Setting Up The Scene: Part 3’s Dream Sequence With Mrs. Voorhees

I am always interested by how filmmakers go about setting up scenes that are going to be filmed. Behind the scene images of these setups are a great time capsule of how each production goes about their scene setup. Below is an on-set photo of the preparation for the dream sequence that Chris (Dana Kimmel) experiences towards the end of Part 3 after she slams the axe into Jason’s head.



For this scene, Mrs. Voorhees was played by the wife of Associate Producer Peter Schindler. According to Dana Kimmel, the scene was supposed to be a one take situation, but of course it went more than one take. Imagine doing multiple takes in frigid water with normal clothes on and no wet suit. Brrr!

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19 Responses to “ Setting Up The Scene: Part 3’s Dream Sequence With Mrs. Voorhees ”

  1. Pretty cool

  2. at least it looks like it was warm out. The guy holding the color card also acted in the last scene. “That poor kid’s been through hell…”

  3. I still think they should have gone with the original ending. For those of You that dont know..there was an original ending where Jason beheads Chris in a dream sequance. Theres a picture that exsists where it shows Jason unmasked (and he looks like a demented pig) and Hes got Chris by the hair, and it looks like Hes about to swing the machete. I dont know wouldve made more sense then the ending they chose. Mrs Voorhees jumping out of the water is just dumb.

  4. I see where you would think that, Jeremy, but in true Steve Miner directed Friday sequeldom the crew just borrowed from the original movie. In Part 2, Steve Miner and company borrowed the moonlight in the sky shot when Ginny is being chased by Jason. That exact same shot was used in the original when Mrs. Voorhees is stalking Alice.

    Then this scene, with the jump scare in the lake with Mrs. Voorhees, is completely ripping off the classic scene from the original. I believe it was called an homage, but I feel differently. But I love all of the movies, so all is well :)

  5. So in conclusion, it seems that none of the endings that were on the table for this film were really that original…just a bunch of rehashes of old ideas.

    It’s kind of funny that despite all the unoriginality for these endings that someone would have the idea to give Jason the now-iconic hockey mask for the first time in this film.

    I think that the beheading of Dana would have been a better ending but maybe that’s just because I’ve already seen the orginal ending for Part 3 ten times. I guess I just cant get enough. LOL.

  6. This may be a stupid question but in the first picture why is that guy holding that thing in front of Dana’s face?

  7. i don’t know exactly how it works, but it’s a reference for color correcting the film. they film that thing which has gray, white and a bunch of colors, then shoot the scene. Helps with color timing or some shite (making all the scenes in the film look consistent)

  8. @Ratta tatta touille


  9. I really liked the chase scene, axe to the head, Chris going insane… I just don’t feel like the Mrs. Voorhees part did credit to the rest of the movie. Maybe the original ending would have. Either way, it’s still a great movie.

  10. the thing about part 3 is it has a bunch of “issues” like that, but it’s still great, and in my opinion the best of the series. For one thing, it has two intros, the Part 2 recap and then the Edna/Harold part. Take away those and you have a pretty short movie. The acting isn’t great because it was all a one-take affair, but the technical perfection of the effects and the creative death scenes are almost a good complement. Like, ‘this is cheesy– WHOA THAT GUY JUST GOT SPLIT DOWN THE GROIN!!!’ So, yeah I’ve complained about the Mrs. V pop up, but it doesn’t take away from the movie. Plus I would just hate for Chris to be killed! We need the final girl reunion movie.

  11. I could be wrong, but I think the original ending of Jason decapitating Chris was intended to be a dream sequence. I don’t think she was actually killed off in either ending. That’s the impression I’ve been under… Again, I could be wrong.

  12. Yea now that i think about it, the Mrs V. ending really does not make sense. Its like the whole moveie Jason is killing then at the end she pops up and your like Oh Crap i forgot about her! And why does she have a head, it was cut off. Oh well, what would a friday the 13th movie be without confusion LoL.

  13. I agree with Jeremy. I understand wanting to do an “homage” to the original, but the Mrs. V ending just doesn’t work. Still, this film is a blast in spite of its MANY flaws.

  14. I don’t think part 3 has “MANY” flaws. The only thing that could really be considered a flaw, would be the Mrs. Voorhees part. But I still don’t think it’s bad enough to be labeled that… In my opinion though. Not tryin’ to knock anyone else who feels otherwise.

  15. The atmosphere, the characters, stalking, kills and chase scene were all great.

  16. As for the Jason chopping off Chris’ head sequence, you’re all correct in that it was meant to be the original ending, and then turn out to be a dream sequence with Chris left quite alive. According to Larry Zerner, it was actually blocked and filmed, but the footage has yet to show up, apart from the stills he now have from Fangoria, Peter Bracke’s book and other clandestine sources.

    I know I’m in the minority here, but the released version’s ending of Mrs. Voorhees coming out of the lake is my single favorite moment of the entire Friday The 13th saga. Where I was at that point, twelve years old and having just seen the first two movies on HBO, I thought that the idea of resurrecting Mrs. Voorhees in the same way that the drowned Jason had been able to transcend his own death–it was as though the very waters of Crystal Lake had some kind of magical property, especially in the case of the Voorhees family. I saw Chris’ being pulled out of the canoe by Mrs. Voorhees as neither a reality nor a true “dream sequence,” but as a premonition of what might could come to the storyline….if Jason was truly killed by the axe in the head, the stage may be set for a preternatural return of Mrs. Voorhees as an unstoppable, superhuman killer.

    Of course, in 1984 “Final Chapter” came out and blew my idea slap-dab outta the water….

  17. Yeah, the ending of 3 always came off to me, that Crystal Lake was haunted. With Jason busting through the door, then disappearing and his mother coming out of the lake… Even though I think the original ending might of been better, the one they went with still turned out great. And one thing I think most people could agree on, the Mrs. Voorhees ending wasn’t predictable. I seriously doubt anyone was expecting Jason’s mom to come leaping out…

  18. It wasn’t predictable that’s true, BUT, my question is that even though it’s homage (to me), was Minor wanting the viewer to think Pamela was inside Chris’ head? How could that be? There was no notion that Chris even knew of Jason’s mother. She was just recently attacked by Jason prior to the actual events of part2. Which is another thing: Why was Jason wearing the greet work shirt and khakis in the flash back with Chris if he didn’t wear them until the opening part3.

  19. ” Why was Jason wearing the greet work shirt and khakis in the flash back with Chris if he didn’t wear them until the opening part3.”

    That’s the unpredictable nature of continuity in Friday the 13th. It’s much like in Jason Takes Manhattan. How did he all of a sudden get fully clothed with black gloves. His clothes were burned down to nothing at the end of The New Blood. The series has magic I tell you. :)

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