Guess That Friday the 13th Scene, Part III

Some of you are just too good and can guess these scenes almost immediately, so things will be a little different for todays challenge. We will start with one image and then newer images will be added throughout the day. Also, the images have been distorted as to make it a bit more challenging. Good luck with guessing the scenes and have fun!

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

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17 Responses to “ Guess That Friday the 13th Scene, Part III ”

  1. It’s Ned in Part I walking across the beam/log trying to balance. Just before he’s killed.

  2. The second one is the shot of the Voorhees house from JGTH. It is when Steve arrives near the end.

  3. #3 is the drifter from part 5; looks like Clint Eastwood lol

  4. 1. Part 1 – Ned walking around
    2. JGTH – Shot of the Voorhees-house
    3. Part 5 – That strange guy watching Tina and Eddie from the bushes
    4. Part 1 – The lady behind the counter at the diner Annie walks into

  5. 1-Ned from the 1st movie before he noticed someone sneak into cabin.
    2-The Voorhees House scene where Jessica arrives shortly after.
    3-The wandering hobo looking to earn a meal watching Tina and Ed.
    4-The waitress in diner who looks nervous when Annie walks in and asks “How far is it to Camp Crystal Lake”?
    5-Paul getting harpooned by Jason from under the dock when he realizes he needs to be with his g/f whom is already dead in raft.

  6. I think Corey got it except for Image 6 which I believe is the entrance of the camp in Jason Lives.

  7. I am going to agree with corey, and the 6th image looks like the basement in the voorhees house from JGTH, but the guesses that corey made are right from what I can see too.

  8. I love these!

  9. @ Mark: I didn’t post for image 6 at the time-because there was NO image 6 yet…but image 6 is the layout of camp “Forest Green” from Part 6 Just as Jason walks back into the camp at night.

    Oh yeah my captcha word was sussex which is a northern county I lived in (unfortunately) and this was part of “Wessex county in the series” combined with another county known as “Warren county” hence; Wessex, Mass…in the script. Figured you’d all like to hear that if you haven’t before.

  10. Oh yeah, in case any are wondering Sussex County is north-most county of NJ.

  11. Suss county is north-most county of NJ…near Hopatcong.

  12. 6. Part 4 – Paul getting killed by Jason
    7. Part 6 – Tommy and Hawes at the cemetery

  13. 1. This one baffles me. Maybe a shot of Ned in the original Friday the 13th? Right before he is killed?
    2. JGTH – The Voorhees house.
    3. Part V – The bum watching Tina and her boyfriend humping in the “woods”.
    4. Original Friday the 13th – The waitress turning down the radio in the diner, just after Annie has walked in an inquired about Camp Crystal Lake.
    5. TFC – Paul getting speared/harpooned in his delicate parts.
    6. Entrance to the camp, in Part VI, is my guess.

  14. Love these scene games. Thanks J. Fury.

  15. 1. Im not sure

    2. A night shot of the Voorhees house in Jason Goes to Hell

    3. The death of the homeless guy in A New Beginning after He watches Tina and Eddie have sex.

    4. The waitress at the diner Annie walks into in part 1, where Annie asks the most dangerous question “how far is it to Camp Crystal Lake”?

    5. The most painful death for a Man in The Final Chapter. Paul getting speared through the groin.

    6. Not too sure. Its either Brenda from part 1, or Trish from part 4.

  16. Thanks to everyone for participating. This seemed to work out quite well. Here are the answers. Everyone has a great eye!

    1-Ned from the original before seeing Mrs V. pop into a cabin.
    2-The Voorhees House from JGTH
    3-The drifter watching Tina and Eddie in the woods in Part 5.
    4-The waitress in the beginning of the original film where Annie asks for a ride to the lake
    5-Paul getting harpooned in his area by jason in The Final Chapter.
    6-The front of the Camp Forest Green from Jason Lives

  17. Image one is part 2?
    Image two is part 6?
    Image three is part 5 definitly
    Image four is part 2? (And for some reason the distorted guy looks like Robert Englund to me which cannot be right)
    Image five is definitly part 4
    Image six is part 6 I believe
    Way harder this way

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