Video Review Saturday: NECA’s Replica Jason Machete

Today will be a very real piece of my collection, the ultra heavy and long NECA replica machete from Friday the 13th (2009). NECA released this replica machete to coincide with the release of the neww Friday the 13th movie in 2024. I don’t think I have showcased anything from the reboot up to this point, so I figured I would choose this as a jumping off point.

Thank you to everyone that has left comments here at and at my Youtube channel. I am glad that so many people enjoy what I put out there each Saturday and will continue to do so until I run out of things to record. Let us know what you think of the machete this week and tell us what you would like to see reviewed on Saturdays!

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3 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: NECA’s Replica Jason Machete ”

  1. Thats a badass machete. Once again Im impressed with Your collection. I think Id like to see some Jason action figures reviewed in the near future if You have them, which Im sure You do. Or maybe the Freddy Vs Jason trivia game. I was always curious about that. Thank You for sharing your memorabilia.

  2. Yeah I have this item and like you say its a heavy beast but still a very nice replica… I was wondering do you know anyone who seeks the Sideshow underwater Jason I have mine that I’m liberating for the upcoming version from Sideshow let me know…

  3. i love this was gonna buy one when they came out. only thing that stopped me was the fear of customes seizing it :(

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