Video Review Saturday: Jason Goes To Hell Tree Demon

Alright, it may not be screen used, but it came pretty darn close to being used in the film. However, I still am pleased to have a part of the production of the film in my collection. For a little history on this piece and the model set it was once a part of, check out our blog from last year.

Remember, if anyone would like something reviewed, please let me know in the comments below and I will see if I have what you are looking for!

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4 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: Jason Goes To Hell Tree Demon ”

  1. The Tree Demon’s face looks a lot like UberJason from Jason X…to me anyway…

  2. WOW ! simply amazing man ! Would love to see some close up pictures of all, from all angles, if possible when you’ll have the time jasonsfury. Nice :D

  3. Thats awesome man. I wish they wouldve used them in the ending to Jason Goes To Hell instead of those huge muppet hands. Wouldve been better I think. But cool collection as always. And I was wondering in the future if You could review some Jason comics, or books. Theres been so many comics and books over the years, I figure You may have a couple. Take it easy man.

  4. It does look a lot like the UberJason from Jason X.

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