The Remake Aftermath Of Freddy vs Jason: Seven Years Later


It’s an interesting way to measure success and that is to revisit a movie and see where it’s failures and successes led to it’s impending future. With Freddy vs Jason, it was viewed as a make or break deal for both franchises. If the box office failed, then we might have seen the end of both franchises for the time being. However, with the box office success of the film, rumors spread of a fast track sequel to capitalize on the popularity of the duo. As years past, it seemed that perhaps New Line did not have as much faith in a redux as everyone else was thought to have had.

As the remake and reboot boom swept across Hollywood, there were many movies from the 70’s and 80’s receiving the treatment and at first, fans and industry insiders were sure that the classic genre movies would be immune to the remake bug. However, that all changed in 2024 when not only did Texas Chainsaw Massacre receive and update, but Romero’s ultra classic Dawn of the Dead remade itself as well. Surprisingly, to me and most everyone else, both films were just as good, if not better than the original films. The box office reflected this thinking and thus began the period of filmmaking that many today loathe.


The Freddy and Jason characters still sat dormant as Hollywood shifted to this new thinking of producing films. People still said that there was no way that these modern day monsters would ever be updated as so many others had before them. That, however, all changed when  Rob Zombie was signed on by the Weinstein Brothers in 2024 to resurrect a dead and completely buried Michael Myers. Zombie’s new take on one of the pinnacles of the genre caused everyone to raise their hand in the air and ask why? The simple answer was money.

Moustapha Akaad, R.I.P, had always milked the money train with his most successful property and then, in 2024, his son Malek and the Weinsteins hoped to rebirth the franchise for fiscal returns. RZ’s first Halloween opened to huge numbers. Many, many fans despised his take, claiming he bastardized their childhood. Money talked however and Zombie made an even more scrutinized sequel, with much lower box office returns.


Halloween’s success all but greenlighted Jason and Freddy’s return to the big screen. Each complete with updated stories and new looks.

One of the many complaints that fans had in Freddy vs Jason were that they thought the writing was very weak as the characters were all throwaway and plot devices implausable. So, the Friday the 13th community was shocked that Shannon and Shift were brought back into the fold by Platinum Dunes to resurrect a legend and reintroduce him to a newer generation of filmgoers. Of course, Friday the 13th opened to humongous numbers it’s opening weekend, but then proceded to drop a record 80% plus in it’s second week of release. The questions were raised. Was there too much hype that drove the first weekend’s numbers through the roof? Or was the film itself flawed, causing the fast dwindling returns of subsequent weeks? The answer, I believe, is in the lack of activity for the sequel that fans desperately want to have made.

The new Friday the 13th now, cannot control it’s own destiny. It was up against two huge obstacles. The success of Halloween 2 and it’s own production company’s reboot of A Nightmare On Elm Street. If both failed, the studio would see that fans would not return for a sequel to a nostalgic character and that Platinum Dunes might simply be incapable of producing the type of horror movie that genre fans want in today’s world.

I personally liked the reboot to Friday the 13th. I think there were some great ideas presented and Derek Mears is an excellent Jason. However, if A Nightmare on Elm Street starts out with a huge opening weekend number and then fades away one week later, Warner Bros. has the ammunition to point to Halloween 2 and the Nightmare reboot as business lessons that they are not so ready to repeat.

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  1. I really loved both of RZ’s Halloween films. And I really can’t wait for an F13 sequel. And I’m super excited for the NOES remake.

  2. I can’t wait for another Friday to come out, and while it wasn’t the best Friday ever i thought it was pretty good and i saw it opening night and all the shows were sold out, lines wrapped around the theater and the wait to get tickets was insane. Once inside the theater, every seat was packed and i doubt i’ll ever forget the thunderous roar from the crowd once the intro scene (the first 15-20 minutes or so) wrapped and up and the title of the movie flashed across the scene. The seats vibrated and everyone cheered. We will definitely get a Part 2, im really sure about it.

    Not to mention, i got the recent Final Destination Blu Ray which had a nice preview of the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot and it actually looks really good, i got a feeling us fans are in for good times ahead with these series.

  3. whoa whoa.

    “Surprisingly, to me and most everyone else, both films were just as good, if not better than the original films.”

    i hope you are kidding.

  4. No sir, no kidding implied. I truly feel that way! ;)

  5. I actually liked the writing for both Part 11 and 12. I was not keen on the afraid of water thing. But, they actually brought the mother back in on both films and characterized Jason through the story; something that had pretty much been abandoned sense after Part 2.

