One’s Customs 12″ Custom New Blood Figure

One’s Customs just finished this figure yesterday as a commision for a buyer, so this is not for sale, but I wanted everyone to take a look at how accurate this looks. Great detail and screen accurate. We have showcased many figures from One’s before, if you are interested in requesting a figure from him or just want to contact him in general, check out his youtube channel.





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9 Responses to “ One’s Customs 12″ Custom New Blood Figure ”

  1. Freakin Sweet!

  2. Brilliant!!!!

  3. Thats kick ass!!!!

  4. The level of detail here is remarkable.

  5. Obviously this guy sold his soul to satan to be able to do these figures so perfect. No but seriously,…this guy is good :D

  6. thats my boy right there/// incredible that is insane //////////HEY GUYS CHECK OUT MY CUSOM JASON VOORHEES FIGURE AND LIGHT UP DISPLAY BASE FROM FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 6 JASON LIVES///// TS ON EBAY NOW >>>>

  7. @ Mr. EcKo ThE CuStoMiZeR,Nice work man,very cool :D

  8. Sick man, I have his 7 inch New Blood and love it. Some videos on Youtube and pics on the forums too, but part 7 ever!

  9. “Best.”

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