Friday the 13th Part 3 Alumn’s Films, Past and Future

A few weeks ago we brought you information on Paul Kratka’s (Rick, Friday the 13th Part 3) latest film, Mr Mullen. Previous to that film there was another film that Paul acted in called Loss of Hope.

Loss of Hope is about one man’s journey to despair after a Nuclear bomb is detonated on U.S. soil. Check out the film below and leave your coments on what you think of the film.

Loss of Hope: A Scott Goldberg Film from AmCitzMvmt on Vimeo.

Also, Paul’s newest film with director Scott Goldberg is called The Militia 15. The film is currently in production, however, a trailer can be found below. Support these Paul Kratka films as he is really working hard along with Scott Goldberg Films to create a new and revived acting career!

The Militia 15 is a political horror film that is currently being filmed about a local militia whom are sick and tired of government corruption and control. Chris Romero, a documentary filmmaker forms the militia in hopes to make a change by counteracting the lies of the mainstream media with alternative videos of truth and proper facts. The film was inspired by the constant misinformation of the mainstream news, as well as local militia movements that are willing to protect their families in the event of Martial Law.

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7 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Part 3 Alumn’s Films, Past and Future ”

  1. I think it is awesome that Paul is working so hard getting back into acting. Good luck, my friend!

  2. I’ll second that but I’ll add that I think its great that he is doing indie stuff. So many people get into acting with the big studio pictures in mind and snub their noses at indie films when really, there is a whole world of indie film making that has tremendous talents and visions. As an actor in indie films, I salute Mr. Kratka’s return and support of local and independent film making.

  3. Looks interesting, WTG Paul.

  4. Thanks everybody for all of your encouragement and support!!!

    As I’ve always said – F13 fans are the BEST!


  5. Thanks for stopping by again, Paul. Good luck with Militia 15!

  6. Great to see you still acting, Paul. How does that affect your job as a doctor if I may ask? I hope some of your patients never ask you about your eye when you did F13th part 3. ;)

  7. i am so glad to see you back acting again paul and friday 3 is my favorite jason film and you were the best male lead in the first four films!

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