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Now that we know the new sequel is due in August of next year the topic of Jason in the snow is coming back up. In an idea floated a while back by producers, we may see at least part of the new film take place in the snow, at least the opening sequence if not more. With pre-production not yet geared up (officially at least), the filming window would appear to be throughout Winter.

With the sequel being Number 13 in the series, is such a milestone the right time to flip the switch on the weather? Vote in our poll below, and sound off with your comments further down.

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51 Responses to “ Friday Sequel - Jason In The Snow ”

  1. yes we need to keep the series fresh theres always time to go back to a summer setting i want this franchise to be around forever, snow in space that would be cool

  2. It has not been done before and if Crystal Lake is supposed to be somewhere in the north east of the US it’s gotta snow sometime right? What has Jason been doing all winter long? I think it would make for an awesome F13th.

  3. It’s a good idea. Just as long as they don’t use it as a gimmick, like what was done with New York, Space and even Hell, lol… I was completely disappointed in the reboot/remake and I’m praying that the sequel turns out better.

  4. If it’s okay to post this here, I’ve been writing my own script for a Friday: 13 set in the snow. Check it out

    It has lots of familiar characters, and some characters only previously alluded to in the F13 mythos.

    If you dig it, drop me a line. Again, sorry if it is faux-pas to post links to other F13 sites here.

  5. I think it all really just depends on the ‘how’ and the ‘why.’ How will said sequence and/or setup be presented? Why is the wintry setting relevant to the franchise, when it’s never been approached before now? If these things are satisfactorily explained, it could be neat to see them do something with it, yes. But this whole angle of just doing it to breathe some new life into the presentation of the series and nothing else reeks of a poor creative decision. The idea is only good if they (Platinum Goons) fully support some excellent execution of it, in terms of story.

    I can see it now - some lonely, boyfriend-less chick from a party goes outside to ice-skate on the frozen waters of Crystal Lake with her iPod blasting Emo rock in her ears, when suddenly, Jason emerges (on DIY’d skates of his own) ala the Hag-Killer in “Curtains” and chases the chick down in music video slow motion, hacking her to death on the ice. LOL

    Better yet - the winter party kids, being all smart-ass about the Voorhees legend, build a mocking “Snow Jason” outside - only when one of them walks back by it later on, it’s really Jason - covered in snow and motionless, until he whacks the kid’s head off out of the blue. LMAO

  6. Blood in snow has been done before…. for example 30days of night… to me Jason was known for summer and swimming. To appreciate Jason in the snow you’d have to realize anyone would be able to track his shoe prints and another mystery would be taken away from Jason. Derek did a good Job as Jason but “Platinum Ruins” made some under ground cavern to take Jason’s mythology away from him. Leave Jason in the summer where he belongs. I wouldn’t mind a new idea to the series…. perhaps take the idea from Jason Goes to hell and Jason X. and Make a full fledge movie about a cloan Jason being used for Weapons testing on an army base. Jason, Michael, and Freddy have very perticular models set so they keep scarying us. When we take away their mythologies we take away the essence. It’s like making Dracula a day walker. I say keep Jason in summer and stop this bullshit about his fear of water. Sorry for the drama filled long essay

  7. Yeah, what DOES Jason do all winter long? Does he own a winter coat? Does he wear fur? Does he shovel his hut’s driveway? Oh, the things to ponder…

  8. PD’s jason already has a coat! he’s good.

    when i think of snow in a setting like crystal lake, it think of the outside being fairly empty & quiet, the trees bare…it’s a very creepy setting for jason to jump out and getcha!

    & just think if people get snowed in and are trapped in a cabin or something…that’s pretty fucking terrifying with jason lurking out there. cell phones might not work, car gets stuck, power could go out…lots of possibilities for terror.

    you can’t dig too much into details like ‘they’ll see his footprints’…too much analyzing of any of these movies ruins them. you have to just let go and enjoy the ride. i’m more concerned with performance of the characters and visual effects.

  9. Only the opening scene or a short part of it. It will get old, and it will prevent what I want to see back in the series-camp counselors.

  10. I don’t know how about feel about a Jason in the snow-style movie … but i will say this; “The Shining” had a good amount of the movie filmed in snow and that was one of the scariest and creepiest movies i ever saw.

  11. The snow is a good idea. After all the movies taking place in summer the change of season will inject new life into the franchise. Lets face it the movies have become a bit stale lately and a new concept could help breathe new life into the series.

  12. And this one may be in 3D. if youve ever seen a 3D movie you may have noticed that snow always looks really awesome with the 3D effect. GO FOR IT I SAY! Sounds like fun!

  13. iv wanted to see jason in the snow for years now they just have to do it

  14. Screw it, have this one in the winter. Unless Jason hibernates. LOL

  15. I have always wanted to see jason chase a victim across a iced crystal lake also the friday series may alway be summer but look at part 5 def the fall I know it was made then so i alway think it took place that time of year

  16. Maybe just for the opening. You really don’t want to ruin the movie with tons of snow. Plus, it would be pretty hard for Jason to sneak up on people with snow crunching beneath his feet.

