Two cuts of the new Friday?

Hello guys! I came across this item today courtesy of the guys over The producers of the new movie have said that when it hits dvd it will be quite a lot different to the cut we see this weekend.

“It’ll be 10 to 15 minutes longer than the [theatrical cut], I believe,” Form told Fango. “There were a couple of story points cut out of the movie that will appear in the extended version and maybe a little bit more violence and nudity. There’s one story point, a big thing that happens in the extended cut, that doesn’t occur in the movie [as it will play in theaters], and I still believe we made the right choice to take it out. We’ll also have a special section on the disc for deleted scenes that are not in the extended cut. So there will be portions we put back into the film and then additional deleted scenes on top of that.”

Personally I hope the stuff that has been cut won’t detract from the plot of the film in any way. Sure, I understand some stuff may have to go but if it’s important to the overall structure of the film then it could be a bad thing. Sound off below!

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14 Responses to “ Two cuts of the new Friday? ”

  1. Yeah I read about this the other day on Fango’s site, and shared the news with a couple of fellow big Mr. Voorhees fanatics that I know.

    Anyway I’m psyched for the next day to already be over with! I’m seeing a very early noon showing on opening day on Friday with my free $10 rebate ticket in hand from the fine His Name Was Jason documentary set. Which is cool cause the multiplex we all go to here is only $8 for an adult, so one of us (me or my dad or my oldest nephew who’s 17 and seein’ it with us) get’s in basically free. ;)

    Can’t wait for it. Hope it’ll be pretty dark, brooding, consistantly entertaining and filled with some solid gore F/X and tits & ass on display. :) Here’s to hoping it’ll be a solid re-boot (Batman Begins style) of the series *crosses fingers* …

  2. The way I see it is, that they had to do this in order to get the MPAA to give them their solid R rating. I think of this as a good thing. Maybe this movie is supposed to be intense and graphic and ultra violent that maybe it was a bit too much for the people at the MPAA and they wanted the people behind the movie to take it down. Now with the release of the DVD coming out the people behind the movie will intend on giving us what the MPAA has forced them to remove, maybe a different storyline would be a bit better than what we’re about to see because most of us here love both a good plot and intense violence, sex and gore. I love both if they are done well. So I’m looking at this as a good thing. I honestly can’t wait until the DVD comes out. Oh and the new Friday the 13th movie is going to be longer than the standard 90 minutes, I looked at my local theatre and saw that Friday the 13th is going to be playing there, the funny thing is, they’ve used the poster to the original for advertisement. The movie itself is going to be a total of a 105 minutes.

  3. man this sounds GREAT! ill pick up the r rated theatrical too!

  4. $10 rebate? I bought that DVD too and all I got was a $5.00 off rebate for the new F13th, plus a poster as well! Damn, you got lucky dude! Is it from Hollywood movie money? $10.00 would have covered pretty much the whole price of my ticket here in NY! Guess I really can’t complain though because it will cover about half and even if I didn’t get that coupon w/ my DVD, I would still be PROUDLY paying full price for this event baby! Just 2 days away!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  5. Hey, I thought I would post this here because this is pretty early on in the comment section. If you live in the Syracuse, NY area I suggest you check out the Palace Theater on James Street in the Eastwood Neighborhood, starting at 7 pm they will be playing Pyscho, then Friday the 13th Part 4 the Final Chapter, and then Pieces.

  6. The dvd certainly better have some extended kills, because the gore in the remake was lacking. Most of the deaths were shockingly uncreative.
    I miss eighties horror gags. Creative splatter seems to have left horror and it’s sorely missed. Old issues of Fango are littered with shots of sloppy gore appliances, but looking through today’s magazine, you can see how inventiveness has left splatter and we’re left with simple penetration and throat wounds. This was very true of the F13 reboot. Still a fun film and Mears is an essential Jason.

  7. I read the dvd was going to have both the Theatrical Cut and the Extended Version. So those of us expecting one or the other shouldn’t be too bummed.

  8. Please explain this to me: Jason drowns in 1959 right? That’s when the first two counselors are murdered and camp closed. Flash to 1980, they reopen the camp and the new counselor get nixed and Alice chops Mrs Voorhees head off. Right? Then one year later (1981) we get F13 part II and an adult Jason kills the new batch of counselors. Basically Jason is 20 or 21 years old then, which makes sense. So why the HELL in the remake do we get to see a YOUNG boy picking up his mother’s severed head in 1980 as prologue?? Jason is 20 yo by then!!!! He drowned as a boy in 1959!!! This 2024 remake makes no sense.

  9. It looks as if we have a plot hole. you’re right Yootsi — and in fact Jason was 11 yo at the time of his drowning, which would put him in his early 30s during pt 1. Remember Alice’s encounter at the end of pt. 1 was a dream sequence.
    Also, according to Pamela Voorhees headstone, she was beheaded during summer of 79. Its a common misconception since movie came out in 80. Check the site timeline. Prologue should’ve been 79. Attention to detail ,writers, come on

  10. Thanks for the spoiler!

  11. Some of the writers/film-makers of the sequels didn’t really bother to care about previous story lines. The biggest oversight being that Jason drowned in 1957, then Part 2 comes around, and they just rewrote the back story to say he never drowned. I’ve always viewed Part 2 as a disservice to the original (and a half-hearted rehash of it, as well). Of course, it’s not as if we’re talking about a movie series that is known for its plot consistency nor its believability.

    And, yeah, what’s up with posting a spoiler with no warning?

  12. After seeing the movie, I think the missing scenes and shots took A LOT away from the film. They made a horrible choice in taking out parts of the story. They said it right there they took out a BIG THING and trust me, I know what it was now and it could have filled in a lot of the missing pieces to the plot.

    I wish they would just edit everything into an extra extended verison for DVD with all the deleted stuff added back in (with no section on the dvd for deleted scenes because they had been added back into the with the MBV special edtion).

  13. I was looking forward to seeing Nana Visitor as Jason’s mom. Hopefully they will have an extended scene on the DVD.

  14. Yoots, you’re the one not making sense. Even you stated: it’s a REMAKE…not a sequel. In this version of Friday the 13th, going by what we were shown and heard on-screen it’s obvious to figure out the new time-line:

    1980: Mrs. Voorhees murders the couselors for letting her son drown. This must have happened very recently in this timeline. Jason either A) did not drown, has been living in the woods, and saw his mother killed or B) there is something supernatural going on and he was “reborn” when she died. Actually, if you go with B) I guess that means he could have died at any point and come back as a child.

    2009: Jason is now in his late 30s and has been living in the woods for sometime.

    Simple. This is not a sequel, a prequel, or anything else. It ignores all the other movies and has it’s own timeline to exist within. Does The Dark Knight have to fit in the Tim Burton’s Batman timeline? No…it’s part of a new launch for the series just like this is.

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