Fan Showcase: Jason Voorhees Mask Collection

When Ty emailed us with videos of his collection the other day, I thought we might be getting a good video representation of Jason Voorhees masks. However, his videos far exceeded my expectations as I am still blown away by not only the quality at which he filmed his collection but also the accurate detailing of the masks in the collection.

I love how Ty put the scratches in and faded the color to make the video look dated. Very good job! But the main attractions are the masks, which were all attained through Jeremy Bohr and hocks by Crash Cunningham. This is some of his greatest work and anyone who is into mask collecting or just a fan in general will be in for a treat watching the videos below. Special thanks to Ty for sharing his videos with us. Enjoy!

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18 Responses to “ Fan Showcase: Jason Voorhees Mask Collection ”

  1. Awesome collection!

  2. Great collection! He is missing Part 7 for some reason. But his Jason Goes to Hell Mask is FANTASTIC!

  3. “He is missing Part 7 for some reason”

    I noticed that as well as the Freddy vs Jason mask. Maybe he could shed a little light on when he will be getting those. No big deal though as his collection of masks is just awesome!

    I especially like the young Jason with white camp shirt and Stan Winstin’s Part 3.

  4. Cool sculpts, hocks and vids! Also missing is the Part 2 Jason face (without the sack).

  5. Badass. I don’t think Jeremy has ever done a part 7, probably why it’s not included.

  6. “He is missing Part 7 for some reason”

    Featured Creatures (Jeremy Bohr) hasn’t done a part 7 or FvJ.
    I’m looking at adding the new “Revengence” from Justin over at nightowl to the collection.

    This was my first ever youtube video, made it using window moviemaker.I think it turned out alright.

    Got a few new F13 items on the way (Bohr’s new wormfood2.0) and a few masks from Crash (wait till you see them!!!!)

    I’ll post a new video once they arrive.

  7. Ty,

    Thanks for sharing this with us. It is obvious that you are a true fan of the series. When people were pointing out that you didn’t have the mask for Part 7 I thought it was just because you were such a hardcore fan that you were actually wearing the mask when you were filming your video. Then I realized how silly it was for me to think that. Why Jeremy Bohr hasn’t made masks for FvJ or Part 7 is something that truly perplexes me especially since many fans agree that Jason looks the best in Part 7.

    Thanks you for sharing this with us. I wish I had a collection like this.

  8. Just awesome collection..

  9. Wow amazing collection and really good attention to detail. Jason goes to hell without the mask is just really creepy. Love how his creations capture the decomposition process.

  10. cool!! but remake jason’s head miss the long hairs-)

  11. Ty,
    Thanks for letting us know about the Part 7 mask. I saw the Revengance and it is awesome. It would be a great addition!

  12. Holy hell!!! those are awesome. Where can you order those from? do they have a site? How much? Sorry for all the questions they are just badass.

  13. “especially since many fans agree that Jason looks the best in Part 7.”

    Jason looks ridiculous in part 7, absolutely the worst by far. lots of effort in the effects, ill give you that. But he doesn’t look scary at all.

  14. What an awesome collection, Ty. Where did you order these from. I found his website but it doesn’t have any of these masks on it!

  15. “missing is the Part 2 Jason face (without the sack)”….I do have one, but it didnt fit on my (work in progress) evil dead work bench.

    “Where did you order these from. I found his website but it doesn’t have any of these masks on it!”……………….

    For the most part, you’ll need to pick the up secondhand. He posts his sales in the “Slasher Section” over at

    Here’s a link to his latest creation:

  16. Hey, great collection. You have one of the best or even the best. I have a question anyone on here can answer if they know. I went to under the camp darkside section with the Jason masks and I didn’t see a part 8, 9, and 10. Does anyone have a link to those thank!!!

  17. Whats up everybody! I know this isnt the right thread but I wanted to share with everybody my vid of the hero metal axe from the 2009 remake, thanks!

  18. This collection is fantastic. All masks are very detailed.

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