Friday the 13th sequel officially announced!

….Well, yeah but as of yet there is no greenlight, as some insiders say. It is very likely that Marcus Nispel will not return to direct the much talked about sequel. Also on thin ice is Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti, who are stars on hit tv shows (Supernatural and The Mentalist), and the reason being is that their schedules just might run in to some conflict with filming.

Unlike the sophomore efforts of other franchises, the new “Friday” is expected to be not a sequel so much as a follow-up, those familiar with the project say,” reports The Hollywood Reporter’s Risky Business Blog “Jason Voorhees will be the villain, of course, but the new picture is expected to use elements of the original franchise more as a jumping-off point than as a template.

The reason? The reboot drew from the first four pictures in the “Friday” series, and producers are said not to be keen on the plot elements of the half-dozen movies that followed. And Marcus Nispel, who directed the latest film, is a possible but unlikely candidate to helm the “Friday” follow-up; the director is believed to be fielding offers for movies across other genres.”

Another issue that will be addressed is that this potential sequel will have more of a Friday the 13th feel, rather than a Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel.

August 13, 2024 is being thrown around as the potential release date, no surprise there really.

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Hardcore fan of horror films. I show interest mainly in the slasher genre of horror. Among my favorites are Friday the 13th, of course! I also enjoy the Sleepaway Camp movies, Halloween, and many others

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  1. Thank god Marcus Nispel won’t be at the helm! Stay Away Marcus! We don’t need you! Oh and they finally figured out they are making a Friday the 13th franchise so they now need the Friday the 13th feel, uh? Bastards. I wonder why they didn’t think of it before, uh? Like. For. The. Reboot. .. Dumbasses.

  2. Always remember, Yootsi, there’s always two sides to a story, and not everything is told the way it should be. I’m sure there were different ways that they had originally wanted to do the film, but was more than likely rejected by New Line.

  3. I really did not get a Texas Chainsaw feel to the movie. But it will be nice to see a new director.

  4. very good news, after all these haters that said the movie flopped, i’m happy it’s such a great news!

  5. Yootsi, I couldn’t agree more.

  6. This is good news indeed, funny how Halloween 2 will be due soon and friday the 13th 2, this is a good time to understand and get into these classics as they are remking them, cant wait !

  7. Some people only care about how cool the fuckin’ hockey mask looks. They would’ve liked anything that was put out, as long as it made Jason look and act like a badass. They don’t care about atmosphere or realistic characters… And they get pissed if anybody says anything negative about the new movie.

  8. i agree it felt too much like a TCM…i’m glad to hear that opinion being recognized. can’t wait for the sequel!! finally some new fridays to add to the collection!!!

  9. To reiterate Yoosi…

    “Thank god Marcus Nispel won’t be at the helm! Stay Away Marcus! We don’t need you! Oh and they finally figured out they are making a Friday the 13th franchise so they now need the Friday the 13th feel, uh? Bastards. I wonder why they didn’t think of it before, uh? Like. For. The. Reboot. .. Dumbasses.”

    It says it perfect.

  10. And don’t drop the ball with the music score this time.

  11. Padalecki and Righetti should cameo in the opening scene and get killed off, like Alice did in Friday the 13th Part 2, to put an end to that story. It’s be a nice brutal way to start the sequel

  12. so it had a tinge of TCM and yes the score could have been a little more classic but there was still a “Friday” feel, if they followed the originals too closely it would have been a hack and if they strayed too far it would have felt odd, in contrast to the old movies this gives them a fresh start it dosnt ruin or take away from the old ones just like any remake if it sucks we have dvds to watch the ones we love and forget the ones that suck. as a life long fan this breathes new life and hopefully a new run to the series, im excited about 2 and glad to see a slasher with the old mentality is back blood,boobs,partying,and dying by a crazed hero/villian.

  13. Oh geez. . . Anyway glad to hear this is pretty much official. I’ll like anything as long as there is a cool hockey mask and Jason looks and acts badass.

    Critics: Why won’t you just die!!

  14. Very good news, always like seeing Jason on the big screen!

  15. thank god is right im so happy they are already talking about a sequel now hopefully we can at least get 1 every 1 or 2 years i think they should start directly where the last one left off and have jason kill whitey and clay

  16. Good news for all, hoping Derek will be on board again. I liked the score, and was never bothered by a “TCM feel”, but it’d be interesting to see a darker, more dramatic and serious Friday. Build some suspense, keep Jason serious and brutal. This one wasn’t bad though.

  17. Cool! It needs to be scarier and suspenseful… really toy with the audience before the kill (we all now everyone basically dies). I would like it if they do end up killing a character we “fall in love with”. you can always tell who the heroes are going to be. why not pull the rug out from underneath our feet and someone else emerges as the “hero”

    can’t wait

  18. 1) Make the music more orchestral and suspenseful. This may have been the worst horror movie score I’ve ever heard. I wish Shirley Walker (”Final Destination” films) was still alive because she would have been perfect for a new “Friday”. Or just bring back Manfredini and have someone supervise or update it.

    2) Make the characters REAL! I’m so sick of these stereotypes. Those kids didn’t even act like they knew each other. The group was split in half. Who hangs out with people they don’t know/like?

