Friday the 13th (1980) on Spike Tv This Friday 7/24

fridayposterjapanI know that nobody really likes watching great horror movies cut to shreds, but when I was a kid watching these movies without parent supervision, USA network and local broadcasters were my saviors. The only way I could see my favortie franchise was by watching the cut versions on TV. Now, years later, I absolutely love watching these movies cut on TV because I like to see where an individual network makes the cut and then where they go to commercial at what points in the movie.

This has almost become a time honored tradition amongst my friends and I and it is a blast. For those who are game, Friday the 13th will be airing on Spike TV this Friday, July 24th at 9:30PM EST. Enjoy!

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24 Responses to “ Friday the 13th (1980) on Spike Tv This Friday 7/24 ”

  1. what the hell is up with the picture at the bottom of this poster????

  2. Whatever do you mean, Brett? That sene is in the movie.

  3. Ah the memories of sitting down in front of the television and watching a Friday the 13th flick on cable television. Those were the good ol’ days. I remember watching part three when it was aired on television. I was only going on six I think when I saw it. I still remember that barn scene where Jason was hung and the way he lifted up his mask and revealed that grotesque face of his to Chris. That part creeped me out. I don’t know if I’ll be watching the first Friday film tomorrow. It all depends on what I’ll be doing. Me I personally love to see horror movies not trimmed down. It’s more enjoyable that way.

  4. Yeah, I hear you friend! I remember the USA Up all night with host Gilbert Godfrey, or (My favorite) TNT’s “MONSTER VISION” with host JOE BOB BRIGGS! I can even remember the theme music for that… Do you all remember them as well…

  5. First time I watched the entire series it was on cable there was a marathon going on I dunno if it was SpikeTV (TNN back then)or TBS, who knows. It was great though I really got hooked on the legend of Camp Crystal Lake.

  6. jasonsfury is Dead on. Every horror movie I grew up loving I first saw on cable. Most of the Fridays, Halloweens, Romero Movies, Phantasm the list goes on and on.

    USA, TBS, or the weird local channel that did Sunday Afternoon Chiller Theatre, what good memories.

  7. Why doesn’t Elvira host these things anymore?

    Watching these films on cable was only good if you had not seen unedited versions of them on VHS. I use to hate waiting for a kill only to find out that the cable channel edited the whole scene and only left in fragments of the sound for it. I remember this happening with A New Begining…which really made the film suck except that they also edited out the “fake” Jason demasking which made it easier to imagine that the killer in that film was, in fact, Jason Voorhees and not Roy (Dick Wieand of Advair fame).

  8. Ah Spike. I remember watching them on Spike when I was little (which was only about 5 years ago). They had marathons of all of them every Friday the 13th and Halloween. I never saw all of part 8 until I bought the DVD because my mom would make me go to bed halfway through lol. I hope they do marathons again (even though I have all the DVDs) so younger kids can watch them.

  9. Why would you want younger kids to be exposed the Friday the 13th? Are you sick?

  10. Sinz86,
    I remember that marathon. Check out the promo for it:

    TNN Friday the 13th Promo

  11. Yellow Misfit,
    The other movie I used to watch all of the time on TV was Fright Night. What an awesome movie. Then Tom Holland went on to direct Child’s Play a few years later. Another excellent movie.

  12. uh, walmart man, i was exposed to these very young and i grew up to be very anti-violence. hiding things from kids is no substitute for being good parents. my parents taught me about violence and its consequences early on and explained that these people getting killed was a bad thing, and that it was just make-believe to give you good fake scare for fun…not to glorify killing.

    so i grew up knowing that and formed strong healthy opinions on the subject. the sick people are the ones who over-shelter their kids and never teach them the logic behind these things…and i’ve seen the past few generations of kids turn out to be quite fucked up from what i see as being a direct result of that.

    i think parents should actually take some responsibility… they’re kids should be allowed to see tamed down cuts of these movies, and IMO all nudity should be allowed. clothes are man-made. the fact that we shelter kids from nudity and violence as if they’re the same thing is why people grow up to mix the two together and get off on raping and choking when they have sex and shit like that.

    give the kids their friday the 13ths…if it were not for kids seeing the tv cuts in the 80s, this franchise would be half as successful as it is now.

  13. yo corey i def remember tnt monster vision and usa up all night, i was addicted to them. i also met joe bob briggs in a bar in cleveland on a business trip in ‘04! i got his autograph and he was stunned i recognized him so quicly. i have no idea what has happened to him since. btw he said he was in cleveland filming a tv movie for stephen king, anyone know what that movie might have been?

  14. The first time I watched the Friday movies was on VHS rented from the local video store. But the movie that scared me the most was Child’s Play. I watched it for the first time when I was 8 years old, uncensored on HBO around 1:00 AM all alone, back in the 80’s. And I was being raised by a single mom like the little boy in the movie. That movie scared the hell out of me. I even had a dream that night, that Chucky killed my mom… But I think that experience is why I love Horror movies so much.

  15. Tommyblah, my parents were the same way, and Walmart Man, I watched them at an early age as well. I started watching horror movies at a young age, but my parents were always there to tell me the consequences, right and wrong, etc. The first time I watched or was exposed to Friday the 13th movies was when they were on USA Network and TNT (monster vision), which was back in the early 90’s. Me, my brothers and my cousin would get together (stay the night at each others house) and watch these. Its really cool to see it on Spike TV, hopefully they’ll have marathons like that again.

  16. i love the japanese poster! i’m from japan and i think i still have the japanese movie programs for part 1-4 if my parents didnt get rid of them…

  17. My first time with the Fridays was on DVD, I guess I’m a bit younger than most of the other fans… I think because of the later Child’s Play sequels like “Bride of Chucky” and “Seed of… etc”, alot of people forget how dark and scary the original was. I don’t think it gets the respect it should.

  18. I remember taping the F13 movies off USA when they aired as part of Saturday Nightmares or Commander USA\’s Groovy Movies. I think they were unedited too.

  19. Jasonsfury,
    Awesome promo I remember that one. I think they had another one teasing about how Jason never used doors instead he would smash through windows that one was hilarious too.

  20. I don’t usually like to watch these types of movies on t.v. because they usually edit out all of the good parts, but I might make an exception this once since it is on Spike.

  21. I started to watch this last night and turned it off right after Annie’s death. I realize it’s on tv and it’ll be edited out, but I’ve seen worse things on CSI and those types of shows. They could have left SOME of the blood in. ::sigh:: Thank god for the deluxe edition that was released!

  22. WHITEROB: AWESOME YOU MET HIM MAN! Did you know he’s in TCM part 2? As Drayton sawyer recieves his chili cook off contest. He’s the one with the chili-soup ladle as the bell is ringing…just something I thought you would all like to check into just for fun!

    Oh yeah, btw, we NEED “ETHEL” from part 5 to show up if she’s around can you check into this please?

  23. If I remember correctly, He is wearing a white cowboy hat, blue jeans, and a black sports coat. Just before Drayton is called up to recieve his award for best chili! (Just to clarify what I said earlier) And I meant to add that “ETHEL” should be brought out to the 30th ann. reunion next summer…THAT would be cool! I love her colorful language!

  24. Favorite Ethel quote “I’m gonna chop you into itty, bitty little pieces, my friend. Just like they done to that piggo over at that fuckin’ crazy farm. Eeeeyah!”

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