SDCC To Offer Friday the 13th Surprise?

In a few weeks, the San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) will kick off its annual festival of fandom. Everything from new comics to new action figures and toylines will be showcased. But the big draw in recent history has been the unveiling of new pictures, posters and trailers for upcoming motion pictures. In a way, some films are pitched to the audience in attendance to drum up awareness and buzz for future releases. This year will be no different, but you ask, what does this have to do with us at

Well, I was informed that perhaps a certain Crystal Lake slasher will be making an appearance in some form the weekend of July 22-25. I don’t know what sort of an appearance it could be, but if anything appears at the convention that day, we will be sure to let you know!

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16 Responses to “ SDCC To Offer Friday the 13th Surprise? ”

  1. It couldn’t be anything about a new movie? It must be about the NECA figures that were just mentiones a few days ago.

  2. Or mayb blu-ray release news?

  3. Announcement of a sequel would be nice but realistically it probably is about the figures. Hey I hope I’m wrong.

    viva la Voorhees!

  4. I hope it’s new figures or a new movie(doubt it’ll be a movie)
    No Jason figures are coming out anymore it seems. I hope NECA didn’t get the F13 license back to just sit on it.

  5. Well, we just found out about NECA releasing the 7.5 inch version of the Reboot figure from last year. Perhaps they have more up there sleave?

  6. Yeah the trailer for the FT13th remake premired at Comic-Con I think 2 years ago. Im sure most of us here remember that shitty bootlegged trailer on Youtube before the trailer was aired at the Spike Scream Awards.

  7. Finally some news I care about coming out of SDCC! Any news is good news.

  8. If the surprise is about new figures coming, i really hope it is either a version of jason that hasn’t been made yet, example, Roy, manhattan or maybe a combo of jason and a sub character like shelly or rick or ginny or trish etc…. that would be awesome

  9. I’d be happy if it was news about NECA figures, especially if they announce Part 8, Pre-Uber X or Roy from ANB. I’ll be happier than a pig in $h!+ if they announce the Blu-Ray releases of 4-8!!!

  10. If the surprise is new figures, I hope that Sideshow announces a new Roy figure from Part 5. That would be sweet.

  11. The “Crystal Lake slasher” sound like it will be a Jason actor attending the show. I won’t be surprise it’s Mears & I doubt it will be about F13th. I think he will be promoting Predators or at least talk about it.

  12. NW, I hope you’re wrong. That’s definately nothing to get worked up about. Especially since most of us won’t be attending the show.
    I’d really like to see some new Sideshow Jason figures. Part V, Part VIII, and the Remake. They still have the license. Sideshow needs to complete the series.

  13. Imdb: “Camp Blood” 2024
    AKA: Friday the 13th Part 2 (again)
    I hope :D

  14. new figures, hopin on a movie!

  15. I heard from an insider that Ethel will be making an appearance and giving everyone her “final word”.

  16. I bet it is just kane hodder for hatchet 2.

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