    3) Jason has to have more presense throughout the film. We don’t have to see him or show him walking around doing his trash, but instead we need to be weary that he could be anywhere. Split up the kills a bit more so it isn’t so predictable. In this new film, we knew exactly where Jason was in all but one scene (the boat scene). Sure, the tool shed was an obvious set up, so surprise us! We’ve seen the setups before and want to be surprised. Originally, it sounded like that’s what the filmmakers wanted to do: play with our expectations, but in the end, it was the same old story.

  19. bring more mythology!

  20. Fantastic!! The film was very good, but it was a bit too gentle on the murders to me, not hacking an arm off or slicing someone in half. The murders were more clean cut, nothing to go EEERRRHHHHGG about.

  21. Call me weird, but some of the new music featured in the reboot kind of reminded me of the music in A nightmare on Elm street.

    I will agree with you all about the score, it definitely needs to be oldschool, because that’s part of the mythology of Jason.

  22. “very good news, after all these haters that said the movie flopped, i’m happy it’s such a great news!”

    I don’t think anyone said it “flopped” in terms of box office revenue. It made $40-some million its opening weekend. I think people were saying that the movie just plain sucked. And why are people haters when giving an honest opinion about this or any movie? It sucked. It was stupid, predictable, un-scary and a complete let down. Why do people like it? Have our standards come down so low that if we see any hulking dude in a hockey mask we get excited? Face it, the movie was balls! We’ve seen this over and over again. They need to bring something fresh and new to these films. Find some writers that can actually write real characters, not charactures. Or, how about come up with an ORIGINAL idea for a horror movie and leave this remake shit alone?

  23. to Jason

    u are right, the movie sucked! It’s why we deserve a real and great F13 movie this time!!!

  24. We said that about the reboot and look what we got. I have to agree that staying true to the mythology and the mood of the original series is essential. An old school score can help with that big time. Maybe reuse Manfredini’s original, that’s my vote. And keep Jason in the shadows like he was in the first 4 films. He didn’t have a lot of screen time but like F13 FanAtic said, keep his presence known. I don’t think delving into a back story on Jason is a good thing but having real, likeable characters in the Crystal Lake setting, using the formula that made this series can breath new life in it for the real hardcore fans.

  25. It should open with police and ambulances all over the camp and the house. the police wanting to wrap it up not wanting to believe in the legend of jason put the blame on paldeckis character who has disapeared. wrap it up without a real investigation ordering the underground mine tunnels destroyed leaving jason in the woods recooperating from his injuries 6 months later everything has been quiet till some peeps show up to open up camp crystal lake HYNJINX INSUE

  26. I think its healthy for the franchise to be re-imagined from time to time, just to stir things up. I think everything from 1-5 should be taken as the gospel of Jason. While it really couldn’t happen, all of those movies are the most likely scenarios of what could really happen. I can buy that a crazed mom came back for revenge. I can dig that Jason really survived and lived in the woods. I can dig that he killed a bunch of counselors, only to be killed. I can even believe that someone would pretend to be Jason and stalk the guy who killed the man. Zombies, telepathy, NYC, soul spitting, jason in space, and the freddy thing…not so much.

    Let’s face the facts that Jason will find his way to the million man march and try to kill everyone and we’ll still watch him. They could get John Waters to direct one…same thing. Just give us Jason and don’t make him look like a sissy, and we’re always down for a sequel.

  27. People can say whatever they want about the Friday the 13th remake….it was still way better than that piece of shit called Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

  28. hey rb halloween was pretty good

  29. Thought they were going with the “This is not going to be a supernatural Jason” theme. Guess that will be going out the window if they make a part 2.

  30. I thought the movie had a Friday The 13th “feel” to it more than a Texas Chainsaw Massacre one. I didn’t feel that at all.

  31. I say paramount should by the rights to jason and friday the 13th 100%. keep new line out of it and make a real friday the 13th movie with horror, gore, and the original friday music.

  32. forget about friday sequel, i myself am looking forward to rob zombies Halloween sequel H2.

  33. Please for the love of god use the original score! (and this time maybe make it scary??!!!)

  34. I can’t wait to see what they do for a 2nd movie. I didn’t see no “Texas Chainsaw” feel to the new Friday, seemed more like a Friday movie to me. I think another film is worth looking into no matter who Jason goes after.

  35. Just my opinion, but whenever you have any horror film it tends to be dark and edgy. Usually has some isolated setting…That being said, every horror film has a TCM feel to it! I know the shot of the Monty look-a-like was a direct nod to TCM, but other than that, I think it had its own feel. At least as much as any horror film has it’s own feel. I think a lot of it is that since the same people were associated with this film, Most viewers were already pre-programmed to find similarities to TCM without realizing they were looking for them.

  36. Man, this past month has felt like Christmas morning!

  37. I wasn’t pre-programmed about anything, I just didn’t like the remake. It didn’t have that feeling of realism that the older ones had, the feeling that you’re there in person. And I didn’t think the characters felt like real people. It was too politically correct, with the black and asian characters. Most groups of friends in real life are usually all the same race, and I know that some liberal types might call me “racist” for saying that, but it’s the truth. People make friends with others they have alot in common with, that’s just reality. And most importantly, it didn’t have any kind of atmosphere. It just wasn’t scary. Remember the atmosphere part 3 had, in the chase scene with Chris, that was great. That is what I wanted for the remake.

