Friday Conversation: The Fate of Friday the 13th 2

fridayposterYesterday, it was widely reported around the web that the release date for Friday tghe 13th’s sequel was pulled. There has been no official word from the studio about this fact as of yet, as only Box Office Mojo has pulled the date. So, if this hold true, what do you think will happen to the sequel at this point? If the studio plans to release the movie on a Friday the 13th, the only such date in 2024 is in May. I doubt they release the movie at the beginning of the summer movie season as there would be too much competition. Only time will tell.

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40 Responses to “ Friday Conversation: The Fate of Friday the 13th 2 ”

  1. I dont mind they push back the the release date. I dont want F13 series to turn into The SAW series where 1 movie per year comes out and they all suck. ”Rome was not built in a day”

  2. Agreed with above. Take you time making them. no need to rush a movie out just to hit the Fthe13th date.

  3. that sucks. i knew it but i hoped they’d release it on august 13th 2024. now i doubt we’ll get a new friday at all! may 13th 2024 is a very bad date, it’s between spider man and thor! wow! :-(

  4. As much as I want new Fridays as quickly as they can produce them I would like them to be able to come up with good stories(not great, because they are Fridays after all) and clever kills. I’m not a fan of 3D because of the need to wear the glasses, whether the cardboard glasses or the heavy plastic ones used in theatres. Hopefully the pushing back of the release date doesn’t mean they’re going this route. The writers of the reboot and FvJ aren’t bad writers in my opinion, though they do need to work on developing the characters a little better and using their imaginations a little more on the death scenes. Maybe the extra time will allow them to brainstorm a little longer to do this.

  5. Yeah, as much as I would love for a Friday movie to come out every year, I am fine with a set back. The Saw franchise is a great example of why we don’t need an annual installment. I honestly would have left Saw alone after the first movie.

  6. Freddy vs Jason was one of the worst written movies I ever watched..

    I did love the remake

  7. I do think they need to take their time. However, I know releasing the movie on Friday the 13th is great market tool, but honestly does it really have to??? Last years installment got a good schedule. Feb and Mar is month where some movies have pulled in the money due to the timing. I’m just saying maybe, they can put this movie out between Feb-Apr. Look at some of the movies from past years that have stuck gold. This could also give them more time to actually put a movie out there that we as fans would like, plus on personnel note, I would be back in time to see it at the Movies and not bootlegged.

  8. Lets just hope that it is not pulled for good!!
    But more time will make it better (hopefully)
    Dont mind waiting, as long as its done properly!!

  9. As long as they make it as kick ass as the remake, I dont mind waiting. The Jason in the snow idea..I seriously dont understand why people want to see that. I mean whats it gonna be Jason takes alaska? No, however the 3-D idea sounds pretty cool to Me. I never got the privalege of seeing Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D (1982). I own the deluxe but the 3-D sucks. If they come up with a cool concept and most definately the music of Harry Manfredini this time around Im all for it. Oh and Derek Mears must return. I was impressed with his performance.

  10. I don’t mind, I’d like a good well-planned sequel rather than rushed garbage.

  11. Honestly, the “13th” release date isn’t that big of a deal. It’s not like EVERY entry has always and forever adhered to an actual release upon a technical “Friday the 13th.” Only Parts 3, 4, 7, JGTH and FvJ did this before this year’s remake/reboot. So it ain’t the end of the world, really.

    And neither is a May release date, if they actually shoot for that instead (for 2024), trying to stick with the F13 date anyway. Several entries were released in the opening weeks of the summer movie season (Part 1 and 2, as well as Part 7). I think how good the movie LOOKS will determine a great deal of its possible success – not the gimmicks they try and sell it with. As has been said, the longer they take to make the film in general (potential reshoots excluded – lol at the new Nightmare fiasco over at Platinum Dunes), the better it may actually turn out in the end.

  12. To William B. — FvJ was released August 15th, 2024; not a Friday the 13th.

    I’m with the majority here, I don’t really mind what exact day the movie comes out (if it ever does). I just want it to be good. I thought the reboot was a step in the right direction. I think Shannon & Swift bring a slight “cheesiness” that I could do without. Make it serious. Make it brutal.