  17. The snow/cold can give enhance the feeling of isolation - I like the idea!

  18. Why do so many people hate the reboot? Ive been a fan forever and I thought the reboot was really good and stuck to the elements thats made the serie work. Stop hating on platinum dunes!

    Winter setting is a good idea give something fresh to work with. Perhaps a snowblower kill??? **hint hint*

  19. Scott, you like the remake? some don’t.
    For the same reasons you like it, others didn’t like it.

    For me i thought it was kinda cheap, but that’s my thoughts.

    I just hope the next one does not disapoint me.

  20. I think it would be a good idea for the storyline.

    From a spiritual standpoint, people worship Jesus in Winters, as well as many other savior sun gods born on December 25th. Jason is the ‘Jesus’ of this Franchise anyway.

    From a storyline viewpoint, it would get people out into the woods in the winter for another reason than party; perhaps. Such as, maybe we can get some other bounty hunter or someone wanting vengeance against Jason; thinking that stalking him in the winter would give them an advantage?

    Or, we could freeze him under water if it’s early winter and the lake is still somewhat slushy. Also, for action, we have snowmobiles.

    Visually it gives us a new thing to work with and storyline, it can call upon the writers to come up with a new angle to approach introducing characters to the location

  21. WTF… They kill the franchises with this kind of idea i think they should make a remake about Pamela Voorhees…

  22. There is no reason it can’t be snowing. Unless I’m mistaken, part 6 takes place during at least fall. Deputies with big coats, I think maybe a fireplace going, everyone dressed warmly…I wouldn’t mind a snow/winter surrounded Jason.

  23. I don’t know about a whole movie set in snow. I mean yeah if it’s done right but that being the key there “right” it might be good but I don’t see how a whole movie set in the winter will work with Jason. I mean it’s main setting is a summer camp. Why would people be at a summer camp in the winter? I don’t care about the whole, oh look red blood on white snow … looks fuckin great…. thats not gonna make or break the film in my opinion. I hope this movie is better than the reboot. Don’t get me wrong I liked the remake but it just didn’t seem like Jason to me. I want the old Friday the 13th feeling back in the new one.

  24. Hey f13ticket, how do you figure Jason is the Jesus of the franchise? Not challengeing what you are saying, just would like to hear you expand on it is all.

  25. Ok now maybe an intro would be nice to show what Jason does in the “off” season. Yeah OFF being the key word. Because how is Jason going to be killing any campers if the “summer camp” isn’t open? Maybe Michael Bay will just have Jason running around killing deer and turn the movie into a hunting show. :P

    Seriously, the snow idea sounds good in many ways, but not the whole film. It should start with it and then proceed to the summer when the “summer camp” (sorry had to say it again) -reopens- and let the games begin.

    Hell I’ll just be happy if the camp actually reopens since in the reboot its not even running anymore.


    Back to basics.


  26. crystal lake is in new jersey. it snows there in the winter. sometimes a friday the 13th occurs in the winter. i see no reason they can’t do it. it’s not a gimmick…just an aspect that hasn’t been tried before. why not? it’s a fuck of alot better than jason in space or body-hopping jason. i agree with the point that the shining takes place mostly in winter, & it’s truly one of the scariest films ever made.

  27. Jason was a pot farmer in the remake. Sequels gotta be bigger. You guys that are bitching about Jason in the snow are misunderstanding things. It means that he is gonna be a coke dealer in this one. “Snow” has a lot of meanings. Think, people.

  28. Jason was a pot farmer lmao

    Watch out Crystal Lake deputies Jason just switched it up and is pushin that white all over Crystal Lake.

  29. I don\’t understand the big deal that\’s been made for years now about snow! Who cares? How\’s about a film with at least one character that we can give a flying flip about? That\’s what these writers don\’t get. Yes, the audience goes to see Jason but, we also go to see the girl-next-door-pretty-but-not-model-material Ginnys of the world fight back!

  30. I think it is an awesome idea. As for the above comment about jason\’s tracks in the snow would take away the mystery, I am still sticking to what I like to think of Jason, and that is that he is some how supernatural. In that he is almost a ghost. This would explain in the original films, how he would sometimes appear and then disapper. I know some like that these scenes were just hallucinations on the part of some of the characters. But to me if fits better that Camp Crystal lake is haunted. As for the snow, I say……..BRING ON THE SNOW!!!!!!!!


  32. @ CHRIS. thats cool i respect your views but reboot cheap? it was probably the bigger budget movie of them all…but hey man to each there own views

    As for Jason being a pot grower its probably to use as bait or its somebody elses pot and Jason uses the location of grow op to his own advantage. Either way I found the idea pretty cool.

    Whatever the new movie has in store for us I hope they keep Jason a mystery. Unlike the newer halloweens where they gace way too much info on why Michael Myers became a killer.