  38. Amanda, I couldn’t have said it better my self. I totally agree. I was disappointed in the remake/reboot, what ever you wanna call it. It wasn’t the least bit scary and I couldn’t relate to the characters at all… But I have to disagree about one thing, I thought the chase scene in Part 2 was the best.

  39. Im Happy there making sequels Just PLEASE kep ROB Zombie away he alreadt raped one francise we dont need him to fuck up jason I cant beleve they asked him back for the new halloween The Man can not write at ALL oh and also please keep ELI ROth out of it to in fact keep him away from documentrys along with that fat slob Jeff Katz :) either way im happy jason is back and hopefully we will get quality sequels like the saw series

  40. I thought the cast sucked (besides Jason, he was awesome). Let me write and direct the movie! It needs to be dark like the first two films. It needs suspense, that is what a horror movie is all about! Instead of good looking models why don’t they hire an actor. And last, who was the production designer for this film? Do we really believe Jason had a bed with his name engraved on it, and if so, don’t you think Jason would have opted to get rid of that for at least a full size?

  41. All they need to do with this sequel is make the characters likeable(which means d-bags Mark Swift and Damien Shannon HAVE to go), because with the last few, it’s almost like they intentionally made the characters annoying, and you were glad to see them get wiped out. That’s what was great about the old 4, all of them had likeable characters that you felt sorry for.

    All you need to do to make Jason scary again is put genuine people in danger and you fear for their safety. It all boils down to that.

  42. This new one in 2024 would be the 13th Friday the 13th movie, so it’d be a milestone that was years in the making.

    Maybe they can do something a little different in the next one, maybe set it at Crystal Lake in the winter. Or instead of having Jason kill teenagers, have him go after land developers who go into his woods and start tearing down his trees. Jason Voorhees - the ultimate environmentalist.

  43. I agree with Jason Freak….New Line needs to back off a little with handling things. They screwed up enough Jason movies. Paramount was responsible for all the good ones.
    I’d like to to hear Manfredini music and see young Tommy Jarvis again. These are a must for the sequel.
    To all the haters of the new movie… made a couple points,but there are a lot of people who still liked the new movie. I’m one of them. Deal with it.

  44. ok, im gonna post this a few times, but ive created a version of the new movie with the origional henry manfredini score. it’s totally badass. im not even gonna post a link. as of right now, it can be found on demonoid if you search the proper criteria and as soon as i get my password from thepiratebay, you’ll be albe to get it there too. i’ll continue to post this because i want this to get to the friday fans and i want opinions and suggestions. i consider this a community project and together we can make this project truely special. btw, for some reason it’s a gig and a half big but at least the thing works, so im done fuckin with it lol. i’ll be seeding this bad boy as much as possible.

  45. So.. this means that they wont be blasting Jason out into space and making him look like Lord Zedd of the Power Rangers, right?

    This is a good thing.





    No, anything but that.

    Where is all the hate coming from? On opening night people here seemed to love the heck out of this. The poll was flooded with positive votes. I really, really liked this movie. I really didn’t have a problem with Nispel’s directing at all. Mears played a badass Jason, a portrayal that in my opinion is second only to Ted White’s. I really loved the look and feel of the movie and would love a direct sequel done in similar tone but with some ballsier kills.

  48. You pretty much gave us the answer Jason. A lot of the people that hated the movie like to say it was a fact that it was bad and then talk about how people that like it have low standards. If one side doesn’t respect the others’ opinion, why should they give a shit about theirs? Unfortunately its a problem on both sides of the argument a lot of the time.

  49. great news, cannot wait for this, hopefully the rumoured release date of August 13th 2024 is right :D

  50. i personally would like a retro feel to the next one.Bring in a Friday alum like Adrienne King or Lar Park Lincoln who expressed interest by the way in \

  51. i personally would like a retro feel to the next one.Bring in a Friday alum like Adrienne King or Lar Park Lincoln who expressed interest by the way in “His name was Jason’to do another Jason movie…so did Amy Steel….just an idea

  52. DON’T bring in any of the previous people to play in the sequel! Talk about corny, now THAT would be corny and terrible! Bring back Derek Mears as Jason! :-)

  53. YEEEEEE HAAAAA!!!I knew a sequel was a foregone conclusion.The Friday The 13th franchise is too much of a cash cow for New Line/Paramount and therefore we are more than likely to always have sequels in some form or another.I have always championed a winter setting in my blogs and know from other fans blogs i’m not the only one.So lets hope the writers take this on board and turn the virgin white snow red with gore.As for an undead/zombie Jason,we have only just “rebooted” the series and should exhaust all options and storylines concerning our new living Jason.I personally loved the undead/zombie Jason and would love to see Mr Mears tackling that aspect of Jasons persona(as long as he keeps him fast and nimble).However we could get another couple of sequels yet before Jason has to turn “zombie”.I’d love to see Shannon and Swift off the new project and some “new Blood” brought on board to make this landmark 13th entry truly frightening and scary again.With this being such a special entry Manfredini should be brought back to inject the audio creepiness that the series has been lacking for so long.A new take on Tommy Jarvis would be a nice “prize” for fans too.New Line have to be aware why we are so concerned with them ruining our beloved Jason and that is because they turned their own company mascot (Freddy) into a clown at a kids birthday party.WE DON’T WANT THEM DOING IT WITH JASON.The bottom line is Friday the 13th:Part 13 has to pull out all stops and deliver the movie that we the fans and PAYING public have deserved to see for so long.Who’s with Me?………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  54. very glad to see,personaly i think the movie could have been better and could have been a hell of a lot worse.i did notice very small things that reminded me of tcm.and while i am at it what exactly is wrong with the texas chainsaw massacre remake.i thought it was a hell of a lot better than the original wich i love and the texas chainsaw massacre:the beginning is the best of them all.dont care what anyone thinks.friday the 13th part2 should be awsome.the deffinitly need to go with a different writer and director.deffinitly need a better score.that is one thing that i can really complain about in the new movie…..i love this site and i love the fact that there is and are people like me who love this shit in as much as i do.fuckin a to all…kikiki mamama.

