One’s Customs Taking 7 inch Requests On eBay

jasonfigsIn the past, One’s Customs has offered 7 inch figures for the incarnations of Jason Voorhees that have never been created for production. His auctions have gone up steadily in price for these figures and fans of the series probably have grown frustrated over that fact. Now, One’s Customs has a special offer for you that should make buyers happy. He currently is offering three figures to be made by request on his eBay Listing.

Basically, he is offering to make Roy from A New Beginning and Jason from Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason X and the 2009 reboot. You use the Buy It Now feature to purchase a figure and then contact One’s Customs to request one of the aforementioned figures. To be clear on what needs to be done, watch his video below and good luck to those who are in need of these missing pieces of their collection!

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6 Responses to “ One’s Customs Taking 7 inch Requests On eBay ”

  1. These sold out pretty quick earlier this morning. Hope one of you were able to get one of these.

  2. I will definately purchase this later on!!!!

  3. I was too late on these, hope he does this again

  4. They can go ahead and take 7 inches but i’ll pass thank you

  5. I thought they all sucked!

  6. Jimmy the kid (aka mr.x),
    Why do you have to be like this? Since you are new to this website, you must know that I can tell when you are impersonating or pretending to be someone else. Yes, I deleted all of your other comments!

    So, let me get this straight. 5 months ago someone says something negative about your work on this website, which you are just finding out about now, and that gives you the right to start spamming our website with negative comments about someone else’s work? Grow up, man, and learn to take criticism.

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