    Something I think I would like to see in the future is, of course, the snow. Also, I’d like to see more adult characters. I don’t feel the characters were poorly developed in the Friday the 13Th Franchise. However, the original films always had more adults in them. Or, at least, young adults.

    Alice wasn’t really a teenager, none of them were. There were not high school students like Elm Street was. Or, if so, they didn’t really show it. They looked more like there were in their twenties or so rather than high school. I would like to see a return of older characters. Though I love all the Friday the 13Ths, I will say I found it odd to see the, “big brother reality tv show style,” Friday the 13Th 2024. Kind of the twilight, “my boyfriend is hotter than your boyfriend,” battles. It reminded of Part 7 and how that played out like an eighties soap.

    I also really don’t want to see someone else as Freddy and the re-casting has already turned me, and a lot of fans I would guess, off big to the new Nightmare movie. Also, from what little I have glanced at the story, it feels like they are taking it completely out of context of the character of Freddy. The new Friday the 13Th brought Jason back to his roots. The new Nightmare looks like they are creating a whole new Freddy that I really just don’t want to be a part of. The story doesn’t even sound like Elm Street anymore. Also, the teaser made it look like it was not my cup of tea at all.

    Really looking forward to the new Friday the 13Th though.

  6. I loved the F13 reboot. It followed pretty much the same plot as what made part 1 to 4 successful. People are just stuck in the past on how those were the best films and nothing can ever out do them. Perhaps the people are right, but its impossible to re-create a moment. I have tried in real life to re-create certain good moments ( same people, same place, same atmosphere but Its never as good as when it first happened.

    The same goes with the reboot. If you dissect it, its more or less exactly the same as part 1 to 4. Its just made for 2024 or 2024. Yellow beetles are now Black Escalades, the old part 3 techno music is now The Hives and Santogold (soundtrack for F13 ) its just normal that the franchise has evolved, but in essence is still the same.

    Peeps just need to relax and enjoy!

  7. I’m with horror_guy. I liked both of those remakes (Dawn more than TCM), but I would not say that they are as good or better. To each their own, of course.

  8. I liked Rob Zombies Halloween and Halloween 2. After Donald Pleasance died, the original series died with Him. H20 and Ressurection were 2 horrible sequals that should just be forgotten. I like How RZ made Michael Myers more pissed off. Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Dawn of the dead remake were excellent. Ft13th was awesome, I thought Derek was an awesome Jason and I hope He comes back for the sequal. And Im sure Nightmare on elm street will be cool. As for Freddy Vs Jason, it was just terrible. First of all no Kane Hodder, I like Ken Kirzinger and all but not as Jason (he kicked ass in Wrong turn 2 though). Paramount wouldnt let them use flashbacks from previous FT13th films. But ol Freddy got a montage at the beginning covering parts 1-6. If Youre a Freddy fan then its probably a good movie to You (except the fact that Jason gets most of the kills and Freddy kills only one person) One small high point of the film. I really have no interest in a FVJ remake (Mears vs Haley). Maybe years from now it might be a good idea. Lets just hope Derek Mears and Jackie Earl Haley keep the roles for every sequal.

  9. I just want them to green light a sequal to friday the 13th already .!!!!

  10. TCM was a great reboot also. Sheriff Hoyt is my fav character. too bad he died in the film, would of been great to see Lee Emery take the role again.
    NOES am really looking forwards too
    RZ Halloween. I saw the first one, thought it was ok i guess but no masterpiece thats for sure. I didnt bother to see part 2. I am a horror fan but I found RZ version just nasty and no class. The rape scene in the 1st was just wrong (dvd uncut edition). I guess i am just not a fan of RZ style of movie

  11. I really think a lot is riding on this Nightmare remake. In fact, the movie could do well and Warner could still decide to just make a Nightmare sequel right away and leave Friday the 13th behind for a while. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens.

  12. I’ve liked pretty much all the remakes, even the ones I REALLY thought did not need to be made, like The Hitcher and Amityville. I could not, however, find one good thing in RZ’s H2 besides the first 10-15 minutes. It was absolute crap, I’m sorry. And if you’re right about the box office for ANOES being the deciding factor for WB to greenlight a Friday sequel, I suggest everyone here go see ANOES the 2nd or 3rd week it’s out, not opening night. It feels weird to support Freddy as a way of getting a sequel to F13, no?

