Dean Lorey Goes To Hell


Post-opening-credits in Jason Goes To Hell, the coroner getting plugged into the examination table’s steel grating is one of the best  series kills ever. And of course you’re aware that that the giggling bespectacled guy that bore the brunt was also the film’s screenwriter, Dean Lorey. I’ve been alerted to the existence of his Blog which contains a freshly posted dish-o-rama about his time with the project.

Lotta folks have slagged the flick in its time (including Dean!) but I always dug it. I’ve never loved Jason for the mask, but for the big dumb moron brutal deluxo whether he wore a hockey mask, a potato sack or a 19th century garter belt (okay, made that last one up). I simply viewed JGTH as Jason without his mask on for most of the  duration… only, we get to see what sort of facial expressions he has under all that usually emotionally-obscured mucked up flesh. But don’t deride me for talking up the subtext of this flick, I’ll leave it to Dean to bring me back to earth by explaining the wild wacky world of writing a part 9. Here’s one of my favorite paragraphs:

So, that Thursday, Sean came into my office and told me that I needed to rewrite JGTH so that they could have a new script to give to New Line by Monday – which was only four days away. He wanted to know if I was up to the challenge. “Of course!” I said, eager to step up to the keyboard, prove my genius and save the day. This foolish, youthful arrogance was exactly what Sean was counting on.

Read the whole thing here >>

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27 Responses to “ Dean Lorey Goes To Hell ”

  1. you both should be shot

  2. That’s harsh, what’s wrong with Dean Lorey?

  3. he was involved in making jgth anyone involved should be shunned by the F13 community,to take an established character and ruin him with a hack storyline like a body jumping demon. i think i wasn’t harsh enough

  4. Someone get nohair away from the internets before he shoots someone.

  5. Chill out. There’s a difference between expressing your opinions on which movies were good or bad and telling someone they should be shot for disagreeing with you.

    Whether you love them or hate them, as a fan of the series, you should be able to appreciate each film for what they brought to the franchise.

  6. nohair, if you actually bothered to ready the blog then you wil have learned that not only did he not invent the body-jumping storyline but was against it, but as he was a wannabe writer and it was a paying job he did it. A draft had already been written, he was just brought it to polish it up and make it more exciting. Whether or not you like the film, your comments are arrogant and only reflects what a fool you are!

  7. I like JGTH wery much, and I hope, Dean will be working with next F13 movies.

  8. I actually don’t care for JGTH either. IMO the last really good F13th flic was pt.7 (I loved Freddy vs Jason but I don’t consider that a direct F13th or NOES flic). Even Jason X sucked. It seemed like New Line was trying to experiment with the franchise w/ new ideas to bring it into a different direction and while I give them credit for it, it just didn’t work IMO. That’s why I’m so excited for the new F13th flic, I really think they’re going to get it right this time and give it the reboost that it needs by going back to the basics. This is just my opinion though.

  9. I do hope so. But Platinum Dunes’ track record is far from good. I don’t mind JGTH, they’re all good in their own way. So what if it messed with the franchise… not alle experiments work but at leats they tried

  10. its an expression you hippies

  11. it’s not a case of us being hippies, it’s a case of you being a dick!

  12. Since we’re talking expressions, I have one: “No one likes an asshole”.

  13. Thank you, Christian for your comment that all Friday films are good in there own way. Though I don’t really agree with you on FVJ, because it turned out to be like all modern-day horror movies, leaving much to be desired. JGTH was a great movie, even if he has a body-jumping soul. I really enjoyed that movie because it reminded me of the first two House movies, which Sean Cunningham also produced. I really wish people would stop remaking movies and just come up with there own ideas! The originals are great and speak for themselves. These remakes will be forgotten after a few years, as it shoud be, and the originals will stand the test of time.

