Corey Feldman Likes Fighting Vampires More Than Jason

I give Corey credit, he knows where his bread and butter is for continuing to make movies. When he first signed on to act in The Lost Boys: The Tribe, I was quite excited to see the original Tommy Jarvis in action. However, when it was announced that the film was going direct to video, I was a bit discouraged. After viewing that movie, I had figured out why the disappointment set in. That being said, I was happy to see Corey back in a movie again. Now he is back to fight vampires once again in The Lost Boys: The Thirst. Check out the trailer for the film below.

 I hope this new film is a vast improvement over the sequel. With expectations set lower, the film will hopefully play better for audiences. Now, if only Corey and Warner/Paramount could work out a deal to have him return to the first horror franchise that made him famous, Friday the 13th. Imagine him and Jason locking eyes once again! Chilling.

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18 Responses to “ Corey Feldman Likes Fighting Vampires More Than Jason ”

  1. Dear God,

    Please let this be the end… I can’t possibly bare anymore!

    Come on! You know I honestly like the Feldster myself because I was a child of the 80’s. So to see him in another movie is great. But another Lost Boys! I mean the sequel was a sacrilege all by itself.

    I have always seen the Lost Boys as a “solo” type of film,much like other Feldman movies.

    Like the Goonies, or Stand By Me. Some movies don’t need sequels and I always felt LB was one of those films.

    But I guess once you’ve cut the wound you might as well bleed it out.

  2. I’m an 80’s kid myself but it’s Feldman. Hey, he’s alive at least which considering how life can be for a child actor all grown up that’s something to hang your hat on.

  3. Why in the hell do they still use that sorry ass cover of the Lost Boys theme? Why not use the original song? The sequel was horrible IMO and did nothing for me. This one looks like it could possibly be good, but… having seen the last one maybe not.

  4. As hard as I try I cant picture him in another Friday movie, sorry but I think it would be a bad choice.

  5. I agree jcravage. I was a teen in the 80’s so it was really \the\ era for me and as much as I love the movies Corey did back then (including Friday’s 4 and 5) I just can’t see him in another Friday film. With the reboot starting a new Friday universe so to speak, Tommy Jarvis doesn’t exist… yet. As cool as it would be I just can’t see it being a bankable choice on the part of Platinum Dunes.

  6. Lame and totally un-necessary on every level.

  7. Yea, I think that The Lost Boys is more of an 80’s franchise, however, the resurgence of Vampires into popular culture just added fuel to having these new movies made. The studio knew they had at least some marketing angle having Corey Feldman return.

  8. I’m with jcravage – no Corey Feldman in any upcoming Friday the 13th movie!

  9. MadWorldDesigns, I read yesterday Richard Donner is pushing for a Goonies 2, so we may yet see C-Feld in another sequel. As much as I hate retreading in territory that doesn’t need retreading I am more than a little interested in Goonies 2, espeically if they can get the original group of actors back.

    As far as Feldman in another Friday flick, I don’t see that happening, at least not as Tommy Jarvis. He’s too old to play a kid so if he was in another Friday he may be there just as a wink to the older films before Jason offs him before the opening credits.

  10. Corey is badass in these movies. I say keep making them. As for him in another Friday the 13th, I say let him cameo in a part that is an homage to his original character.

  11. Corey Feldmans a dick. Lost boys The Tribe sucked. But I do have to admit the trailer for The Thirst actually looks cool. Im thinking the’re going to ignore part 2, because at the end Sam and the other Frog brother were turned into vampires. And why He didnt like fighting Jason, well according to Ted White Corey was the only actor He didnt get along with on the set. His words exactly were “I think Hes a spoiled brat, Id like to take Him over My knee”. Watch the interview on the His Name Was Jason DVD. And Kane Hodder said he wouldve loved to work with Corey just so He could squeeze and pop his little neck. I guess You could say He was the typical child star.

  12. After the first LB’s movie I never did bother with the sequel and the such, found it silly just seeing the trailers.

  13. That one looks a little better than the previous one. That doesn’t say much though. I do appreciate Feldman toning the growly voice down a bit.

  14. @TheRustyMachete

    I agree on him not returning to the franchise. I have always seen F13 as a novelty more than anything which is way I have always loved them getting new eyes on every project as long as they stuck to the story and didn’t sway off to bad (which the first four did fantastically). So having anyone return in my eyes is not a great idea.

    But as for the Goonies II, well it has been rumoring around for a LONG time and I think so many people have petitioned and protested this thing that I don’t ever believe it will see a green light. God I hope it doesn’t. But money talks.

    They need to learn that they can make a modern movie about kids seeking treasure without having to call it “The Goonies”. Just change it up a bit and call it something else. Please don’t remake or sequel that movie.

    What’s going to be next …
    ” E.T. 2: The Extra-Terrestrials ” Oh you wait it will probably happen and they will give it some lame tageline like “But this time.. there is TWO of them”.
    Written and Directed by Michael Bay and Brad Fuller.

    (sorry. I couldn’t hold back).


  15. “E.T.2: The Terrestrial With Extra”. Oh wait, that has a dirty sound to it doesn’t it? I hope I didn’t give the porn industry any ideas…

  16. E.T. bone home.

  17. No Corey, loved him in the 80s but now he looks like an old used mattress and somewhere in between all the drugs he forgot to to act! lol

  18. Corey vs.Jason would be nice to see again! I’d like to see him fight Ken Kerzinger’s Jason! If he likes fighting Vampires so much why don’t he try Edward Cullen? LOL! Just kidding!

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