Sideshow Toys Special Reveal On Friday the 13th

Sideshow is really starting to make me a big believer in the dedication to the fans of the Friday the 13th series. Not only did they give the fans the limited 12 inch figures a few years back, they also have created an awesome original concept Jason statue for release in a few months. But now they tease us with something new.

According to Sideshow’s website, they will be revealing something new related to Friday the 13th. And what better date to do so then this Friday, August 13th. Stay tuned for the announcement as we will bring it to you here when it happens!

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11 Responses to “ Sideshow Toys Special Reveal On Friday the 13th ”

  1. 12″ Part 5 and 8 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease : )

  2. If it’s another overpriced statue or premium format figure….No thanks. Seriously, I can’t drop $275-300 on that stuff. I would be very happy if it was a 12″ figure. Especially if it’s a F13 Remake 12 inch figure. I know so many people want a part 5 or 8. I agree with you, but I would prefer the Remake of those two. They should do a Sideshow Exclusive that comes with a sack mask and a hockey mask.

  3. Part V or VIII…need the one’s that are not available so i can fill those spots on my shelf!

  4. Please be a part 8.

    Have all the 12 inch Jason Sideshows and ordered the polystone statue.

    Cannot wait to see what they have next for fans

  5. It would be nice if they made some new figures of Jason!

  6. A Premium Format or a remake 12″ would be great! An Uber Jason would be nice to!

  7. Speaking of Sideshow FT13th, just wanted all the collectors on here to know that I am selling my loose collection of Sideshow/Neca figures in one nice lot….and my custom 12″ Jason takes Manhatten with a limited run of only 13. Both on ebay right now ending in about 2 days. I hope they find a good home.

  8. I bet its sum 30th anniversery related thing. Who knows, I’m pumped!

  9. With how this is the 30th Anniversary of the first film release, what better than for Sideshow to release young Jason from the very first film? ;)

    Or it could be the remake version. Sideshow never done that one before beside V & VIII.

  10. Yeah a young jason would be a nice addition too peoples collection!!

  11. Hey guys. I am from the sideshow forum and noticed in the closed thread that many people were upset with the fact that the Ft13 piece was a PF. First off let me tell you I am not made of money. I use to buy all the Neca/McFarlane stuff that was out there. I then one day purchased my first PF – Darth Vader – and that was it. I sold off all my other stuff and started collecting higher end pieces. I have turned in a profit on some pieces and have kept most of them. I use to have the FVJ PF. and it looked amazing but I sold it off in hopes of a new / better / classic jason. Yes over at the freaks board that is all we have been waiting for is a part 3 PF. I understand that these are more expensive but it will be awhile before it’s released so start saving now. When you see one in person your jaw will drop. PS I never sold my Neca 18″ Jason from part 7. That is still IMO one of the greatest figures ever produced.

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