  55. the “TCM” wasn’t as bad as I thought. Of course Jason’s movement was similar to TCM REMAKE, but I think it works better for Jason. Though Nispul wasn’t the best-be careful guys-someone worse could always jump aboard. Nispul was ok-just should have given us a little more-but it’ll always be that way. As long as MEARS returns I think we will be okay either way-just hope Jason doesn’t automatically become ZOMBIE now after this relaunch. IF it was never intended to be in this new series then it should never be at all…

  56. Rob, I am all for bringing back Amy Steel, or Lar Park Lincoln (preferably Amy Steel), or bringing back Adrienne King. The down side to King is that she wouldn’t be able to come back as Alice. Not unless she actually survived the ice pick through the skull. I honestly though that she could have played Mrs. Voorhees in that cameo at the beginning of the newest movie. She’s getting to be age appropriate. I could see bringing back any surviors, the three I mentioned previously or bringing back the Tommy character. Ultimately, Jason will have to kill any of them though. Most people aren’t going to want to see Tommy win again…or Ginny…or…well, you know. That especially goes for the younger fans who probably don’t know who these people are. Trust me. I was in a theatre full of children who hadn’t seen a Paramount F13 movie. I am all for bringing them back though. If for nothing else a cameo.

  57. I wish people would stop complaining about marcus nispel’s directing… Sure it wasn’t the greatest but it could have been a helluvalot worse. Does the name Ronny Yu ring a bell. or Adam Marcus who had the brilliant idea to take Jason out of the damn movie only to bring him back to be pulled into hell. I think Marcus did a great job compared to those guys. But hopefully the sequel will be more of a Friday The 13th feel than this new one. Heres to hoping.

  58. As long as we don’t get a “Joel Schumaker Nipple Jumpsuit” for Jason-it’ll be okay…sorry I just had to throw that one to you guys…

  59. The way horror films were made in the 80’s and the way they are made today are totally different. You can’t make a 2024 film the same way you make a 1980s film, I mean you can use the same elements, but the subcultures are totally different.

    I mean the dialogue was perfect considering the film was set in the present day. If some of you have watched the film ‘Return to Sleepaway Camp’, you will notice how the film didn’t fit so well in a present day theme due to all of the 80’s elements and dialogue they tried to throw in there. Friday the 13th is up there with the likes of Halloween and A nightmare on Elm street. It’s all mainstream folks and they have more audiences to satisfy than just the old school horror fans.

    But like I have said many times, you’re either going to be happy or you’re going to be upset. Either way, if I were upset about how it turned out I would never say that it was a waste of time because it wasn’t for one bit.

  60. I agree Kane it wasn’t a waste of time. To me I feel like it was a waste of money. Before i get thrashed for saying that let me explain. I went in to see this movie with the anticipation of seeing a Friday the 13th movie in the style of the first 4 and was disappointed thats the only reason. I wish I had waited and read the reviews before going and paying the rediculously high prices of seeing a movie in the theater. So to me yeah it was a waste of money i mean 20 bucks to see a movie one time is crazy and to be hyped up for so long that it was going to be something great ( the trailers and clips were awesome) and not deliver with the actual movie is a big let down. I’m not saying the film was utter trash but it wasn’t what i was expecting and I talked to some of the people that was in the theater the same time I was and they couldn’t really find the words. I’ll admit some people said it was good some that loved it (kids that have never seen the old movies) and some that hated it… they said it was too predictable, unscary, stupid jokes, and so on. and I have to agree with most of the nay sayers . I really wanted to love this movie and enjoy it but I couldn’t. I wish I would’ve waited for the dvd instead of paying 40 bucks for me and my girl to see it that’s all.

  61. I see a complete double standard. What flawless grand masterpiece are we comparing this film to? Whenever people have a nostalgic pre-conception of a film before sitting down to watch it they will find themselves continously disappointed.

    This is a new film and people seem to really want more of the old shit in a new movie. We already have those stories, they’re there. If your gonna enjoy a new film make wave; your gonna see alot of new shit. Why would we need a 30 year old score in a movie set in 2024? It worked then, but hell it didn’t even work too well in JGTH or Jason X(out of place/time). Some things will be timeless yes like the KI Ki ki ma ma ma. I’m just saying there are somethings that are best not copied or repeatedly used for the purposes of originality.

