Images: Young Jason Scene Revealed

Here are images from the deleted scenes of Young Jason in Friday The 13th (2009).

The only question is, how did Bloody Disgusting manage to get their logo sewn onto Lil’ Jason’s jacket? The poor use of product placement is likely why the pint sized dude’s scenes were deleted…

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24 Responses to “ Images: Young Jason Scene Revealed ”

  1. ehhh? Kinda looks like a hobbit to be…

  2. hehe

    Chip the glasses and crack the plates!
    Blunt the knives and bend the forks!
    That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates –
    Smash the bottles and burn the corks!

  3. Yea I agree. He looks like an old littel hobbit.

  4. Could be the screen captures that make the little tike look Hobbit like. We’ll have to wait for the home release to make a good judgement.

  5. Young Jason looks like a mini version of Jason from Part 2. I bet this will be on the killer cut of the remake DVD next month. Man, this would’ve been a great opportunity for the producers of the DVD to interview Warrington Gillette to get his expert opinion on the make-up effects between this film and Friday the 13th Part 2. It’s all just so similar, y’know?

  6. Your trolling is getting old.

  7. Hobbit. Well stated.

  8. He DOES resemble the Jason from Pt 2, but he also bears an uncanny likeness to “The Little Man From Another Place” from Twin Peaks!

  9. Thank you, Gill-Man. I’m glad to know that I am not the only one here with an eye for these things.

  10. Ok so I figured that those last 2 images are probably extended scenes of Jason finding his mom’s head, just with a view of Jason’s face. I wonder what’s going on in the first picture. Is it him at camp? Is he with his mom?

    For all we know the unrated version could be a lot better then the theatrical cut.

  11. My guess is that the first photo was taken off-set while the actor was in make-up. In the light that make-up job looks pretty bad to me. I don’t think it looks much better than a regular latex mask to me.

    And, yes, it does resemble Jason from Friday the 13th Part 2 more than anything.

  12. looks horrible… I mean in the middle and right pic it looks ok… but the first pic is really shitty. But wouldn’t expect anything less for this movie. Why the hell didn’t they use Tom Savini?

  13. tom savini wouldn’t have done it, thats probably why, and if he did he would have wanted a mint

  14. looks like a 45 year old midget who had a botched sex change operation.

  15. The first pic looks like a doll but the other two pics are good.

  16. Nice way to sum it up Joe ;-)

    Much like the unmasked adult version, I’m not so bummed they cut this out of the film now. I’ll bet Jon Fuller or Jeremy Bohr do a better version of that make-up too, because honestly, there’s no denying that both of their replicas came out much better looking than the actual make-up (cut) from the film.

  17. Nobody sees Quasimodo in his face? I think he looks like Disney’s version of Quasimodo.

  18. I’m sorry, but that looks terrible. Why didn’t they just re-do what Savini did in the original?

  19. i heard they were stay faithfull to savinis work on young jason,it looks like a mini pt.2 jason,mixed with bilbo bagens….a little chucky

  20. Looks like a little Irish midget that was walking through a back alley and got jumped and got the shit kicked out of him.

  21. Is this a picture of Jason if he had progeria?

  22. Yeah I agree w/ the hobbit thing, maybe a little bit more like Gollum too. Lord of the Rings anyone?

  23. That first image isn’t in the movie. Thank god.

  24. This is in the beginning of Friday the 13th 2024.. Its in the killer cut of the dvd… lol. its the part where mrs voorhees gets her head cut off…

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