  14. As much as I try I just can’t sit through FVJ all the way through, it’s just too irritating. But all the others certainly have their own uniqueness. A lot of fans have slagged off Part 5 to me in the past but even that has its own charm. And i agree with your comments about remakes. Personally I would have just preferred a new friday movie as opposed to a remake, they could easily have reinvented the franchise any way they wanted without doing this. But it’s a growing trend in Hollywood and Platinum Dunes are the worst for it. No matter what the studio says, they’re not doing this coz they have a burning desire to, they’re doing it coz they’re seeing dollar signs!

  15. ok his keyboard should be shot so he cant write anymore scripts is that better.and its a case of this guy being a hack you people crying cuz i might have hurt someones feelings.

  16. I find it hard to believe that true Friday fans wouldn’t care for Part V. Is it just because the real Jason isn’t in it. To me this movie had the same atmosphere as the earlier ones, and had a nice little story twist. Not only that, but the music was more progessive without losing its original flare. This was one of the first Fridays that didn’t have sample music from the other movies.

  17. I liked Part V and JGTH. The only Jason movie I absolutely hated was Jason X. It was just awful, and its REALLY depressing that the original series of Jason movies ends with Jason X. The whole idea of Jason in space was bad, but if it had been done in a serious manner (like the Alien movies, for example) it could have been good. But it wasnt, and its the only Jason movie that I have a tough time sitting through.

  18. I have to admit that I didn’t like part V @ first, along with pt.3 too. After awhile they both started to grow on me when I would have my F13th marathons, which usually includes the NOES flics(all in theatrical release order) and I end it with FvsJ. Part 8 – Jason X however, never will. Just can’t really get into them like 1-7.

  19. I like Jason X, it’s fun. And that’s all a Friday the 13th movie was ever meant to be!

  20. At least “Jason Goes To Hell” was better than Part V, they’d toned up the violence and nudity for lack of story/sense, while The Final Friday has story and sense, it just was missing some more traditional Friday touches.

  21. It had extreme violence and nudity (in the unrated version at least) so i’d say it definitely had the traditional Friday touches

  22. yea all the traditional touches except Jason leaps from body to body like some bad sci fi channel movie

  23. yes i paid money to see some 45 year old fat guy pretend to be jason

  24. They can’t just milk the same idea over and over again. It’s called experimenting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails. I can see a lot of The Hidden when I watch JGTH but I still admire them for trying something different. And when all is said and done, it’s still a fun F13 flick

  25. Good case, but that kind of thinking is what ran the franchise into the ground in the first place! Which means, Platinum Dunes wouldn’t have to be rebooting this franchise. They really should’ve left it alone after Part 4. What’s with all the hating on Platinum Dunes on here? I think it’s great that they have officially hit the reset button, and want to make this franchise actually scary again. If Platinum Dunes would’ve been exclusive to this site instead of Bloody-Disgusting, would the same things be said about them? I’ll take any P.D. movie over the likes of any of the cheesy sequels after The Final Chapter. Part 7….Psychic powers? No Suspense…Really? Part 8….I don’t think I really need to say anything about that, cause that spoke for itself. Jason in space? I mean c’mon, that’s where the franchise had gone….Friday should stick to a realistic, horror approach, and leave the sci-fi for Alien vs. Predator.

  26. The hatred towards Platinum Dunes is that instead of them making original movies like real filmmakers do they are just rehashing old classics. And while some seem to like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake it seemed too much like a pop video to me. They should just make their own movies.

    As for experimenting running the franchise into the ground, it was making eleven movies that ran it into the ground, the formula was bound to stretch thin after so long. No particular film or director can be blamed, it’s just called milking an idea until there’s nothing left

  27. part V is one of my favorites, as you can tell by my name. a little experimenting is good. as someone said it has the feel of the earlier friday films but has a nice little twist in it. in jason goes to hell, the story was way far fetched but you gotta love KNB effects for making it so brutally violent. josh the cop melting and his filmy skin sticking to the wall is priceless.

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