    Like any movie in the series it had it’s share of weaknesses. Horrible I dunno, maybe it could of been better but which movie didn’t have room for improvement.

  62. well said Sinz86!!!

  63. I didn’t spent but probably $8 on a ticket, but I guess I could understand where you’re coming from. When it comes down to the hype, yes money does have alot to do with it, especially in times like these but again that’s just a risk all of us take when walking into a theatre.

    I did see some homages to the original first four films

    1.) Mrs. Voorhees getting decapitated (Original film). Jason bursts back out of the lake and grabs Whitney (reference to the final scene in the original film).

    2.) Jason, as a young boy, watching it all happen (referenced in part 2), The sack mask of course. Jason bursts through the window to grab one of his victims.

    3.) Jason kills a victim in a barn and then finds the hockey mask (Similarities with Shelly in part 3), also the films showdown happens in the barn with Jason getting hung by the neck is also a reference to the showdown of part 3.

    4.) A man comes to Crystal Lake looking for his missing sister (similaries with Rob, who also comes to Crystal lake, but only to avenge his sisters death, rather than search for her).

    Those were all memorable references, and yes there really could of been more, but like Sinz86 said, alot of the original stuff has already been established, so what’s the big deal with going with new shit ?

  64. Homages yes but I was talking about the feel of the movie like I was actually watching a Jason movie and it wasn’t there. Me and my girl spent the last 2 months watching all of the friday the 13th movies so she would know what to expect cause she’d never seen all of them so we watched them all. I was atleast hoping (from the trailer and all) that the movie would be similar to the feel of the original’s I’m not saying make the same movie over again just make it seem like or feel like it is a Jason film. As bad as some of the other movies are they still feel like a Jason movie. That’s all i was saying. Even my girl said that and she’s not even a devotee to the series as I am. You know like i said as far as a movie goes it was okay but as far as Friday the 13th goes it wasn’t good. But to each their own. I’m just glad to see that after 30+ years Friday the 13th is still being made and talked about. Thats really all that matters Jason Lives!!!!

  65. See those are all things that are good nods towards to the 80’s movies but apparently if you enjoyed this new film you just don’t know or have an appreciation for the older films. BAH!

  66. Expecting the same thing will only leave you disappointed. To me, it felt like Friday the 13th film, but only spiced with the modern day touch of horror films.

    The real reason why most horror fans dislike remakes/reboots is simply because they know it’s not going to be ‘exactly’ the same, there’s going to be newer things about it. Many legends have been retold for years. How many times has the story of Robin Hood been retold ? Some reboots prove to better their original counterparts (take the the 1982 reboot of Scarface for example).

  67. they should get one of the writers that did 1 2 3 or 4 to write the next 1

  68. @Kane, Who would of thought Scarface as different as he is compared to the original would become so popular? Shit he isn’t even an Italian American he’s a Cuban straight off the boat. Your absolutely right though, so many stories have been retold throughout history. So hearing “I’m sick of these stupid remakes” leaves me perplexed.

    Many people even some fans consider Jason as nothing more than a retarded person who kills. I guess the original films leave that up to who is interpreting it. Jason definately has psychotic issues but I didn’t think of him as retarded.

    I enjoyed watching this and seeing Jason’s intellect and attention to details being displayed a tad more. It’s good to know he has motives, sit down for this one. . . maybe even weaknesses.

  69. I can not wait to see part 2. The reboot is my favorite movie of all time. It had everything. They really need to wait on the Nightmare on Elm Street remake/reboot because enough time hasn’t passed. Every GREAT remake/reboot came out 29 years after the original. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974-2003, Halloween 1978-2007, Friday the 13th 1980-2009. It’s to soon for Freddy. They should focus on another Friday and have it ready for 2024. The original 3 all came out in 3 years. Friday the 13th (1980), Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981), and Friday the 13th Part 3D (1982). Theres nothing wrong with that, it worked then and it works now. Theres a new Saw movie every year and i can’t wait for saw 6 this year. I’m going to see Friday the 13th for the 2nd time on Friday March 13th. The only thing i ask is for them NOT to mame Jason like they did to Leatherface. I mean to be an effective chainsaw weilding mainiac you really need 2 arms. Am i right or am i right? The day Jason Voorhees gets his leg chopped off or put through a woodchipper or some other dumb shit like that i’ll be FUCKING PISSED!! Drerk Mears is a Must!!

  70. I agree, they totally fucked poor Leatherface all up when they wrote into the script that he would be getting his chainsaw arm cut off…

    But Jason’s deal is little different. If anything that whole woodchipper incident was nothing more than a flesh wound.

  71. wat is this kane, monty python? just kidding,you know with the whole black knight “its only a flesh wound” lol

  72. In response to KANE….

    Like i said i loved the remake and it’s my favorite movie. I have no complaints. I just hope in Part 2 they don’t mame him like Thomas Hewitt, that poor sweet boy. I mean i’d like to see another TCM, but how? You know?

  73. Alright, I kinda expected this. I wish the film makers all of the best, as this IS my favorite of the major Slasher series, after all …

  74. Great movie! but just like I’ve mentioned in other blogs, they seriously need to write a brutal, intense, gory, scary, emotion-filled sequel. And don’t forget the camp counselors.