  13. here’s my thoughts: i remember going to see my first friday movie back in 86. Jason Lives!!! now i know nothing will compare to the originals but i thought the friday remakeou was good. the rob zombie Halloweens were awful!!! Part 2 had to be one of the worst films i’ve seen in years!!! I’m skeptical about the Elm Street remake. the trailer was good until they showed his face and heard his voice. Robert Englund is Freddy!!! They have to do a Friday remake/sequel the winter setting is an excellent idea!!!

  14. “whoa whoa.

    “Surprisingly, to me and most everyone else, both films were just as good, if not better than the original films.”

    i hope you are kidding.”

    With you 100%, both of those movies were awful. In my opinion, the original “Dawn” was so fantastic because it was about 4 characters we came to care deeply about, rather than 25 characters we don’t see for half the movie until they got wheeled in at the end for the big slaughter.

    However, while Platinum Dunes screwed up TCM, I will give them props on the recovery. The only movie in the series I enjoyed more than their prequel was the original film.

  15. If the producers actually cared, they’d listen more to the fans. My wish is to see them bring in a decent writer, let Zito take the helm of the new F13, and even bring back ol’ HM for the music. However, i know it will NEVER happen.

  16. I think what these remakes are missing is an original score. The music isn’t as good as the original. Carpenter’s Halloween theme, Harry Manfredini’s F13 score. Now they just use heavy metal or grinding noises. Bring back the cheesy music that we all miss and these movies will be much cooler.
    I really liked the Friday the 13th Remake. Not only was Mears the perfect Jason, but I liked Jared Padelecki too. He doesn’t get much credit for the role. I almost wish they would’ve saved him to be Tommy Jarvis. He would fit the roll. When Jason grabs him through the window it was a flashback of part 4.

  17. First of all i thought the Halloween remakes sucked for too many reasons to write. I did like TCM and Dawn of dead though, very good compared to the remakes now. F13 remake was good too. You have to consider though what each could have turned out to be. And as far as “Mtv Presents FvJ” it was what it was, i can’t really see that movie being set in a serious, non-comical fashion. But i do have a good feeling about nightmare, it looks good and dunes seem to keep the franchises closer to original than others.

  18. I really dislike Ronny Yu. And I never understood the facination with Jason v. Freddy. I mean sure, they make Frankenstein v. Dracula etc., but would you really want to see them. Not a F v J fan by any stretch of the imagination. And the soundtrack? Pathetic.

    Hey Jay, I’ve been meaning to ask, why are the unused scripts for F v J no longer available on the scripts part of the website? Some were pretty good!

  19. I believe the studio asked to have them taken down.

  20. I loved the Friday the 13th reboot.

    Derek Mears is an amazing Jason.

    I have been a Friday the 13th fan for as long as I can remember and I still say the reboot was the best film in the series since Jason Lives

    I also am a bigger fan of the “Dawn Of The Dead” and “Texas Chainsaw” remakes then the originals.

    People that like the originals better you need to accept the fact that others have opinions.

    I also think Rob Zombies take on the Halloween franchise was excellent. He did something different with the material and brought some much needed life to a series that was struggling since 89’s Halloween 5.

    I hope NOES is great as well. Love Jackie Earl Haley and feel he is a worthy successor to Robert Englund. You all should read Roberts book “Hollywood Monster”. He stated in his book that he felt that Freddy vs. Jason was his swan song as the character.

    I really want a new Friday film and I hope NOES is the success that makes it happen

  21. I have seen all of the originals of each of these franchises. I have seen most of the remakes (Halloween II being the exception). TCM was good but more fictionalized than the original, which was done almost documentary style. Dawn of the Dead ‘04 does not have the character infusion of the original, which is one of my favorite movies, but makes up for that in intensity. If you want a movie that makes you jump, that’s the one. I loved the F13 remake. It wasn’t “oh, he’s in one spot, oh look, he’s in another, even though he is only walking and not running like everyone else,” it was “whoa buddy, why are you gunning for me, holy **** he really wants me dead oh my—” which came off better, because it made it more intense. I am also looking forward to NOES, mostly to see what they do with it.

  22. I though RZ’s Halloween was decent, great NO WAY but ok. H2 was perfect……..the 1st 15min of the film. After that it was all down hill, only good think about H2 was the deaths were pretty good. The Friday the 13th, I liked I didn’t think I would like the Hulk Hogan running Jason but it was a pretty good film some flaws but not many. I can’t wait for Friday 2. The Original Halloween, Friday, and Nightmare franchises there was no way around it Halloween was the dominate. Now, we’ll have to wait till Nightmare comes out but looks to me Friday is the dominate franchise right now. RZ wasn’t the right person for H2 he killed Halloween which is my fav. franchise (was) and I’ve never been a huge Nightmare fan but I am looking forward to the new one even if Robert isn’t Freddy!

