Exclusive Interview With Nightmare Warriors Artist Jason Craig!


Here is the cover art to #3 of FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH: NIGHTMARE WARRIORS but our own Christian Sellers recently interviewed series interior artist Jason Craig and you can Read It @ Our Sister Site Retro Slashers!

Nightmare Warriors is a take on the Nightmare on Elm Street title and literally is a survivor’s story. We have survivors from NOES and F13th as well as cameos from the AOD books. Since AOD books only really have Ash there really were no survivors to carry over aside from Ash himself. This story is a fan boy’s wet dream. This literally picks up seconds after the last story left off, and then goes into a six-months-later scenario where we get to see some classic characters come back, team up and fight Freddy and Jason. This story is The X Files meets horror, we see the Government take interest in the Necronomicon and Jason and Freddy, which hints vaguely at later installments of Jason X where the government again wants to use Jason as a weapon which I thought was an interesting tie-in that’s never really talked about but the fans will notice. This is a story that gets out of the camp grounds, or cabins in the woods, and takes place at our nation’s capital and would make a film with an enormous budget with all the fights. We really pushed to make it the DC Crisis of Horror.”

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8 Responses to “ Exclusive Interview With Nightmare Warriors Artist Jason Craig! ”

  1. Can’t wait to buy this in the afternoon and see Ash and the surviors in the comic.

  2. I’ve never been a comic book guy, but this sounds interesting.


  4. Ummmmmm and that has what to do with Jason comics exactly?

  5. I didn’t know Michael Jackson died. I sure am glad I came to this site. Now I know.

  6. The 80’s was a great time for movies. So many classics. What the hell happened? I can’t wait for Evil Dead 4. Fuck Spiderman! Sam you are just in it for the money it seems. None of those Spiderman movies will live upto the Evil Dead movies. Why do you want to be a sellout? Let somebody else make gay movies.

  7. I just got issue 1 today and it’s all messed up. Like, it starts then jumps to the end, then to the beginning again then to the middle, the same pages are reprinted from the beginning and it sort of continues this way until the end of the book.

    I mean, the art IMO sucks bigtime, and I’m sure the story does too (I mean Jason’s mask is ripped in half? wtf), but the cover looked cool and I have all the Friday related comics. Another thing, if it was normally printed it still would be messed up. It cuts from Jason attacking some girl to a kid and his mom watching a Freddy movie and back again. I don’t know if everybody had these problems or just me..

  8. Steve….the story follows the first series which explains everything you dont understand, one of which is Jasons masks getting blown in half

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