  75. Hey there tOM gOTTI.I too enjoyed the new movie just not as much as some earlier entries.What i will say is this,if you are familiar with the series and a total fanboy like myself then go and watch this new movie pretending you know nothing on the history Friday The 13th and just take it for what it is.I think it\’s a solid,decent and modern entry to the series with just a few tiny flaws.It could have been a helluva lot worse (Rob Zombie\’s Halloween anyone).They just have to create a better atmosphere that still keeps with tradition for the sequel.Lets face it good or bad we will always go to see a new Friday The 13th movie.

  76. C hristian, I disagree with you on Clay and Whitney. They need to survive to try and warn others.

  77. I do have to agree the remake was way better than the piece of shit rob zombie made, but it wasn’t perfect. I am happy they didn’t go the hollywood route and make some gay MTV soundtrack for the movie consisting of lil wayne and fallout boy or some shit but it needed more music. Maybe a harry Manfredini score or some chchchch ahahaha. But other than that it was pretty good. Also, if a sequel is in line, they have the perfect setup for the awesome part7 rotting jason due to the fact he was dumped in the lake at the end. If they allow Rob Zombie to make a sequel and his movie sucked, they better make a sequel to this decent movie and maybe read this feedback and only make it better!

  78. Oh yeah, from my earlier statement about bringing back old characters, as long as we don’t bring back Chris from the 3rd movie! I just 3 again last yesterday…I forget how much I pray for the movie to change and have her get killed and leave Ali alive at the end…

  79. Really good news! I am happy about the fact that they might now create their own portion of the mythology. Remaking and rebooting elements of the first four films worked very successfully, and the film is awesome, but it will be good for them to take what they have now made and build on it for themselves. And like some others here, I would be delighted with a *new* new F13 film too. :D

  80. This was to be expected after the box office numbers came in (but the movie has dropped out of the top ten after only two weeks…not great).

    New director - frakin’ great news!

    Now please replace the people who wrote it and the person who scored it. The score for the new one, for the most part, really really sucked. Where was the suspenceful scoring of Harry Manfredini? This was just loud over produced blandness.

    It would be nice to get rid of those damn tunnels…my boy Jason never needed tunnels to get around. And to keep mementos from victims…isn’t that a TCM kind of thing?

    And to have one of the tunnels run up into an over turned school bus…ridiculous.

    This new F13 was not the worst but nowhere near the top of my favourite Friays. New Line just never did them like Paramount.

    I’m plugging in the originals to get my Friday the 13th fix.

    Ki, Ki, Ki, Ma, Ma, Ma…

  81. As long as Damian Shannon and Mark Swift have nothing to do with the making of this. STOP THEM FROM WRITING THIS!! Freddy vs. Jason was shit, the characters made it so. And the same problem with the new one, the characters were shit. Damian Shannon and Mark Swift cannot write. Watching the old movies I didn’t want people to die. In the ones these dicks wrote I wanted everyone to die including myself. FUCK! Don’t let Damian Shannon and Mark Swift write this one, ANYONE WITH ANY AUTHORITY HERE READING ANY OF THIS, HEAR MY PLEA. STOP THEM NOW!!! Victor Miller is still alive, why not? Everyone wake up and look at what I am saying. Why did the last 2 movies not even compare to the older ones??? Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. Jesus Christ!! Stop them!

  82. I didn’t have a problem with this new one, I really liked it. The only things that I didn\’t like was, the original score was gone, it could have had atleast that, or some kind of orchestral score that has that Friday the 13th feel like parts 1-7 had. Hell, even JGTH had a little feel towards it. 1-7 were the best though. And the other, it should have had more of the Ki, Ki, Ki, Ma, Ma, Ma throughout the movie. Other than that, I thought they did a good job. Atleast they didn\’t make a joke out of the movie, like they did with Jason X and Freddy vs Jason. Jason X could have been much more, had they left out all of the nonesense comedy jokes out of it. I want no nonesense horror, not comedy. That is what I liked about the remake of Friday the 13th, was that it was so close to the old style. It was Jason back in his environment, it was Jason back to his old style kills, instead of the fake looking shit that was in Freddy vs Jason, it was new, more realistic feel to it, and the best part of all, Jason was back in his original form. He ran, was close to being human, zombie Jason was great, but I always loved Jason running after his victims the best, and it showed Jason actually has a brain and can think and plan, before taking action. It was fantastic, as far as remakes goes. If it would have been part 12 or whatever towards the originals, then I would think other wise, but this one being a restart of the movies, I think they did a great job, especially being made for the modern time era.

    (for the record, fuck this boards and all other boards, so called protection code pass. I hate them damn things.)

  83. BTW, sorry about the little cussing part at the bottom of my message, but them things make me mad, especially when they don’t work and you have to retype everything, lol.

