V.C. Dupree (Julius from Jason Takes Manhattan) Interview

juliusv0085I was thinking about his character the other day. Julius never gets the credit he deserves. He stood toe to toe with Jason Voorhees.

He was the only one who wanted to hunt Jason on the cruise ship:

Julius:  “Let’s go find this mutha f*cka before he finds us”
McCullough:  “You’ll do no such thing, I’m in charge here”
Julius:  “School is out McCullough, okay”


He also had one of the best lines in the movie. When he and the rest of the group of Jason hunters lay out the weapons they find, his friend asks ..

Friend:  “What are you taking, Julius?”
Julius:  “Nothin’ …………. but this gun”

He was a badass. Anyways, V.C. Dupree was a part of an interview by Without Your Head Radio a few months ago.


Check out the first part of the radio show to listen what he has to say and give Julius his props as one of the better characters in the franchise.

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19 Responses to “ V.C. Dupree (Julius from Jason Takes Manhattan) Interview ”

  1. By far the best character in part 8. Pretty much the only likeable one for that matter. I like the movie but most of the actors do suck in that one.

  2. yeah but i think he has a suspect chin?

  3. The only good actor in the movie.

  4. I liked the dude that Jason throws from the top of the ship and impales him. But it was a very unmemorable cast. I had more of a heart for the dinner employees than the slaughter on the ship.

  5. It’s hard for my to find things to like about this film. If I have to pick something though, I would have to say its the death of Julius. Jason Takes Manhattan was actually the first Friday film I had a chance to see in a movie theater. I remember when Jason knocked Julius’ head off the audience went crazy with laughter and cheers. The rest of the movie was a let down.

  6. I think this is one of the only times, you justify a Jason kill. The old man had it coming, and more than in any F13 movie, I wanted to see him get killed!

  7. Ahh man! This is so true. Julius definitely never got the credit he deserved. And I can’t believe I forgot about his character in the movie. Everytime I watch the seen of him and Jason on the rooftop I am like, “No Julius! Run!”. Then he gets he head punched off in one shot. LMAO. That is classic! Nice try Julius. :)

  8. Scene not seen. WTF?

  9. McCulloch. The only time I ever really thought “Well, yeah, its ok if Jason kills him.”

    I remember being in 4th grade and seeing part 8 on Cinemax and I thought it was reallly one of the best things ever. I thought it was kind of funny.

    So, the next year when parts 1&2 came on USA, I was excited. Those movies scared the poo out of me!

  10. Meh. Didn’t care for him at all.

  11. i would say that friday VIII is probably the least favotire of the “friday” series, however it is much more enjoyable than any in the “jason” series i think. julius was a decent character andi would have liked for him to live. the films does however have a made for tv usa network feel to it for me, maybe that helps with enjoying this one because i remember when usa would show the friday’s on friday the 13th years ago. the cast is pretty forgettable, do we ever learn the names of julius’ buddies? but i would bang j.j. when shes playing those sweet guitar riffs ! ha.

  12. The best friday ever in the series I tell u what, was part 3 and part 4, they should have stopped making friday the 13th movies after that. I think the the movies after that have dragged the franchise in the mud, and yes I did see the new one and liked it, it was definetly different and gives a nice twist as how jason actually got around the camp it just made sense, I liked the ending but I can see it left it opened for a sequel, I thought Jason in the new movie was not supernatural, so if they make another one will that make him look like a supernatural freak? I do not think anyones head could end up in a wood chipper and be able to live to tell their tale without being supernattural.I feel that platinum dunes would be wasting their money on a sequel in all honesty.

  13. I am a huge fan of the series…I honestly kind of liked all of them even Jason X. The worse one was by far Jason Goes To Hell… The whole body changing thing didnt rest very well with me. they should of put more emphasis on Jason rather than the body hoping gig. My favourites are part 3 and 4 although number 2 is really good too. The latest F13 by Michael Bay was amazing I hope they make a sequel to the remake! I pray Jason never dies hes the best super villain ever! Hats off to Sean S Cunningham!

  14. Right before Julius gets his block knocked off, he utters the words, “take your best shot … mutha f*cka.”

    Here’s the question. What if Busta Rhymes was cast as Julius and used his notorious line from Halloween Ressurection? He could karate kick Jason instead of box and change his phrase from Halloween to then say, “Happy Friday the 13th, mutha f*cka!”

    Which would be better? I think I would stick with V.C.

  15. I didn’t see Halloween Ressurection because I think Michael Myers sucks. But I do like the idea of Busta Rhymes getting his head knocked off by Jason because I think Busta Rhymes sucks too. Actually, I always make fun of people that buy Busta Rhymes cds at Walmart…not to their face because its dangerous and they could hurt me or tell my boss. I usually just wait for them to turn their backs to me and then I just shake my head. I’m sort of a sissy like that people…nothing like Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2. Peace out!

  16. yeah i agree walmart man busta and myers do suck ass,especialyy the zombie remakes blah

  17. oh the rob zombie flick was a total abortion of a movie, how could he treat the film he supposedly loves so much with so much disrespect. but ill stay on track this is a friday site afterall not a halloween bashing site : )

  18. Yeah, I wonder what Jason started thinking when Julius told him to take his best shot. Although I am not so sure he took his best shot. Because I think Julius’ head would have exploded if Jason took his best shot. But no matter what, it was a great kill.

  19. What? Julius was the worst character out of all of the Paramount Fridays… And Rob Zombie’s Halloween was a hell of alot better than the Friday remake. Not to say that I liked it, but at least the characters in it were realistic. The characters in the Friday remake were not only unrealistic and unlikeable, they were a group of people that would never have been friends in real life… The characters in the old Friday movies were likeable and came off like real people, which is what made those movies so great.

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