Fans Unite, Demand Your Ultimate Series Box Set

coverOne of our visitors, JJ, tipped me off to an online petition that outlines what the fans would like to have released in the ultimate Friday the 13th box set. Now, it is not guaranteed that the petition will help aid in delivering what the fans want, but at least it gives you a chance to have your voice heard. Visit the petition to leave your online signature to aid others in bringing the fans the definitive Friday the 13th home experience.


Here is a list of what is being requested of Paramount:

-All films UNCUT
-All films have Audio Commentaries
-All films get beautiful transfers and incredible 5.1 mixes
-All films keep special features from their “Deluxe editions”
-All films are in their own slim cases w/ original poster art
-Part 3 in 3D, including the opening titles, 2 pairs of 3D glasses
-A new docu. on the whole series
-A new featurette on problems w/ the MPAA
-Alt endings for parts 2 & 3 as special features
-All original TV spots/radio spots, trailers
-Posters, Behind the scenes, memoriblia photo galleries
-TV commericals, music videos, TV interviews (Jason on talk show)(Alice Cooper music video)
-A booklet w/ liner notes
-A nice new box to hold everything in it (a plastic or tin box)

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29 Responses to “ Fans Unite, Demand Your Ultimate Series Box Set ”

  1. I signed. Lets hope more than 73 people sign this………….

  2. Sounds about right to me ;) Hell I would actually buy all the movies AGAIN if it was packaged like that.

    But unfortunately this is something every fan “wants”, so you know it will never happen.


  3. I would love a real indepth part 3 special edition, especially with the supossed filmed original ending where Chris was beheaded by an unmasked Jason, We have been teased with photos of this for years in Fango and books with Dana Kimmell and a prop head and the snarling jason shots.

  4. you mean the part 3 credits were 3D in the theater? i thought it was weird they were not 3D on the new DVD seeing as they come right at you.

  5. i’m with the blu-ray editions of all of them.

  6. I would be happy to provide professional Film material from the Museum if wanted by Paramount.


  7. I just signed for the cause. I am number 100!

  8. That would be awsome, a real collectors item to get your hands on.

  9. Someone should add: find out the correct aspect ratio for each film! I can already see Paramount releasing what they call “the definitive Friday collection” then 2 years later releasing “the correct aspect ratio collection”.

  10. Hey guys. Sign up for it. Im actually surprised that only 70 people had signed up before me, but I think spreading the word around here will help.

    Never knew about the chris beheading. I would love to find out more on that.

    Thanks J.F. for spreading the word.

  11. Oh forgot to add. I think I smell a future friday conversation. Just saying.

  12. I’m vote #109.I agree with all of the above but would rather see it on blu-ray as opposed to dvd.Lets face it we’ve bought so many incaecerations of the series over the years producing the above on dvd would be a step backwards.If something this epic somehow came to be then it truly deserves to be seen in high def…………………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  13. I agree with the blue ray addition.

  14. #122

  15. i signed it too i hope more people sign it. that would be a hell of a boxset to own and i would buy it the first day of being released!

  16. I just hope they redo part 3 in 3-d. When it was released in theatres in 1982, it was shot with new 3-d technology. And the glasses are supposed to be black and grey. I bought the deluxe edition because I wanted to see it in 3-d, and the glasses are blue and red. My brother and I didnt think it was all that great, except for a few frames like Harold aiming the clothesline at the camera. I feel toatally robbed for buying that, except the 2-d version remaster is kickass. Ive been really tempted to buy up all the deluxe editions of FT13th, but I figured Paramount would make another box set in time. And it looks like the time is coming.

  17. It would certainly be nice to see Paramount release the movies with all those features…..and one day they might…..but considering they just did the deluxe editions for these movies…we may have to wait until Friday the 13ths 40th or even 50th anniversary to get Paramount to release those.

  18. They should seriously do this it would be awesome.

  19. i wished for part 4 with the slashed scenes inserted back in on blu-ray

  20. I don’t think an intact uncut version of Part VIII even exists anymore.

  21. I meant Part VII lol, stupid typo.

  22. Be great to see this in a Blu-ray set! Not really sure if we need more in-depth docunentaries with it though. Between Peter Bracke’s excellent book “Crystal Lake Memories” and “His Name Was Jason” documentary, I think most things if not all has been covered. I liked the very fun commentary for part 3 from the original set, like to see that reappear again.

  23. I’ve seen part 3 in 3-D in theatre at a special showing back in 2023 and I confirm it WAS grey glasses and NOT the blue-red glasses. The movie kicked ass and we had such a blast.

  24. im numbers 40 and 215 :)

  25. I want better features for part 2. The deluxe edition was poor. None of the features had anything to do with the film. I would love to see deleted footage or behind the scenes stuff.

  26. Yeah would be nice, but if they did all of that they could not make anymore money in the future re-releasing more incomplete sets. Also want to see fan collections on the DVD, my life-sized Madman Marz might be on the re-release and my Freddy stuff on the Elm Street Legacy DVD, would be even cooler to see my collection and life-sized costumes on a special features F13th DVD.

  27. That sounds AWESOME!

  28. I\’ve signed…but I want italian subtitles hahaha

  29. 257. I don’t have a blu ray player yet, but I will by the time they release these things. haha. it will probably be years before they do even with us complaining. lol.

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