Collectors, Show Us Your Hockey Masks

I know that there are fans out there that do not collect hockey masks and that is no problem here. But, for those who do, show us what you got! Post a link to your hocks and show the world your collections. Fans, you will be amazed at what you may see!






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16 Responses to “ Collectors, Show Us Your Hockey Masks ”

  1. Here are most of mine:

  2. To vf80:

    I bow to you scumdog! Those masks are the most bad-ass versions I’ve EVER seen aside from official movie masks. Will you teach me my friend? I am completely floored. Keep it up man. (did you make that JGTH heart on the table as well?

  3. Who made the masks in that sum up, Jason? Were these posted in an magazine?


  4. Mario,
    I got the pics of the hocks out of an issue of Horrorhound. Great magazine and they were running an article on the evolution of the hockey maskj, if I remember correctly.

  5. Scabby,
    Awesome pics, man. I think you have every scene of Part 3 and 4 covered! ;) Very cool.

    Mike, you already know I love your hocks, man. They are awesome! Keep up the great work you do!

  6. Seems like Horrorhound added all different versions of VS and the other parts, but forgot the 4 versions of JGTH.

  7. That is strange, isn’t it. Maybe they couldn’t fit them into the magazine layout? :)

    There are just as many distinct difference in the JGTH hocks as the vs

  8. I know, it`s missing a couple hocks too, and I have not painted one of them… but here`s my evolution of Jason masks. :)

  9. wow you guys got some sick shit!! i want a mask !! and i want some new on the new movie already!!!

  10. Heh Mario, I think you get the gold star for best collection.

    Here is some of my recent work… Ultimate 3 in progress…

  11. Mario’s masks have a bit of an edge on everyone else’s ;)

    “Here is some of my recent work… Ultimate 3 in progress…”

    I am lovin your ultimate part 3 so far. It will be nice to see when completed!

  12. Axeman, you are one lucky bastard!

    I pratically own all of the figures, dolls etc… of Jason and a part 8 Hock part 3 hock and JGTH latex mask (the good one-not a “spencers-special” But not like those that you and others have. Keep those masks in your sights at ALL times man!

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