The Legend of Wickedbeard!


To some, he is simply known as Jeff. To a legion of online folk as well as convention attendees, he has grown into somewhat of a legend known simply as Wickedbeard! The man with the very fitting name, given that you never know what shape or form his beard will take on next, has carved his niche amongst the massive crowds that turn out at various horror conventions, and even appeared on the 2024 Friday the 13th part 2 Deluxe Edition DVD. Just as unpredictable as the fashion of his beard, is the mystery as to what costume he will don on any given day of these conventions. Wickedbeard has put together some of the most detailed and screen accurate recreations of horror movie (and beyond) costumes that have ever been on display at conventions. Known mostly for his absolutely incredible recreations of Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th flicks, these amazing costumes have led to him becoming a staple on the convention circuit as well as a very popular online figure. Wickedbeard’s work has even gotten him the chance to don these costumes in the upcoming TV commercials for Lexington, KY’s upcoming Scare Fest! . Always willing to pose for pictures with eager fans at horror conventions, Wickedbeard drops in to tell us about his costume work and much more!

TONY C: What would you say is your favorite Friday the 13th film?

WICKEDBEARD: I love ‘em all, but Part 8,” Jason Takes Manhatten,” has always been my favorite. Sorry, to all the part 8 haters, but for some reason this version of Jason has always been my top pick.

TC: Which costume have you made do you consider to be your favorite?

Wicked Beard poses with Benevolent Street's Michael "Avenger" Portman and I at Scare Fest 2024

Wicked Beard poses with Benevolent Street's Michael "Avenger" Portman and I at Scare Fest 2024

WB: My favorite costume has got to be my part 7, “New Blood” suit.It has been a labor of love for quite some time, and has become quite famous.

TC: Your costumes are the most elaborate that I have ever seen. You obvious put a lot of time into piecing them together. Which costume have you put together that you have found to be the most challenging?

WB: The most challenging costume would have to be my über suit (from “Jason X”), which is still in progress.This suit is going to be my crowning achievement when it is finally completed.

TC: What type of places (stores, online merchants etc) do you hit up for materials and parts for your costumes?

WB: Oh my! Lots of places! Most of my clothing is from my local thrift shop, but I have purchased items off e-bay and online clothing stores. I do metal work so a lot of the metal parts I wear, I make myself. Sometimes my shopping cart can look a little

As far as my undermasks and some of my hockey masks, I have to give special thanks to Crash Cunningham, Paul from Darkside, Bob from MMFX, Erich Lubatti, Deadguy for my awesome machete, Steve Bellamy, Rahl(he is repsonsible for the VS coat), Kornbredd, Jeremy Bohr, Ken Tarallo, Bob at, ELS studios, and lastly, Shawn from Twisted Visions.
These creative individuals have played a huge role in my transformation.

TC: You are becoming somewhat of a staple on the convention circuit, appearing at numerous conventions in costume. What can you recall about your very first horror convention? (when and where) Did you go in costume? If so, what did you wear?

Wickedbeard and Derek Mears at Horrorhound 08

Wickedbeard and Derek Mears at Horrorhound 08

WB: My first convention, in costume, was Horrorhound 2024. I wore my very first remake suit, and my part 8 suit. The remake I wore was very crude as there were only a couple reference images to go by and I think I was the first to actually do one, as well. Derek was impressed with it, though, and that made my day.

TC: How many different horror conventions have you appeared at in costume?

WB: I have actually only worked 3 conventions in costume.Twice for Horrorhound, and also for last years Scarefest. I am working this years Scarefest as well as the Horrorhound show, in november.

TC: Which conventions do you do your best (or would like to) to drop in on every year?

WB: I am involved with Scarefest and Horrorhound every year now.These shows are my priority, but would love to eventually be a part of the Frightnight Filmfest, and Monster Mania, in the future.

TC: As a fan yourself, what do you think draws fans to these type of events?

WB: The excitement of the shows, and my love of horror is enough for me to be there, but i think the right choice of celebs,and vendors is key for most folks. Proper advertising is also a big factor. Jeff at Scarefest and Aaron at Horrorhound really know how to draw a crowd with their awesome promotions, and it is always a pleasure working with them.

TC: Attending a convention in a decent costume can draw a lot of fans to ask for photographs with you. I even had a few hit me up last year and thought it was awesome! Do you enjoy taking pictures with the fans? How does it feel to get asked to pose for pictures with people at conventions as much as the horror guests themselves?

Posing with a young fan at Horror Hound 2024

Posing with a young fan at Horror Hound 2024


WB: I absolutley love posing for fan pics. After all, they are the reason the show goes on. They deserve a wonderful experience while they are visiting, and I try to give it to ‘em. I actually get more attention than even some of the celebs, and believe me…that is an awesome feeling!!!

Looking into a mirror? Wickedbeard vs. Kane Hodder!

Looking into a mirror? Wickedbeard vs. Kane Hodder!


I have also gotten to know some of the actors very well, especially Derek Mears, and Kane hodder, and…to be friends with your all time favorite horror icon is amazing.
I truly have been living my dream!!

TC: I remember being close by at Scare Fest 2024 when Betsy Palmer was going in and out of character when you approached her table in costume. It was a wild moment! How have many of the horror celebrities themselves reacted to your costume? Any other cool stories about meeting horror celebs in full attire?

My special boy!

My special boy!

