His Name Was Jason Early DVD Info

Just in from Fango:

Anchor Bay Entertainment gave Fango the word that it will release the documentary HIS NAME WAS JASON: 30 YEARS OF FRIDAY THE 13TH on DVD February 3, 2024. The exhaustive saga of Voorhees cinema will then have its broadcast premiere on Starz Friday, Feb. 13.

Directed by Dan Farrands (screenwriter of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR and HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS) and produced by Anthony (HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR) Masi and Thommy Hutson, HIS NAME WAS JASON is hosted by Tom Savini (pictured, who created the trendsetting gore FX of the 1980 original FRIDAY and returned to the series for 1984’s THE FINAL CHAPTER. The docu showcases interviews with dozens of contributors to the FRIDAY saga, including actors Betsy Palmer (the original), Adrienne King (the first and second films), Larry Zerner (PART III), Bonnie Hellman, Judie Aronson, Lawrence Monoson and Camilla More (THE FINAL CHAPTER), Shavar Ross and Debbisue Voorhees (PART V), Darcy DeMoss and Vincent Gustaferro (PART VI), Lar Park Lincoln, Elizabeth Kaitan and Diana Barrows (PART VII), Peter Mark Richman and Jensen Daggett (PART VIII), Lisa Ryder (JASON X), Seth Green and Travis Van Winkle (the upcoming remake)—not to mention Jason performers Ari Lehman (original), Warrington Gillette (PART 2), Richard Brooker (PART III), Ted White (FINAL CHAPTER), C.J. Graham (PART VI), and Kane Hodder (Part VII through JASON X).

Also going before the HIS NAME IS JASON cameras are original director Sean S. Cunningham and scripter Victor Miller, directors Joseph Zito (THE FINAL CHAPTER), Danny Steinmann (PART V), Tom McLoughlin (PART VI), John Carl Buechler (PART VII, also FX creator) and Marcus Nispel (FRIDAY 2024), plus JASON GOES TO HELL FX artist Greg Nicotero and franchise composer Harry Manfredini. There are also testimonials on the series by everyone from filmmakers Joe (WRONG TURN 2) Lynch and Adam (HATCHET) Green to Fango’s own Tony Timpone. In addition to the 90-minute documentary, the DVD is slated to include over four hours of bonus features, including additional interview material, behind-the-scenes footage and more. A retail price has not been announced—but this one’ll be a must-have at any cost for Jason fans.

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9 Responses to “ His Name Was Jason Early DVD Info ”

  1. This DVD just sounds better and better! Can’t wait for this as well as the new Paramount DVDs and the new movie all in the same month!

  2. Where’s Steve Miner (Friday part 2 and 3 director)?? I thought he was good friend with Sean S. Cunningham. I am surprised he’s not part of the interviewees. They’ve got Danny Steinmann (part V) for god’s sake why is an important Friday the 13th guy like Miner not part of this package? I’m sure he would’ve had many interesting stories to tell.

  3. This Sounds Awesome

  4. Gee, I was hoping that Dana Kimmell would be part of this special “Friday The 13th” dvd.
    I met Dana at a horror convention, and she stated that she enjoyed starring in the 3rd part of the series, and is touched that so many of her fans enjoy her character.
    She stated that she was contacted by Paramount Pictures about doing an interview for the new release of part 3.

  5. Can’t wait for this!!! Finally a comprehensive look at the series we all love! Steve Miner seems to be distancing himself from this series, but hey, these movies are a part of film history, good or bad. I’m a true fan, loving all of the films,…I’ll even accept part 5! LOL But this new Documentary should be kick-ass!

  6. Can’t wait to see this DVD! February can’t come any faster for me to get this awesome DVD! Halloween 25 was amazing and I’m sure this one will be as well!


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