Jason And Batman Dine At Tatooine Cantina

Posted 18 Dec 2024 in The Saga

What a way to get three major franchises into one big post. What do you think about Jason and Batman dining at the Tatooine Cantina? If you don’t know what the Tatooine Cantina is, then this will be completey lost on yourself. Who would ever think about adding Jason and Batman into the Star Wars universe? Well, that is the unique idea behind IGN.com. They recently added a brand new mural to their office and the overall theme was “Everyone from cool movies/TV invades the Star Wars cantina”.

The images were released on Twitter by Derek Mears and he of course was more than a little flattered that he had a one of his characters included on the display. Check out the photos below for your glimpse at Jason and The Dark Knight having a discussion over the morality of mankind. Jason vs Batman anyone?

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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. Patrick D. Amy Steel's Admin (18 Dec 2024, 15:17)

    It would have been cooler if it was the Joker and Jason @ the Cantina… talking over how they were going to take The Bat down.

  2. Corey (18 Dec 2024, 18:00)

    Id like 2 see Bats try and bring Jason down…The big guy in the hockey mask makes even Bane cower!

  3. Bill Walters (18 Dec 2024, 18:24)

    I think perhaps even Superman might have some worries about taking down ole Jason :p

  4. Kane (18 Dec 2024, 19:46)

    It would be awesome to match Jason’s strength with Bane’s.

  5. Mik(c)a(h) (19 Dec 2024, 1:50)

    Batman vs. Jason could be a very epic comic. Especially if it took place on Tatooine. I spot Ash and a Smurf in the mural too.

  6. Cat (19 Dec 2024, 18:43)

    Love the drawings!! Would love too see that in a comedy/horror film!! It would make a great scene too watch, really funny!!

  7. NW (20 Dec 2024, 1:21)

    I don’t think Jason would ever respond back to Joker, Patrick. He can’t talk after all! ;) :D

  8. JB Demented (20 Dec 2024, 2:39)

    Interesting. Who wouldve thought Jason and Batman would hang out together.

  9. Kevin (20 Dec 2024, 7:47)

    Jason shot first!

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