Jason Voorhees Sez “Say Hello!”

Okay my brothers (and sisters). The reboot is out. The fair weather fans have crawled onto the next franchise to worship (likely Rob Zombie’s H2). But I know there are still many of you hardcore Jasonites out there that are lurkers or shy. Why not say a simple “hello” or “hi” below so we can welcome you to the fold?

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68 Responses to “ Jason Voorhees Sez “Say Hello!” ”

  1. Hey,
    I don’t usually comment on blogs or boards, but I am a life long F13 fan. So I figured I’d say howdy.

    So… Howdy!

  2. Hi all the way from Scotland.

  3. Whats up ?

    Hello from Pennsylvania!!

    The remake is my favorite movie of all time!!

  4. Hi jvilmur, Baz and Tom…

  5. although I am looking forward to the rob zombie sequal to Halloween… I would’nt leave my roots as a fan. I have always and will always be a friday nerd and be proud of it!

    hi everybody!

    hi dr. nick

  6. HELLO!!!! From a REALY snow town in Warren State Forest New Jersey!!

  7. Hi from Ohio!

  8. hey ill come here every day 4 the rest of time lol

  9. hello from south london

  10. While I am not a “fair weather” fan, I am very much looking forward to the Zombie H2 flick!

    So this is a HOWDY DO from Ocala, FL. Although I am originally from a little town in NJ called Hopatcong…about a 20 min drive from Blairstown NJ, home of Camp No-Be-Bos-Co!

    So HOWDY DO from there too!

  11. Hey all,

    I’m not as frequent as some people on here but I tend to leave a comment most of the time.

    Live in england, UK and have been to see the remake 3 times.

    Have always been a fan of Jason but it wasnt until I was about 16 that i started to buy the movies and really become a fan of the series. Jason is my favourite horror character of all-time.

    - Bob

  12. Hello from South Florida. My favorite movies in the series are parts 1-4, Part 6, and the Remake. I love all of the Friday the 13th movies so much.

  13. Halloween and michael myers sucks ass! :-) Long live Jason! :-)

  14. Hello all from Michigan, metro Detroit to be exact. I am a longtime Friday fan, and my faves are 1-4 as well, plus Jason Lives and the remake which I have seen 3 times. I am not a fairweather fan, I am looking forward to the sequel to Rob Zombies Halloween. Although I love horror movies, my favorite is the Friday series.

  15. Hello to all you Friday fans out there!

  16. One doesn’t have to be a fairweather fan to like Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, or be excited for H2. I’m as loyal an F13 fan as you’ll ever meet. period, but I’m also looking forward to the next Michael Myers film. I think maybe what you meant to say is that fairweather fans have gotten discouraged by the declining box office and moved on, rather than continuing to be overjoyed that F13 is a big hit and already has the studio developing a sequel.

  17. Hello all straight from the home of Horrorfest 2024…Lexington,Kentucky! Long live Jason!

  18. Guten Morgen from me.

  19. From New England here. Been a fan since I was a wee lad back in the very early 80s. Cable brought me the wonders of horror. And no matter the movie, just glad to see Jason back on the big screen.

  20. Hello! I’ve been a Friday fan since I was a wee lad of 13 years old. (No joke, I was 13 when I started getting into Jason) I remember my first Jason costume. A pair of over-alls and a cheap hockey mask with unaccurate holes.

    I have since upgraded of course. so, hello everyone at Fridaythe13thfilms! This is the best website for F13!

  21. Hello all from Denver, not too many horror fans out here, I believe i know Dust from SCF.com, nice to see you again, along with everyone else here. :)

  22. sorry my mistake, i meant DusK not dust, sorry :-)

  23. Hello from Toronto.

  24. ROB,

    I lived in Hopatcong on SHarp AVE (Nuclear waste). a while back. I have gone to NoBEBoScO ALL the time growing up over the years… I’m in OH. now (up and down with it)… Oh yeah, HELL-O all!

  25. friday the 13th foreverrrrr!!!!!!!!!

    My name is colin and i got hooked on the series when i was 5yrs old and i saw my dads bootlegged copy of “the new blood”, ever since i’ve purchased every jason toy, shirt and mask and will love the character until i die. I’m a film student and hopefully one day make a friday film for the fans… JASON LIVEESSSSSSSSSS FUCK ALL THE REST(but i do like michael alot to but jason pwns)

  26. St. Louis says what’s up!

  27. Hello from Ontario

    horror for life

  28. OH-IO HI!

  29. Hi to all Jason fans around the world from Germany, JASON kicks ass !!!

  30. Hello from Chico CA, been a fan for a long time. I got to meet a couple of Friday the 13th actors Sat. at the SF Wonder Con. A couple of the Jason’s couldn’t make it, but at least C.J.Graham was there. So was Stu Charno from F13 part 2. (“Welcome to god country”)

  31. HI to all the Jason fans here!!! Love fom the UK!!!
    LOVE JASON!!!!!!! HE ROCKS!!!!!!

  32. Hello from Cleveland. Don’t have too many Jason fans that i know of in Cleveland. I would love to meet more. So Hello to all Jason Voorhees fans

  33. Hooooooowdy Hooooooooooo!

  34. Hello from Sweden. Jason rules even here in Europe. :-)

  35. Hey, my real name is Chris. I hail from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. (close to Toronto). Jason Rocks up here in the Great White North!!!