  23. The studio frequents!?! Wow, who would have thought.

    I find it strange that they would care about leftover scripts from a 7 year old movie? What are they hiding?

    And the bigger question, Why would New Line Cinema want to ruin Xmas?!?!?!?!

  24. I am so damn tired of this horrible remake trend. And so far any of the horror remakes made in the last ten years have been any good. Dawn of the dead seemed like 28 days later wannabe directed by someone from MTV and TCM had none of the tension and creepiness that the original had. Don’t even get me started on Halloween.
    And Nightmare on elm street? A Freddy Krueger movie without Robert Englund? Horrible idea, just horrible.

  25. i’m with crystallakehiker…ronny yu is very open about not liking slashers, so i have no idea whose balls he is sucking to get these jobs…or who is sucking his balls.

    either way, he is purposely not good at it and aims to make fun of the characters. i don’t mind comedy mixed with horror, but it would be nice if they still tried to make the villains a little scary instead of looney toons characters.

    that aside, i don’t know why they need to greenlight these movies based on the success of the others. they need to keep in mind that rob zombie went against the wishes of the die-hard fans with his series & that all NOES fans are not F13th fans. it’s a dumb strategy, but I guess it’s been established that business execs these days are usually doofuses.

    they don’t need to evaluate if this series will do well. F13th will always be a cash-cow. the amount of money any of these makes long-term depends on how much they actually focus on making it GOOD. it’s a pretty black and white issue.

  26. So… the world is on Freddy’s shoulders once again?

  27. Lets not forget F13 Also made A Ton of $$$ on opening weekend almost tripling the cost to make the film. The drop was record setting but Everyone they made the film for went & saw it on opening weekend & I believe a sequel would probably score just as much as the reboot did As F13 FANS will all go see it good bad or Ugly.

  28. I enjoyed both updates, They were really good esps f13!!! and both parts 1&2 off halloween were good, but as usal and as many say, money talks!!

  29. I wouldn’t really say any of these remakes were better than original, especially not the Dawn Of The Dead one, it’ll be a cold day in Hell when that film surpasses the original. Halloween’s had only one real one-up on the original, and that was Danielle Harris. There has been only one remake to surpass the original and that was Wolfman. ANOES will probably be good but I can already guarantee you it won’t be better than the original and that’s not because of Jackie Earle Haley, just some of the twists on the character.

  30. I must agree with the deputy and his earlier statement. I went and seen the reboot twice on the opening weekend… the first pm screening on the 13th and then my old lady took me for valentines day the next day (how sweet)

    first off the line was around the block for it (lucky I am as big a nerd as I am and got there hours early and was first in line!)

    the place erupted with the first ever so light “ki ki ma ma” sounded before ther films official introduction! it was a serious throwback for me! the movie itself may have a few flaws but I still love it and would give it a very solid 8 out of 10 rating with the excepeptin that the ending seemed far to rushed.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the reboot of NOES will fare very well at the box office, even if it does similar to the friday reboot I think that will be enough for them to pursue sequals and just change their marketing plans perhaps (im hoping anyways) I see the hype on the film has been set a bit premature as they already have 3 tv spots so im sure opening weekend will definately have a f13 vibe with all the freddyfans lined up in herds to guage the new task of mr jackie earl haley as the new dream demon. I am a big fan of the springwood slasher but he is one of the lower ranks on my slasher totem poll falling after Leatherface, Micheal Myers and of course #1 being mr voorhees but I with this film all the best as any further friday sequal may depend on it.

    great wrire up mr fury.
    cheers all

  31. “and most everyone else”

    not trying to diss you in any way Jasonsfury but I don’t know anyone that thinks that the Texas Remake and Dawn remake are even anywhere near the status of both the original Texas Chainsaw and the Original Dawn. Those are horror classics wereas the remakes are just, well, remakes.

    but I do respect your opinion even though I dissagree with your choice of words.

  32. I guees it depends on the circles that you run in and websites you visit. I have never heard terribly negative things about either remake. Usually there are little things here and there that people do not like.

    The fact is, the Dawn remake is just a scarier movie. Not to take anything away from what Romero created, but can you really be scared of stiff walking zombies today. Zombies that are hauling major ass just frighten the hell out of me.

    Return of the Living Dead was such a pioneer of todays zombie movie.

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