Darkside Studios Part 2 Jason Mask

part2maskThis mask has been around for a few years, but I saw one of these listed for sale recently and thought it was worth posting some images. It is a descent mask and is a close to how he is depicted at the end of Part 2. There is even the machete mark in the shoulder of the mask where Ginny slammed the machete into Jason at the end of Part 2 in his shack.


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17 Responses to “ Darkside Studios Part 2 Jason Mask ”

  1. It’s Ron Howard & Axl Rose’s b**tard son!

  2. thats pretty awesome!
    Jason the ginger kid haha, no wonder he shaved his head for the trip to 3D

  3. ooohhhh would love one off those!!! scare all the little kides with!!!!!! apart from that, it does look great!!!

  4. looks pretty good.

  5. Where did you see for sale at?? thnx!

  6. jason could use some conditioner for his hair

  7. BRIAN,
    I honestly cannot rememer now where I saw it for sale this past weekend.

  8. Frankly, this is the best iteration of Jason ever. Fuck all haterz.

    The beauty of the design here that Jason still looks something close to human. There is more of a connection to him and everyone else he comes in contact with. He also still has an obvious motive in this film (revenge for his mommy) which adds an element of sympathy to his overall look imo. By the fourth film in the series this is completely gone and Jason becomes more of a monster.

    Barney Cohen’s script for The Final Chapter forgot to remind us of Jason’s motive and it effected the scariness of Tom Savini’s design when Jason’s mask came off at the end of that film. It’s like The Final Chapter was intentionally written to shit on everything that was good about Part 2. It is no secret that Tom Savini hates what became of the series after the original film so it is no surprise that Jason looks like a joke in Part 4 because Savini did the effects and Cohen wrote the script in his basement in between begging Sean Cunningham for advances on his salary so he could pay rent.

    To add insult to injury, Joseph Zito, an avid Corey Feldman fan decided to cast the child actor as the lead for The Final Chapter because he is a pervert. Warrington Gillette should’ve reprised his role as Jason for this film and should’ve also been given some co-producer responsibilities so he could’ve had some sort of final say about the script. If that had happened, Part 4 wouldn’t have been the mess than it became.

  9. Ok found it its on ebay! thnx

  10. Walmart Man,

    I understand that the motive for Jason’s killing is more obvious in Part 2 than any other film…but you are really the only “hater” here. Seriously, I don’t understand why any F13 fan would trash talk a film as good as The Final Chapter.

  11. Wal Mart Man, stop being a tool. Warrington Gillette was ONLY JASON FOR ABOUT TEN SECONDS. Give the credit to the real actor, Steve Dash.

  12. Good luck with convincing walmart dude lol. I wonder if Warrington became a hobo and had a truck hit him in the face he’d resemble Jason from pt. 2?

  13. MWK,

    Steve Dash is a HACK! He didn’t go through the hours upon hours of make-up application which is a rite-of-passage for anyone who wants to call themself Jason. Kane Hodder did it, Ted White did it, and Warrington Gilette did it! Steve Dash didn’t do it. You see that mask at that top of the page? Did you read the caption? It says it is “how [Jason] is depicted at the end of Part 2.” That is Warrington Gillette my friend, and that is his likeness up there. He is Part 2′s Jason. End of story. Owned!

  14. I think Walmart man = Warrington Gillette. Nice try dude. Make sure you run and hide like usual next time Steve Dash is looking for you at a convention.

  15. Nice job on this. Looks good.

  16. Not bad at least it looks like him from Part 2!

  17. The Joker,

    Your name suits you…since you must be joking. Nobody hides when Steve Dash is at conventions, except maybe the fat and fugly fans he always seems to be hitting on there. Seriously, he would just do better with himself if he wore that stupid bag over his head everywhere he went. It’s his legacy anyway. I like to call him the “exclusionary” Jason because all the cool Jason’s sported hockey masks or really cool make-up effects. Dash isn’t in that club.

    The reason he looks for Gillette, White, and Hodder at the conventions is because he’s been dying to “belong” for a long time now. The problem is that you gotta have your rites-of-passage in order to be part of this club. Dash was just a last-minute filler and doesn’t count.

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