Larry Zerner To Cameo In Knights Of Badassdom

I guess Hollywood and censorship groups are completely cool with the word “ass” now as a number of film titles, uncluding ‘Kickass’,  are sporting the once frowned upon word. Just an observation and I have no problems with it at all. So, on to the meat of this story.

Larry Zerner (Shelly, Friday the 13th Part 3) recently mentioned on his Twitter account that he is heading to Spokane, Washington to shoot a cameo role in the upcoming Joe Lynch Horror/Comedy, Knights Of Badassdom. For information on the film, read the mini synopsis below. Good luck to Larry and hope he has a blast!

A group of LARPers (live action role-playing gamers) accidentally summons demons from the underworld.

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5 Responses to “ Larry Zerner To Cameo In Knights Of Badassdom ”

  1. Awesome!!! Its really great to see an actor from the films to have at least some exposure in other films!!!

  2. Congrats Larry!!!!! Good to see Him in a film again. “Im not an asshole, Im an actor”. My favorite Shelly quote from part 3.

  3. Love to meet him!
    Well done Larry!!

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