  36. Hello From The Netherlands

    There is only one king of slashers JASON VOORHEES

  37. yo Jason is the shizz

  38. Hi from Winnipeg Canada.
    Lurking on here since back in the day. Good time to say hi.

    Jason Lives!

  39. Hey everyone! Working on something new right now. Should have something up soon ;)

  40. Hello from Athens, GA

  41. Long time lurker, multiple art and custom contributor to the old F13films site from Labrador, Canada right here. I have been a long time fan of the franchise, pretty much from the beginning. Not a fan of the remake though, Jason doing the Ben Johnson-esque run through the woods doesn’t do it for me, neither does the “turn the lights ON” – Jason. Hopefully the “sequel” will be a well written and well directed installment.

  42. Greetings From California, To my brothers and sisters who Love Friday the 13th and Our Daddy JASON VOORHEES,” Long Lived The King O Horror”

  43. Jason will always be #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Long time fan since I was about six years old,when I saw Friday Part 6,Loved it and every other film before and after.It and other great movies made me want to be in special effects makeup and design,which i will be doing at Vancouver Film School in this upcoming year.Long live Jason! I would kill to work on one of these great films

  45. Hello! I’ve been a fan since I was 14, but I know A LOT about Jason Voorhees, and at that, I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to the Friday franchise. Freddy vs. Jason was my favourite. I liked it for the way Kirzinger could express emotions other than ‘anger’ through his eyes. :P

  46. Long Live the King of slashers!! Jason

    Hi from Pennslyvannia

  47. Hello from Québec, Canada !!

  48. I think I’ve commented a couple times. I love Halloween, NOES, but Jason will always be my first love. <3

  49. Hello! :D Still lurking about! ^_^

  50. Hello All.. I have been lurking and posting here for many years. Miss the forum style but this blog format has been working for the most part.

    So hi again everyone!

  51. Hey All,
    John from Philly. I love Jason Voorhees as well. Michael Myers to me with always be my first and foremost favorite. I’m talking about the original. I didn’t really care for Rob’s idea too much. I am looking forward to the 2nd one if for nothing else to have a new horror movie to see. I’ll look forward to the Friday the 13th sequel as well but I hope it’s a lot better than this last one. It was good but I was mostly disappointed. I’m a long time Jason fan. I am not looking forward to the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. This is slowly becoming “What franchise can we ruin next?” sort of thing. Let’s not forget Hellraiser remake on the way too.
    Anyway. Take care guys.

  52. I’m a long time fan (since I was twelve!), and Friday the 13th is easily my favorite horror franchise. I’m so happy to hear there’s another one on the way!

  53. Greeting from Utica, MI!

    Jason Voorhees fanatic since age 4!!! Will always be by far my favorite horror (or any other movie for that matter) movie(s) period!

    I also do really love the Halloween series & am looking forward to H2.

    1. Jason Voorhees
    2. Michael Myers

  54. Hello all from Philly, PA. Loved the remake, Jason is a horror icon, and hes still kicking. But in my opinion, I feel the next should be the last movie. So the Friday the 13th legacy can end with 13 films (counting FVJ).

  55. Hello, been a fan of the Friday the 13th movies for a very long time. Die hard fan. Long live Jason Voorhees.

  56. Hello from Hiawassee, GA.

    I’ve been a fan of these films for a long time. I saw Jason Lives first, then I just had to see the rest. I enjoyed the reboot so much i saw it for a second time! Go Jason!

  57. I know I’ve appeared around here a couple times, but I wanted to say hi anyway! *waves*

  58. Hello dudes

  59. ….oh but he’s back, he’s the man behind the mask…

    that is all i have to say!!!!!! :D

  60. …oh but he’s back, he’s the man behind the mask…

    that is all i have to say!!! :D

  61. Hello from Illinois!

  62. Virginia Beach, VA here. I never post, but i come here daily to read what all of you write. I can’t help it, i like to see everyone’s reactions to things. I love this site and what everyone thinks of the beast himself…Jason Voorhees. But i am disapointed in the remake.

  63. Hello from kent in the uk :)

    Been a fan for years of both friday the 13th and halloween :)

  64. I was on the old forum back in the days, but not very much. Love the new blog set up and have enjoyed being here the past few weeks.

    The inside info & trivia games are worth it all alone !

  65. William from Birmingham, AL.

    Hello all. I’ve been lurking around for some time now.

    Longtime Friday the 13th fan. I love ‘em all – well, maybe except Jason Goes to Hell – lol.

    Love this site – keep up the good work.

  66. Been a Jason fan since ‘86. I was born three months after the first movie came out so I certainly grew up with the series. Jason Rules!

  67. So if anyone is still reading this let me run this by people, when i was 8 i saw f13 part 2. i was in my 20’s befor ei could put my bed under a window again. until this new movie part 2 was my favorite. what was your favorite movie and which part really scared the bejeezus out of you?

  68. hello from olmsted township ohio!

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