Wickedbeard’s Ultimate “New Blood” Costume

Wickedbeard just posted some photos of his new, enhanced costume for The New Blood. The action shots look awesome. I really like that he reenacted the shed scene, busting through the wood wall. He has a number of other pictures that replicate some of the cooler death scenes in the film. Most people already know how great these costumes are, but I still am truly amazed at the level of accuracy and detail. Check out the forum post at Benevolent Street to see the rest of the images.

One thing that has been mentioned in forums across the net is that Jeff should be featured in either the studio films or in a fan film. I  think that someone should give serious consideration to having him star as our favorite Crystal Lake slasher. His costumes lend instant believability and credibility and he probably wouldn’t be half bad at playing Jason either. Check out all of his costumes at his website, http://wickedbeard.viviti.com/

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10 Responses to “ Wickedbeard’s Ultimate “New Blood” Costume ”

  1. Truly incredible & stunning work!! Jeff, you should be justly proud & you should most certainly be making an appearance at the ‘FRIDAY THE 30th – CAMP BLOOD’ bash in August – you’ll probably be one of the main attractions if you do!!

  2. Is there no end to wickedbeard’s talents.WOW……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  3. Wow…simply amazing. And the gore on that machete is awesome! lol

  4. Kind of OT, but are the new Friday the 13th single discs a replacement of the boxset? Are they missing much from the bonus disc or do they have more?

  5. Beard was also featured in our very first “Horror Film Superfan” column. Check it out http://www.benevolentstreet.com/?p=3620

  6. WOW! nothing more I can say but WOW!

  7. …I should really start finishing the revamp on Jeff’s site, now…>.> Heehee. Jeff’s so purdy…O.o

  8. Look for the new part 8 revamp…. coming soon!!!!As well as a new myers, and my take on Slipknot’s Mick!!!

  9. Simply amazing, as usual.


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