Douglas Tait Behind The Scenes On ‘Freddy vs Jason’

A few days ago we mentioned that a third stuntman portrayed Jason in the film Freddy vs Jason. Douglas Tait played Jason in the very last scene where Jason emerges from the lake with Freddy’s head in hand. Well, Mr. Tait is going to be attending Horrorhound in November, which will be great for fans to meet another individual to don the hockey mask.

Douglas is also on Facebook and happens to feature some great behind the scenes photos from his time on set of Freddy vs Jason. There is one really cool shot of him posing with a very green Robert England. Check out the photos below and stop by Douglas’s Facebook page and say hi!

Also, Canyon News just conducted an interview with Douglas about his career in Hollywood. It is a very good interview and reveals alot about his many talents. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Q-I have to ask this, since you’ve done so much work wearing makeup and costumes in films and on TV. Why would someone with such a handsome leading man face cover it up so often?

A-“Well, thank you for the compliment. I am very fortunate that I am part of a small group of guys, who get the opportunity to play creatures and monsters in big budget films. It all started as a kid. I loved Halloween and dressing up. As soon as I turned 16, I got a job at Universal Studios Hollywood, playing Frankenstein. From years of being there it turned into more work in television and small projects as characters behind prosthetic makeup. In 2024 I landed my big break behind Jason Vorhees Hockey mask in the ending scene of ‘Freddy vs. Jason.’ And as you know, Tommy most recently, I played the Head Sleestak in ‘Land of the Lost’ [2009] and the long face bar alien in J.J. Abrams’s ‘Star Trek’ [2009]. This character was created by my good friend Barney Burman, who won this year’s Academy award for Best Makeup. I have built a good following in the horror and Sci-Fi film world, and have been given such great opportunities because of my face being covered up, so I am grateful for that. Besides, I love playing these characters that are different from myself.” Read The Entire Interview

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13 Responses to “ Douglas Tait Behind The Scenes On ‘Freddy vs Jason’ ”

  1. need i say it: this site always comes up with some killer behind the scenes photos. awesome job…

  2. Yall sure do, and for some reason I knew there was something better about that Jason at the end. He seemed a little less robotic, I know it was a short moment, but when I left the theater I remember saying why wasn’t he more like that through the movie, well now I guess I know why.

  3. Love the photos!!! Looks like Robert was green with envey!! lol

  4. Look at the freaking boots in the 1st pics, it looked so stupid in the film to have Jason wearing KISS man Gene Simmons Platform Boot’s lol..

  5. Dang, Imagine if Derek Mears had played Jason in Freddy vs. Jason…..or Kane of course… any event it seems that Jason’s best scenes in Freddy vs Jason wasn’t even the dude who was playing him…the ending sequence and the rave scene. ah well……Ronny you ****ed up going with Ken…. I like Ken but its obvious he’s the worse of all the Jason’s…in the film where it would have been cool if he would of been the best…

  6. How the hell did they need to waste money on hiring some guy to hack kids up at the rave and come out of the lake with Freddy’s severed head? Why not just hire this dude to play Jason all the way? Kane didn’t have a stunt double in part 7. I believe he had one in part 8 due to second unit shooting and schedule conflicts. Maybe that’s why this guy was hired to play Jason in these scenese? Maybe Ken was busy shooting other scenes. Filmmakers do that…there, I just answered my own question.

  7. Great job! So what’s the actual total count of people who have played Jason?

  8. That is so F…… cool! I have never seen those pics before! I loved that ending scene, and I also thought how great the Jason movements were. No wonder, this guy seems to specialize in playing creatures and monsters. Check out this You Tube reel on him. It has other film performances he has done under makeup and masks. It is pretty neat.

  9. Cool pics, thanks for posting.

  10. Brandon, these platform stile of boots were originally made to be worn by the actor during the scenes when Jason fights against Freddy. And only during shots when you can not see the boots. To let him look much taller than Fred. In the other scenes it was planned to let him wear the regular boots with normal sizes. But they ended up using the platform boots throughout the film and this is why you can see them on screen in several shots. I have one of the Jason costumes in my collection and with it the main pair of regular sized boots and I must say I defenitely would have prevered to see them used on screen instead of these stupid looking speacial effects platform boots.


  11. How come I haven’t seen Douglas Tait before? Has he been at any other conventions? I thought I got every Jason on my Mask. I guess I was wrong, now I have to get his signature. Great find Jasonfury!

  12. How come I haven’t seen Douglas Tait before? Has he been at any other conventions?

    Douglas is going to be attending his first convention this November at Horrorhound. Check out their website for more info.

  13. Thanks Jasonfury! I really appreciate this information and pictures you have provided to us. Very great stuff! The scene Tait did was one of the most memorable in F Vs. J. His signature is a must have for me. Great blog sir!

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