  84. It’s inevitable that there will fans that find their rightful place of the fence with this reboot. Whether the kills were too soft for Jason’s standards, or who directed the film. Which SPXteam stepped in, etc… The fact is that this is 2024. What do people (including myself) really want out of a “Friday” movie? In nearly 30 (which pisses me off w/ the whole “His name was Jason: 30 years of F13″ since it’s not really 30 years until 05/09/10) We have seen Our anti-hero go from a local campground (that gets re-opened every 5 years without REAL questioning?) It only worked well for part 2. Then we see him get hacked to shit from Corey Feldman, return from the grave, Visit NYC, Go to Hell, Visit space, and even “fight” another Icon-Shameless plug for NEW LINE!…All for what? For US people! Nevermind the elements inwhich was stated above. It doesn’t matter what Jason Voorhees does, where he goes, who he kills and how. We all accept him regardless…don’t say you don’t b/c you wouldn’t be here to bitch about the franchise. Granted, there are things we are ALWAYS going to want. Sadly, not everything will be given to please everyone. I have grown with the series and I am now 24. I realize the saga is as big to US as “Star-Wars”(<- just an example) is for fans of that. We have Jason for one reason. To “escape”…Things we wish we could do @ times. Have the strength and immortality that HE possesses. Hell, even put the faces of our greatest enemies on the victims. Why is there an explosion of hatred towards ths relaunch all of a sudden? I don’t think I found ONE negative remark prior to release…You can all think or believe I’m just wasting my time here writing this…I’m just standing up for FRIDAY THE 13TH…in ANY scenario…(even NYC)Haven’t you realized that there are millions of fans worldwide? If you don’t like it, fine, I respect that it’s okay not to like something for your own personal reasons…but let it be. We got the movie. We ALL obviously have seen it. We are going to ALL see part 2 no matter what. Just embrace we still have something to hold onto guys. Look at thi pathetic shit the next generation of kids have been growing into! They don’t understand nor realize what a good sub-genre slasher like this is to appreciate it. In the end, JASON F*****G VOORHEES is going to be there for us…and we ALL are going to certainly be there for him!

  85. uh yeah…i know some here are like you, but i personally don’t want to be jason or root for him or want to see people die. you’re a borderline-psychopath if you do in my opinion. these movies are classified as horror, not action/adventure. they are intended to give a different kind of adrenaline. he kills good people and bad people without discrimination because his vengeance is supposed to be seen as horror.

    and to anyone who says “yeah but sean cunningham says blah blah blah nerd revenge”…yeah, sean cunningham is a wackjob. he made one good entry. then he made the piece of shit called ‘jason goes to hell.’ he’s had no involvement in the recent entries other than his name on the credits.

  86. and one more point about that post, the reputation of friday the 13th fans for complaining about every entry is THE REASON we got a movie this good. the minute we stop complaining, we’ll get more shit like ‘jason goes to hell’ because the filmmakers that get all the breaks don’t know dick about the slasher genre.

    KEEP COMPLAINING FANS!!! ALWAYS SET THE BAR HIGHER! some of the makers of these movies do read these blogs, and any one of us has a shot at our opinion being heard.

  87. tommyblah

    Hahaha…I do, at times, think I can be border-line loL! (I couldn’t do it w/out a good reason though…I’m just glad to see you appreciate the new movie-it was great! (sure negative comments and such will always give whatever ppl/politicians bash a free ride for publicity-it’s a known fact…I was just trying to get my feelings out and point across that JASON is JASON! ’nuff said…He’s a great character to stand by and see what hopefully will continue to happen for the next 29 years…That is until, of course, they may ever think of having Jason talk…ot worse(Drive that convertible they talked of in an early script of FVJ) Now that would be something to rise against man!

  88. I agree…btw, that Sean S. Cunningham is an odd fellow-but he is highly respected. His idea of “Friday The 13″ was brilliant-instead of a family-oriented soccer movie. …Though I am glad it begame a stale series with one idea that followed then a series of bad events with no real connection other than the title he mentioned back on the box-set. Besides, he only thought the idea up-Victor Miller should get more recognition for visualizing the character concepts here.

  89. Please stop Damian Shannon and Mark Swift from writing this.

  90. This may be a little off topic, but has anyone else here experienced attraction to Jason? I’m a hetero male, but I have fantasized about Jason. He is so powerful.

  91. I hope the sequel were better!

  92. ummm. please don\’t anyone confuse tommy with tommyblah.

  93. I too have thought about it. If I was gay Jason would be the man. I am not….but if i was he would be it.

  94. Hmm. . . alright well who’s looking forward to baseball season?

  95. I just got my hands on the british version of friday part 3. I read here in one coloum that i shouldn’t because of the 3D aspect, but bought it because of the extras. Which are not on the American version. Anyway, i never saw the original trailer for this movie untill now. And it’s a little bit like the remake trailer. They ust the same count up to 13 tricks :) Pretty cool too see actually :)

  96. wow, so you’re both heterosexual guys and you think about boning jason? i couldn’t stop thinking about boning amanda righetti long enough for a thought like that to cross my mind…i guess that makes me super-gay.

  97. I think it’s the anonymity thing, like who is this huge, muscular man making love to me? Why does he have a mask on. It would be hot.

  98. Don’t hide it, Tommy. You’re attracted to his tools aren’t you?!

  99. …Why is machette is rather big here for some it looks like huh? lol

  100. You know why are people bashing Rob Zombies Halloween remake? That movie is a shitload better than this shit we got for Friday the 13th… One thing that makes Zombie’s movie better is the music!!!! the original Halloween theme is there. The movie is set in the same time frame as the original. It has a fucking story to it… It shows you how Michael Myers became the killer he is known to be. I don’t understand why people bitch about that movie and say that he fucked up on that, but then you have those same people praising the Friday movie. I don’t get it.. I’m a Friday the 13th fan! I love Friday the 13th movies they are my favorite horror franchise but come on people as far as an entertaining story and movie goes the new one just didn’t have it. Why are people soo against seeing what makes Jason kill? Why can’t they go back and show his childhood why is he so pissed at everyone? Sorry off topic I know but just wanted to ask.

