’t when both their corpses have spent the same amount of years underwater. Cause it doesn’t make any sense to me.
    To bad, not just cause it’s confusing but also because a lot of work must’ve been put into zombie John’s look only to have it go to waste.

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