Jason Goes To……Horrorbid?

During my time at fridaythe13thfilms.com, most everyone has enjoyed the articles and news that I and others on staff have provided to the fans of the franchise. However, the one thing that many fans question from blogs that I have created is my love for Jason Goes To Hell. I have my reasons, and I think they are good ones. So, I was very happy when Justin from the terrifically run horror website Horrorbid.com asked for some assistance in creating an article on information pertaining to the pre-production of the film. What was created was a background on how the film’s idea came to fruition and some facts that may not be known to everyone who visit this website.

Below is an excerpt from the story at Horrorbid. If you’re interested in finding out more about this highly underrated film, check out the story now!

Numerous script rewrites delayed production. One script had Mrs. Voorhees in a weird sexual relationship with Jason. Other scripts had Jason’s brother Elias as the killer. That story followed a direct connection to Jason Takes Manhattan where Jason’s body washed up on the shores of Crystal Lake after he is destroyed in the New York Sewers. Elias takes the body and eats Jason’s heart, injesting the evil and becoming the new killer. The evil heart story line was eventually used for the body hopping scenario.

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8 Responses to “ Jason Goes To……Horrorbid? ”

  1. Great read! I’ve never seen those pictures before!

  2. Ive seen most of those pics before. All those different storylines though, they tried to hard to make it clever. According to Adam Marcus, it was Sean Cunninghams idea to do away with Jason for the majority of the movie. Bottom line, when I wasted My money to go see it on screen, it felt like the FT13th franchise had given us the middle finger.

  3. Im in agreement on the middle finger part..i remember being so excited hearing that Cunningham was back on board, especially after Jason Takes Manhattan and i thought it was going to be a Friday flick in the vein of Parts 1-4 and seeing the trailers and tv spots…very disappointing.

  4. Thanks for posting this…I’m a huge JGTH fan and I loved the article :)

  5. JB Demented, you’re right about Sean Cunningham not wanting Jason at all, more specifically doing away with the hockey mask. However, NewLine knew that to sell the movie, they had to have Jason and the hock somewhere in the movie. Just look at the trailer. It’s all Jason!

    Glad you liked the info CoyT!

  6. My only beef with JGTH was the same reason everyone complained, the lack of Jason. That first 10 minutes of the movie kicked ass, all the way until Jason gets blown apart. Then, the movie seemed to fade.
    The acting was decent, along with a good cast. Keegan was great as the heroine. Steven Williams played a great Creighton Duke. Erin Gray did pretty well as Jason’s sister. John’s return from the series to the supposed ending episode was cool. Steven Culp played a great greedy reporter. Once again, the cast and acting was right on.
    It was the plot, Jason jumping from body to body and the way Jason went to hell. “Only the hand of a Voorhees can kill Jason”. The book of evil in Mrs. Voorhees home should’ve been explored a little more, to explain the confusing plot.

  7. I was very disappointed after seeing it in the theatre. Duke and the opening scene was cool, but over all, it’s just not what I want in a Friday movie. I know they wanted to do a different kind of Friday, but it was too big of a turn for me.

  8. I think it sucked all the way through, beginning to end, period! Sean Cunningham, since part four has let the franchise go to hell and he is more interested in a pay check from the franchise now, versus wanted to produce something great, that us fans, can watch over and over with excitement. He should be ashamed of himself.

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