Joe Bob Briggs’ Friday the 13th Marathon

joebobI loved Joe Bob’s shows and nothing was cooler than watching his Friday the 13th Maraton that ran on TNT in 1998. I watched all six movies. I wish I could have recorded the whole show, but luckily a fan was able to record half of his show and post it on YouTube. Below are excerpts from his introductions to the first three films. Enjoy!

Friday the 13th (1980)

Friday the 13th Part 2

Friday the 13th Part 3

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17 Responses to “ Joe Bob Briggs’ Friday the 13th Marathon ”

  1. Joe Bob Briggs was so funny. He and TNT were the source for low budget horror, or if you wanted to see some non horror low budget, you could turn to USA and Rhonda Shear for her Up All Night set. Some station needs to utilize JBB again.

  2. Thanks for posting this, I remember these marathons on TNT. Adam, I remember Up All Night. I remember watching part 5 and part 6 for the first time on that. I loved watching these marathons!

  3. jbb was awesome. i would love for him to come back. i met him once at a bar, really nice guy too

  4. Want the whole thing, the Joe Bob Briggs 1st Annual Dusk to Dawn Friday the 13th Marathon?
    (It was the only one ever, by the way)

    Go to

    and join the forum!

  5. JBB is the best! I miss his days of hosting good ole gore films. H/E let’s not forget about Gilbert ?Godfried? with his “Up All Night” Friday The 13th marathons…I remember him sitting on a NYC apartment outside deck. Anyone have footage of that somewhere?

  6. JBB was the MAN! Yeah, he needs to have a comeback!!!

  7. Joe Bob was great! They showed F13 and got me hooked, and even on other movies. I watched him all the time, and loved the drive-in totals! Remember that?! They should have a box set, or bring him back, he added so much to the movies!!!

  8. I even remember that chick with the boobs that did the “Up all night”, classic too.

  9. check out stumpydisks, they AT LEAST have all the JBB footgae on their F13 megadisk, plus they have a lot of MonsterVision episodes. Just look under “Horror Hosts.” Have fun!

  10. Rhonda was the chick with the boobs, but Joe Bob did have the mail girl.

    JBB was the best!

  11. magnoliafreak6: dude, look at my post above.

  12. I remember that… It’s too bad they don’t still do stuff like this. TNT has gone all to hell these days. I never watch it anymore.

  13. Yea I remember, I watched this. At the time I didn’t have any of the friday flicks on video yet. So these marathons were the only way I could watch them… I remember USA up all night, too. That was great. USA and TNT were much better channels back then, they’ve kinda went down hill since. It seems like none of the channels are as good as they use to be.

  14. Thats right, it was Rhonda Shear on USA Up All Night! Good Stuff!

  15. Rhonda Shear was hot and Joe Bob Briggs was funny as hell!

    I remember sneaking up when my parents went to bed to watch Rhonda Shear’s Up All Night film marathons on USA.

    Joe Bob Briggs Monster-Vision on TNT came late…so I didn’t really have to sneak up for that one…still watched them though.

    Maybe Sci-Fi Channel, or FEARnet on demand need to start re-running these classic shows…even though the movies themselves were edited, I think they should still re-run them just for nastolgia’s sake!!!

  16. I liked “USA Up All Night”. USA was alot better back then, now it kinda sucks. Hell, none of the channels are as good as they use to be. With TBS being the worst, I never watch it anymore… Is it just me, or does it seem like they didn’t censor as much back then?

  17. But to be fair, TNT sucks pretty bad too… Unless you like to watch “Law & Order” all fuckin’ day long.

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