Paul Kratka In New Short Film ‘Mr. Mullen’

Paul Kratka (Rick, Part 3) has been slowly getting back into acting after taking a long break from the profession while becoming a chiropractor, which he had practiced for 18 years. Now, he not only is taking on acting once again, but he is also on a mission to teach healthy living. Check out his website for more information. In the mean time, Paul is currently starring in a short film directed by Scott Goldberg, titled ‘Mr. Mullen’.

Read the synopsis below and also watch the short film in its entirety below!

“Mr. Mullen” is a film about the crash of the economy and the corruption ensuing from the growing size and control of the American government.

Chris Mitchell, a hard-working man, relays his memiors in witnessing his entire world destroyed by rampant government corruption. He targets future Senator Edward D. Mullen, the man most responsible. Finally broken by society, Chris seeks revenge on Mullen and his family, in hopes to spark a revolution.

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2 Responses to “ Paul Kratka In New Short Film ‘Mr. Mullen’ ”

  1. Way to go Paul!!!! Welcome Back.

  2. awesome film! congrats Dr. K

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