Friday The 13th Email Accounts

Now that the email system is working 100% again I thought I’d take some time to speak about it. For years now this site has offered a free email box - you can easily sign up and login via the main page of the website. It’s no replacement for the awesomeness of Gmail, but it’s better than both Hotmail & Yahoo, in my experience. Plus you get the stamp of asskickery that comes with a F13th domain name.

To existing users: I noticed by default you’ve had this suckball design foisted upon you:

But click to “Switch To Classic” up top and you can permanently garbage that for the proper scheme:

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2 Responses to “ Friday The 13th Email Accounts ”

  1. I didn’t have that problem.

  2. Whoa, I love this new scheme and live chat chat room.

    Long live this new site. :D This more then makes up for the old message board being gone, now.

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