    Platinum Dunes should hire me as a technical advisor. Id bring you (the fans) the best movie ever!

  33. Man, I had created this idea back in 1995 with my own, similar-yet-not identical character with the same premise/idea! Wow. This is the third or fourth time this has happened. I guess I was way ahead of this game years back. I need to hurry up and get movin\’. LOL. Cool idea, IT SHOULD BE DONE!! TRUST ME!!!

  34. Jason set in the winter time would be okay with me, lots of new ways for killing eg: ice and cold freezing water!

  35. Scott…. Biggest budget doesn’t mean better or best.

  36. I agree with those saying “snow is irrelevant to the series”. The snow brings us an aspect of the “hunter Jason” they proclaimed in the behind the scenes footage but my problem with is is simple. How can you beleiveably make a Jason Vorhees, camp-blood style slaughterfest in the winter. I don’t know ANYONE who wants to go to an effing lake in New Jersey in the winter lol

  37. @ Chris. Thats true especially in this genre. The best of the frnachise was made with small budgets. But you have to admit that opening scene in the reboot was the best scene since part 4!! got a xbox live account?

  38. I like this idea

  39. Not crazy about the snow idea. It might be ok for a scene or two but not a whole movie. F13th movies have always been a Summertime movie and to have the WHOLE movie set in wintertime just wouldn’t feel right. Jason is a summer type guy. I’d be ok with a kill or two in the opening/closing sequence but beyond that it would be too much.

    The biggest problem with the remake was the lack of Manfredini’s score! That’s like a Halloween movie without the classic theme or JAWS without the da dum, da dum. Whoever decided not to use that music should be fired! The other thing that was wrong was the lack of likeable characters, which had a lot to do with the dialogue. So cliche and stupid! Get somebody to write some characters that are at least somewhat appealing. Aside from Whitney, I thought they were all pretty bad. I thought the remake was ok overall and a step in the right direction after the awful F vs. J, but it could have been a lot better. On a positive note, I thought Derek Mears was the best Jason since part 4!

  40. Scott… No I don’t agree that it was the best.
    And no, i don’t have time for Xbox sorry.

  41. As for the footprints and the crunching of snow, if it took place during a snowstorm with strong winds, both of those issues are moot. You can’t hear jack in blizzard like conditions and footprints could be quickly covered by drifting and falling snow. As for the “Why would anybody go to a lake in NJ in the winter?” question, people go to remote cabins in the wintertime/holidays to get away from it all. It’s not unheard of.

    I wouldn’t be completely opposed to the snow idea, if it were done right, but I could pretty much say that about the plot of every Friday flick. In order for the movie to succeed as a horror movie, the plot needs to focus on the non-Jason characters, and the audience needs to care about those characters. When you’ve got a film, in which the audience roots for Jason, he’s simply not going to create a sense of fear. That’s not to say that you can’t have an enjoyable/fun movie with a Jason that the audience cheers for, but if the filmmakers are trying to get back to the roots of the original, it’s not going to happen without focus on the would-be victims. To the remake’s credit, at least the main protagonists were somewhat likable. Unfortunately, everybody else was simply stereotypical Jason fodder.

  42. People go to the lake in the winter to ice skate

  43. Friday the 13th part 13! Wow. I heard rumors that this one is going to be in 3D like the new Halloween 3. By the way in this one you guys should give jason a chainsaw, unmask him at the end, do the snow scenes, show how they drowned Jason. his mother, and please put the movie in 3D PLEASE!!

  44. Friday the 13th part 13. Wow. I heard that this movie was going to be in 3D like Halloween 3. They should use snow. The directors shuld also let jason use a chainsaw, show jason drowning, his mother, and please put this movie in 3D. PLEASE

  45. Jason in the snow? Why not? I love the cold. I Love Jason. Jason IN the snow is a great idea! Why do some hate this notion? I mean we got him Manhattan (for 2o mins), body hopping, Sitting part 5 out, and even going to space. I think it would be best yet. Gives him more innovation and ppl stuck with Jason out in dead winter only makes hit more difficult to survive. BRING IT ON!

  46. I LOVE THIS IDEA!! I have wanted to see this for ages! When I was a kid, I even tried to write my own script for Friday the 13th in winter. I had Camp Blood being set up for kids’ winter camp. That was around the time The Final Chapter came out! This could be very interesting. All new weapons of mass destruction, clues, Jason hiding in snow banks… Very cool!

  47. Snow and blood….what more can I ask?
    But I hope them not to do a ridicolous scene like Jason slipping on ice and fall…XD

  48. Maybe it became boring if all the movie is in the snow…maybe it’ll better if the first part of the film will be setted in winter/snow

  49. HARRY MANFREDINI in sequel! More KIKIKI MAMAMA KIKIKI MAMAMA. Steve Jablonsky (argh) OUT.

  50. JAason Watcher

    ” Does he shovel his hut’s driveway?”

    Hilarious!!!!!!!! LOL

  51. Snow or not i can’t wait to see the next entry into this beloved series :)

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