  101. I think the coolest part about having the relationship with Jason would be the “Will he kill me now?” And if not does he love me?

  102. On the question of why I wouldn’t be interested in a Jason history story, I can only give my personal answer: I find character development happening in the *here and now* far more interesting, dynamic, and original than a comprehensive dump of background information. While we know all we *need* to know about his history to understand the plot, the Jason we have now leaves a lot of room for speculation as to his thoughts and motives (as the many different interpretations of him by the various writers show). Not only does this make him deeper, it makes him scarier, having this slow buildup of hints without any definitive answer on what exactly he is, what exactly he’s capable of, and how much of what he does stems from conscious malice.

    Also, I believe one of the real strengths of the Friday the 13th films is their incredibly short time-frames; that the characters are confronted and picked off so quickly, they don’t have time to think about how to react to it (often, by the time they realize anything is wrong at all, it’s too late). Things like the small gap between the opening sequence of part 2 and the rest of the film or Chris’s short flashback don’t bother me too much, but anything more comprehensive would cut down on that adrenaline-pumping sense of immediate danger I love so much.

    But then, Chris Higgins is also my favorite Final Girl, so my opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Paramount or its affiliates. (j/k)

  103. THEDEADMAN13,

    Yes, I do agree with you, as far as the Halloween movie goes, I did enjoy it, and Michael is actually a badass now, instead of a small looking wuss killing everything in his path. Loved the music score and everything, but it was set in modern times, just like the Friday remake. People had cell phones, and cell phones wasn’t in the original movie, or in any of them till H2O I believe.

    I think its a given on what makes Jason kill. He watched his mom get her head cut off. I believe that would make me go on a murder rampage, until I found the fucker that did it. As far as him killing everybody that steps foot in Crystal Lake, maybe he thinks of Crystal Lake has his home. Hell, when everybody thought Jason was dead (I guess in the movies that since they couldn’t find his body, they presumed he was drowned), and eventually forgot about the whole cituation, and Jason was forced to live off of the land, starting at an early age. He sees everybody as tresspassers, and will kill anybody that enters his domain.



  105. I know it’s crazy. I’m not saying I’m into Jason the way most hetero guys would make love to John Stamos if they had to pick one, because the guy is pretty. So, it’s not like I’m attracted to Jason in that way, like a drinking game way, like, “Who would you eff if you had to choose?” Not like that at all. And I’m hetero, seriously, cool-ass smoking hot girlfriend.

    It’s more like this, you ever been watching some crazy sex thing on the net that is way, way out of your comfort zone of stuff you’d actually do, but then you got hot and committed self-love to the vid? Well, that’s my deal with Jason. Answer me this, does Jason urinate and defecate? Does he masturbate? I was thinking about these issues when all of a sudden the idea of him “taking” me from behind became hot. Like, the guy is human, yes? Does he get erections?

    Well, hell, I do. And lately, he has been giving me a bunch. So, I don’t think it’s so weird at all, just a kinky thing.

  106. This Tommy guy is weird……but right. I too can agree in some strange way. Jason is the kind of guy that makes sense. Tommy do you agree?

  107. I’m not sure in which way you mean he makes sense. But, I agree that there is some sexual gratification to be mined from Jason, for sure. It takes an open mind of course. And I don’t really have an open mind, that’s the crazy part. I like chicks, end of story… not dudes, not killer, not zombies. But, the bag, the mask… c’mon. That’s hot. Even the rape element. I mean, it’s not about loving the guy, like building a life together. That’s not part of the fantasy.

  108. Yep I hear that T.O. got a deal with the Bills, I sure do hope he doesn’t cause any trouble over there. What do you guys think? Yep good ol’ football.

  109. I can’t believe what I’m reading, before you guys cry and moan about how the new “friday” was so boring and predictable go back and watch parts 7,8,9, and 10. This is the best “friday” movie they’ve came out with in a long time and I’m perfectly happy with it.

  110. It was a remake of the first four, or that’s what the film makers said. So it should’ve been more like those movies, instead of parts 7,8,9 and 10. Personally, I think parts 8,9 and 10 suck. I don’t think it was to much to ask that the remake be more like the originals. The sequel to the remake could have been like the newer sequels, then all of the fans could’ve been happy. It’s funny how some people get pissed when anyone says that the remake sucked. Hell, I doubt there’s any two people on here that agree about all of the sequels. Why should this movie be any different? People that like the remake shouldn’t take it so personal when others say negative things about it.

  111. There are things i liked and disliked about the new movie but iv come to appreciate it as a whole. Having seen it over 5 times now there are little things i catch each time that i have may missed the time before. But the things i liked and disliked are contrary to opinion and i respect that we all have our own. The truth is the more i see it, the more i like it. Im sure well all cold write our own version of what should have been…I\’m looking forward to the sequal. -Lee-

  112. i hope the sequel turns out alot better than the remake did.

  113. So do I.

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