WB: Betsy was a sweetheart.I enjoyed meeting her very much, and our photo together has become a very popular pic. Adrienne King was also a joy to talk to, and pose with.
Almost every celeb has praised my costumes, especially Derek. He knows it’s me almost immediately.

Wickedbeard, His girlfriend Angela, and Derek Mears - Horrorhound 2024

Wickedbeard, His girlfriend Angela, and Derek Mears - Horrorhound 2024

When he saw me at the last Horrorhound,he yelled “Hey, it’s Wickedbeard!” That was just the coolest, that he remembered me.



Another great meeting, was with Chip Coffey.   He was truly frightened to even talk to me at first, but after he warmed up to the costume, he was pulling me by the chain, around my neck, through the convention hall. lol
I gotta say though, out of everyone…meeting Kane Hodder was a dream come true for me. He has always been my favorite Jason.
There have been a ton of good times, and hopefully many many more to come.


TC: Though you are probably most known for your amazing Friday the 13th costumes, tell everyone about other costumes you have put together. What is your favorite costume outside of Friday the 13th that you have put together?

vader predator2

WB: Well , there are only 2 others that come close to the quality of my jason suits, and those are my Predator, and Vader suits.

TC: You seem to have a supportive group of people around you being as though many of them pose as victims when you take pictures to show off your work. How do your family and friends react to your talents as a costume maker? Do the people around you often ask for your help come Halloween time?


WB: I have a close knit crew, which consists of: my girlfriend Angie,my buddy Mike, and his wife Allison. Without them, I would not be where I am. If I have a show to attend, they go with me, simple as that. We are a package deal.
My family could not be more proud. They are not really horror nuts but they love what I do and are extremely supportive.
I get asked for tips and suggestions on costumes all the time, and I am always happy to help out, if I can.

TC: You have really began to grow into more than a convention attendee. You are flat out participating! Earlier this month, you were on the set of the Scare Fest commercial shoot! What was that experience like and what is it like to be INVOLVED as opposed to simply attending?

On the set of the 2024 Scare Fest commercials

On the set of the 2024 Scare Fest commercials

WB: At this point, I no longer just want to be an attendee. I am at a level, now, where I think I have earned a spot at these shows, and I work very hard to give them an outstanding performance. I am always willing to do what I can to help promote the shows and bring more people through the doors.

Hopefully, one day, my pic will be in one of those little guest boxes.
And, as for the
Scarefest commercial shoot; It was Amazing!!!! I loved every minute of it, and hope to do more in the future.It was an awesome experience!!
It was quite an honor to have been asked to participate, and I sincerely thank Jeff for including me in this endeavor.

TC: As both a fan, and even a participant of the convention circuit tell those thinking about attending, what makes Scare Fest a convention worth attending?
WB: Great celebs, great layout, lots of walking room, great vendors, and lots of really cool events. It is just a weekend filled with fun and awesome activities!!
What sets this show apart from the rest is the combination of the paranormal and horror. They do go hand in hand, and it is nice to have such diversity.

Jeff and Patti go above and beyond to put on one hell of a show for all fans of horror and the paranormal.

TC: You have a lot of fans of your work and are a very approachable person when attending these conventions. What would you like to say to those who are constantly looking to see what you will do next as well as those who will probably be keeping an eye out for a photo op at the conventions you drop in on?

Posing with a fan at Scare Fest 2024

Posing with a fan at Scare Fest 2024

WB: I am on all the popular horror forums, so if you wanna keep up with what is in store come visit, Frightforum, Nightowl, and Horrorbid forums. I am always posting new and improved costume pics on these boards. They are a great place to hang your hat and meet a ton of great people!!!!
You can also drop by my page at myspace at..

Thanks so much for the interview, Tony. I look forward to seeing you at the next show!
And a huge Thanks to all my wonderful friends and fans!!!!

To see more of Wickedbeard’s awesome costumes, be sure to check out his myspace page! Be sure to get your Scare Fest tickets now! The Scare Fest takes place in Lexington, Kentucky at the Lexington Center!

For complete coverage of The Scare Fest, check out Benevolent Street!

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  1. great info part 8 is the only one ive dident c yet cant find it enywhere just gona get it when part 8 deluxe edition comes out

  2. i had my pic taken with him last year at scarefest, hope he’s back this year.

  3. He’ll definitely be there

  4. Beard makes some amazing costumes, they always wow me.

  5. hell yeah
    Wickedbeard is awesome
    THE BEST costumes I’ve seen

  6. Great interview, Tony. I have seen Jeff on the Frightstuff forums and he truly does make great costumes. I think it’s great that the fans have embraced his work and that he has gotten to know a lot of the actors is great. Great work, Jeff!

  7. His 2024 sackhead looks sick the boy looks like he’s actually scared. All those costumes are put together very nicely and it looks like he’s got the stature too. I’ve dressed as Jason as an adult, and man I’d probably look like a tree stump next to Wicked. I come in at a whopping 5ft 9in, guess I’ll have to stuff socks in the heals of my boots.

  8. The thing is, his costumes don\’t stop at just the attire. He creates various forms of padding to get the shape of his body correct as well as the height.

  9. I got a picture with him at Scarefest ‘08 … I totally hope to get another at this years!

  10. Friggin awesome costumes. Just took a gander at his Part 3 costume…wow! Just dead-on screen accurate!

    LOVE the pic with Besty!

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