  13. I agree voorhees213. I mean, there has to be silliness in a F13 movie, because, let’s face it, its been there since the beginning. Ned…Ted…Shelley…Each movie has their off the wall character. But I think we need to get back to the peril that Jason brings. He’s lost credibility as each movie comes along…mainly the New Line movies. Jason would freakin’ know if the SWAT team was in his domain…he got played for a sap in Jason X and FvJ. The remake was his shot at redemption, but it didn’t cut it for me. In my opinion, Jason’s pinnacle was pt 6. He was about as relentless as he could get at that point.

  14. part 2.everybody is figuring it will be released on the 13 of aug,but i think alot of us are confused or worried with the timeline because of d.mears being busy with the predator thing,,,so my thoughts are i dont care when it comes out i just hope like hell derek mears is still the man because,has anybody at this point seen anywhere that derek mears is for sure the guy!

  15. I agree with Jeremy. I hope they ditch the Jason in the snow idea. It’s pretty hard to be a sneaky killer when you’re leaving footsteps everywhere. Even with the tunnels he still has to come out to hunt for food sometimes, get firewood, etc. I just hope they try to make it genuinely scary.

  16. To voorhees213: lol, yeah you’re right – my bad. Doh. Good catch.

    But see folks? Even one less “13th” date, in fact. The date is as much a timed gimmick as anything else when they try and pull it off. It’s not a real “dealbreaker.”

    And I think the reboot/remake was fine for what it was, overall. It wasn’t perfect, but shit – are ANY of them really “perfect?” I mean, we all have our fave entry or entries, but they’re all flawed works, in some slight capacity. They’re friggin’ MOVIES.

    The important thing is, as has been mentioned, is that the 2024 film got things more or less back to basics and made the franchise whole again at what made it great to start with – stupid kids and/or young adults, in the woods, having sex, doing drugs, and GETTING KILLED. That’s good enough for me. No stupid-ass body-hopping BS, no retarded space hijinks and robo-nipples, just good old-fashioned stalk and slash mayhem by the immortal JV. A franchise was built on that simplistic yet satisfying formula. And so it can continue. The entries that all get the most backlash from fans were all guilty of the same fatal flaw – they tried something “different.” And dammit, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  17. shame, WELL, its good that Hollywood is being fair and taking there time on this one.

    I couldn’t stand “FVJ” or “Jason X”

    Honestly, they better come up with some original UNIQUE kills, better plot, more character depth, etc.

    Not saying the part XII was bad, but they pushed it too far and too fast, there were too many horror cliche’s in it.

    The doll on the floor. (Jason never played with dolls despite his mental state.)
    The excessive sex. (Okay, so you get laid, you get the axe, but keep milking that it becomes too obvious.)
    The gore. (Pump it up New Line. Don’t be afraid to gross us fans out.)
    The plot/character depth. (NEW LINE needs better characters and a more believable plot, that is NOT how Jason got his mask, and we all know that.)
    The release date. (Friday The 13th, nuff’ said.)
    The humor. (quite honestly, Shannon, Swift, Fuller and Nispel made it too funny in the remake, it reminded me of an 80′s-90′s college frat house.)
    The location. (Crystal Lake. No cave crap no future crap, wtf was that?!)
    Jason’s appearance. (Hell, they did a great job.)

  18. I still think they’ll go for the original release date next year. As posted above the date is a gimmick and will probably bring in more money on a friday the 13th.

    This time around now they got the “remake” story out of the way they will go with a a new fresh story and no doubt add the more blood etc. im sure the writers and platinum dunes would have taken all crit and reviews into account to make the next better.

    As for new line its win win for them, they know its a money maker and if they go for a new story then in theory they wont have to bring in paramount (except for using the name) or warner. As no similarities from earlier fridays really need to be in there.

    Fuller has recently said he has big news coming soon and that was the 1st of Oct i think. So it wont be long before we hear something from it.

  19. Hopefully this will give Paramount time to find someone who knows how to write a script. I hope Swift and Shannon take time out of their busy schedule which probably means having intimate relations with mannequins. That way they can read these posts because they need to know how awful they are. Seriously, WHERE did these 2 bums come from?

