Trip Back in Time… Friday the 13th: The Revenge

therevenge1I had heard a lot about this movie, but unfortunately, I have never seen it. It was released in 2024 and I was hoping it may have been uploaded to Youtube or some website similar to that. After visiting the Friday the 13th community, I found a thread by the films creator. He is in the process of trying to get this loaded onto Youtube and also he mentioned that he could be working on a sequel. I watched the trailer, which is below, and it looks very promising. Hoping that Josh gets this loaded and so everyone can check it out again!




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30 Responses to “ Trip Back in Time… Friday the 13th: The Revenge ”

  1. I have it on DVD, a very low-res, badly compressed version. I can make you a copy just shoot me an email (no spaces) x scab boy x(at)gmail . com

  2. I might be interested in a copy too. I am use to “very low-res, badly compressed” videos since I only bought my first DVD player a few months ago. Sometimes I am very proud that I can live a much more elemental lifestyle and not get too use to luxury like those that make more money than me. It makes me think that I could be comfortable with almost nothing, sorta like if there was a nuclear apocolypse and I would be the only one not to lose my sanity because I was already use to having nothing. In that sense, I am very grateful to Walmart and my boss for making my skin so thick by dishing out so little in the form of a wage that most people would deem to be unsuitable. Poverty has been a companion of mine since 1981 and she has made me strong. But I digress…

    Before my DVD player, I just watched very old VHS tapes that I bought at the Goodwill or garage sales. So the DVD mentioned above would be some thing that I could appreciate on my old couch while I ate some romin noodles with a can of Shasta soda.

  3. Haha…that’s our Walmart Man.

  4. I used to have it burned on CD, but I lent it to a buddy in 2024 (who lives on the other side of the country) and I haven´t seen it since (if you are reading this MyersH78: Do you still have my fanfilm cd´s?).
    The movie felt special because of the running-time. Good use of music and excellent camera-work. I also loved that Jason was mostly kept offscreen until the last third of the movie (except a few moments at the beginning of course). Kills were also very good.
    It was weird that it tried to ignore JGTH and FvsJ but mentions JTM though.
    It´s definitley one of my favourite fanfilms (next to Final Friday on youtube).
    Can´t wait to download/ see it again.

  5. Sweet. I’d like to see the entire film.

  6. Well, hopefully I can get a copy from Scab and then give you guys my review in the near future. I am sure it will be good.

  7. What is this?

  8. That was pretty good. I especially like the shot with Jason holding what looked like an axe, being backlit. That was great.

  9. What did Kevin do?

  10. Michael,
    No worries. Someone was a little upset and decided to vent. It’s all good.

  11. Some people take stuff on the internet way too serious.

  12. Yeah really! I can’t even count the number of times someone has insulted me, just for having a different opinion than their’s.

  13. yeah really! like when someone tells you your opinions are naive and the result of a middle class upbringing, but yet they kind of jump from one topic to another and have nothing to add to the original topic of argument.

    i’d check this movie out, but i’m too rich for lo-res.

  14. tommyblah, naive isn’t an insult. You’re taking this way too personal.

  15. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. There’s a difference between being book smart and street smart. When you grow up dirt poor, around every type of criminal you can imagine, and part of your up bringing consists of learning how to find a wire tap… You learn alot about people, that others who grew up sheltered from a middle class or rich up bringing, don’t.

  16. Seriously. There is a reason why I shut down the other blog posting. We have seen this back and forth with you guys already. Please stay with the topic at hand. If you have issues with each other, please resolve it somewhere else. People that visit this site want to discuss the franchise and don’t care about you trying to one-up each other on social and economic issues. You know who you are, now please give it a rest. Thank you.

  17. jasonsfury, you were wrong for shutting down the other blog posting. You’re the only one that tries to control what people say on this website. Dusk, Christian Sellers etc… let people say what ever they want, as long as it isn’t spam. The discussion you shut down was related to this franchise. It did get a little off topic, but still related. It wasn’t just spam. You can ban me if you want. If you’re gonna be this up tight, then I just won’t go to any of your blogs.

  18. tommyblah was the one trying to start shit with Brooke, but I notice that you didn’t say anything until Brooke responded. That wouldn’t by any chance be, because you felt offended by her middle class comment?

  19. Your discussion about social class, upbringing and educational status that has been raging on for over a month has nothing to do with the release of Friday the 13th Part 7 and 8, which is what the other blog posting is about. Now it is starting to spill into this post.

    I am all for throwing out your thoughts and opinions, but if they turn into spiteful comments and fighting and name calling then this website just turns into a he-said she-said bitching seassion. That’s not what this website should be about. It has to stop at some point so the rest of us that come to this website to discuss the franchise.

  20. Kevin,
    I don’t get offended by anything on this website. I am here purely to pass on information and to enjoy the franchise. And hopefully to keep things on track.

  21. The discussion was about weither or not it is naive to blindly trust the word of someone who works for Paramount, about uncut footage being lost. The both topics were related.

  22. Seriously, this site is for the fans and everyone has an opinion just like everyone has an asshole! Most all of us here are here because we love the franchise and how great Jason Vorhees really is. I love hearing updates about anything Friday the 13th not bitching between people. We are obviously all fans, so we have that in common. If you want to fight, go back to grade school!

  23. I copletely agree with Jasonsjury and Jonathan.
    How can a discussion about a fanfilm divert into flamewars about nonsense? A lot of people post way offtopic here. Heck, in the Part 3 store-location discussion people talk about how and why they like Part 3 (or other installments) but that hasn´t much to do with the topic itself (the Part 3 Google-Earth store location).

  24. Well, I agree with Brooke and Kevin. The posting was not “way offtopic”, it was related to Friday the 13th. Which is all that matters. Discussions should not just be restricted to what the article is about. If it’s about the friday series, then there shouldn’t be a problem. And if you don’t like what someone’s comment is about, then don’t read it. A Friday the 13th website is the last place I thought I’d ever see censorship.

  25. Jasonsfury, with all due respect. I think Chad kind of has a point. I mean, the MPAA thought the gore from the fridays was offensive. But that was just their opinions and if they didn’t like it, then they didn’t have to watch the movies. Comments are the same way. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it…

  26. And what’s so bad about talking about how and why you like part 3, at the filming location post?

  27. sorry for starting shit again, i couldn’t resist. this argument was engaging at first but it’s gotten really gay (you know, happy). ‘the revenge’ looks really gay too. there i’ve gotten us back on topic.

  28. Here is a comic strip/animated movie trailer I did while bored at work. Let me know what u guys think. Here is the link

  29. not going to say much about the acting people!!!

  30. censorship on a friday website, oh well… i guess censorship reaches everthing eventually.

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