  20. It will get made. It’s just a matter of when. Because Jason lives, again & again!

  21. On another note, I’m in agreement with Kevin and a lot of other fans: Shannon and Swift need to go. Time for some New Blood (pun intended!).

  22. C\’mon…bring on a new Jason movie…I\’m jonesin\’.

  23. It isn’t coming out on August….no way in hell. Everyone just needs to let go….pre-production would be fully rolling by now if it was happening.

  24. i wish gimmicks could just take a backseat for a change.

    does it really matter to any of us if it comes out on a friday the 13th? i’d rather they just take their time to make a good movie and release it when it’s done. i will support it no matter when it comes out. several of the original sequels don’t even take place on friday the 13th…anyone give a shit?

    zombie gets to put his ‘halloweens’ out in the middle of summer and no one seems to care.

  25. please come back the old crew of friday tom savini , and corey feldman or other character of the saga ,like sister of tomy jarvis and a nice jason ugly face

  26. Brad Fuller mentioned on his Twitter page that he has the new Friday script in hand. Now it’s Warner Bros. turn to set this in motion.

  27. fuller also said “there’s no plan to make it,right now”.

  28. jasonsfury,

    What is in Brad Fuller’s other hand?

  29. jason gets thrown into a lake but comes back

  30. Well…… Jimbo X. Hmm. I guess I would point you to Brad Fuller himself to get the answer you’re looking for. ;)

  31. I liked the remake, except for the underground tunnel scenes, and the score….or lack there of.

  32. They should take their time and make a good sequel. Als, the movie doesn’t need to open on friday the 13th, I’ll enjoy it even if it would open on halloween. So in my opinion, they should focus on creating a kick-ass sequel and let the movie open whenever they can.

  33. I think Hallowe’en would be the best release date for the sequel as it would make a refreshing change from another dreary saw sequel.These things take time and the best things come to those who wait………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  34. I don’t care about the release date either. I just want a better movie than the remake. Like some of the others said, less funny, a darker, more serious atmosphere and realistic characters… And I respectfully disagree with the people who say things like, “it’s Friday the 13th” “none of them are very good” etc. In my opinion, the first 3 fridays are solid movies. That are just as good as the respected classics like Halloween, Psycho and so on.

  35. What I want is for Michael Bay and Brad Fuller to get their f—ing hands off this series. The reason the sequel hasn\’t been greenlighted is three-fold: 1) Fuller, himself, acknowledged that PD made many mistakes with their treatment of Friday; 2) the fan reaction–based on my covering this site, Fangoria, Bloody Disgusting, and Shock Till You Drop–was lukewarm, at best; 3) the movie experienced an 82% drop at the box-office its second week in release, a clear indicator of poor word-of-mouth. The fact is simple: Platinum Dunes has absolutely no idea what their fans want, choosing instead to underestimate their audience with trite, slick, over-produced drivel. They\’re out of their league and should stay there.

  36. James, I couldn’t agree more.

  37. a bit unrelated, but this is something that has been bothering me for a WHILE (and sorry if this has been mentioned before)…When I watch Jason kill Ralph, does anyone else notice this is a blooper? I mean, how dooes jason put the barb wire OVER (not around) a tree to strangle him??? This was obviously a prop tree, that was cut-off at the top…to me quite obvious, but never seen it mentioned in bloopers, going back to when this site was fully running before the ‘big crash’ a while back

  38. nvmnd lol…found the ‘bloopers’ section…whew….thought no one else noticed that OBVIOUS error

  39. There was 2 bloopers in the story line that I picked up. 1. The truck driver said that a boy dround in Crystal Lake.-how would he know? and 2. Pamela had flash-backs- she was there when jason drount, she was responsable.

  40. Pamela\’s flash backs could also mean that she was really crazy and delusional….not necesarily a blooper…and the truckdriver knows, just as many other Crystal Lake residents the drama about a drowning little boy in the lake….so no bloopers here…the strangling of Crazy Ralph in part 2…could be that jason already had the rope around the tree….I think the bloopers of part 5…when Roy snaps the guys head between the tree and a belt…he turns the belt at one point the other way…

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