Lionsgate And The Friday the 13th Franchise?

This has been briefly mentioned among fans on our website and in other forums across the world wide web. However, the prospect of Jason Voorhees working for Lionsgate isn’t completely out of the question. I know that we have received a number of emails from fans asking if this indeed is a possibility. Nothing official has been discussed between Warner Bros. and Lionsgate to this point. But it is something that might happen down the line. Remember, Warner Bros. absorbed the Friday the 13th franchise when they merged with New Line Cinema years ago. The deal to acquire the Friday franchise was not a deal they worked on.

Warner Bros. now have released their only stand alone Friday the 13th film and have not been in any kind of rush to release a sequel. Lionsgate is well known for creative marketing campaigns and are now looking to rap up their own successful horror franchise, ‘Saw’. Will the Crystal Lake Slasher relocate once again to a new studio? Right now, it seems highly unlikely, but it is something to consider in the not to distant future as we hear that Lionsgate would have an interest!

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  1. Considering the success they’ve had, Lionsgate would be a good candidate. And like you pointed out their marketing strategies are very memorable and eye-catching

  2. Well Lions gate already owns The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, I can’t see why they can’t own the Friday The 13th franchise too! Who knows maybe we will see a Jason vs Leatherface movie. I’m not sure how they would be able to pull that one off, but it would be great to see! As much as i like Jason, i see Leatherface winning that fight! But not before Jason wipes out most of his family first.

  3. Hmmm. An intriguing prospect. Would love to see what Lionsgate would do with Friday the 13th.

  4. Just as long as Lionsgate open more of it in theaters (Do they ever release like 3,000 or more of a film in theaters compare to how NLC release FvJ, remake, etc.?) & not making the film every years like SAW. ;)

  5. it will never happen!

  6. I hope it happenes, and soon!!

  7. And also as long as they keep F13TH as it should be and not change it at all, then i love the idea!

  8. If it does happen, maybe we can have lots more of sadistic gore and kills…the last movies of our favorite killer didn’t qiute have that, but if you look at the Saw movies…there’s lots and lots of gore and torture…seems to me, that if people want the franchise to be shocking and scary as hell, they should market and release the Friday the 13th movies via Lionsgate..( Twisted pictures…just that name has to be enough to sell tickets;))

  9. I for one would be unhappy to see the move. Film studios just don’t realize the prizes they own in franchise rights. Halloween and Hellraiser seem to be homeless to a point because they’ve been moved from studio to studio. I don’t feel comfortable with Friday making the move yet again to another studio because execs don’t know how to handle these properties. Hellraiser’s suffered to me from shifting from company to company with different takes on the films and Hellraiser’s, well, in straight to video hell now, and Halloween, in its original series form, isn’t far removed from that now because of Rob Zombie’s takes on the series. When NLC acquired the rights to Jason, not the name Friday the 13th, they tried different things with the character and where to go with him. As interesting as these ideas were they deviated from the formula this series established years ago and I’m sure it alienated many fans and prevented many more from getting introduced to the franchise. Platinum Dunes did a good take on the remake and it made decent money but Warners is not very interested in a sequel right now. I say let the series lay dormant for a few years at the current studio. Let the series get forgotten somewhat so when a part 2 does eventually come to fruition it’ll be fresh to moviegoers again like the remake was. Don’t palm the rights off to another studio like Jason’s some joint.

  10. I think that the franchise should stay where it is at for now. Unless Warner is just going to let the series sit around for a decade. Then I would say let Lionsgate or another studio get a shot at it. I want to see more Jason!

  11. I think that Jason should stay where it is. Every Lionsgate is brutal(it seems)so I could see why fans may want this to happen. I don’t know if it would work out.

  12. That is possible. I love Lionsgate, they really turn out some good horror flicks. And action movies as well. I read that the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D was sold to Twisted Pictures (The Saw franchise). Im not sure if Twisted is owned by Lionsgate, but maybe Jason should join them. New Line owned the TCM franchise, but I guess lost interest. Either way, I wish someone would get a FT13th sequal off the ground.

  13. Lionsgate made MBV 3D which is one of the better remakes. I think they would do great thing with the Friday franchise…..

  14. I think the franchise should return to Paramount.

  15. You know what scares me about the whole 3D thing. I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks this but….. It looks fake! Seems like the days of old fashioned makeup effects are doomed. Jason will just be a CGI Monster instead of a live actor. The acting has always kind of lacked, imagine if the actors have to stare at a green screen and look scared.
    I’ve heard rumors of Jaws 3D too. Wasn’t the first 3D Jaws movie bad enough? I second the whole going back to Paramount idea. That sounds a lot better.

  16. I would like to see F13 go to lionsgate. we would definitely see more jason thats for sure. i know they are planning multiple texas chainsaw massacre sequels since buying the texas chainsaw massacre franchise. go jason! lol.

  17. I think to get a new film with a true “old school” Friday the 13th feel to it, you need to get some of the original behind-the- scenes team involved with it again. Start with producer Frank Mancuso Jr. Then maybe Steve Miner or Joe Zito to direct. Hire one or more of the writers from the first 4 parts. Definitely no CGI effects! And I don’t even need to mention who should do the music score. Maybe bring back a surviving character or two. I know, I know, zero likelihood of any of this happening. But just thinking about it gets me excited! (:

  18. What if NOES WENT TO LIONSGATE TOO, maybe there would finally be really gorefest Freddy flicks as well something the nightmare series lacked

  19. When I hear LIONSGATE I can’t but remember Stan Winston’s classic horror movie PUMPKINHEAD. What a great movie!

  20. Paramount will always be Friday the 13th’s perfect home.
    (Even though they treat the series like crap.)

  21. Yeah, I agree with that. Paramount logo will always be the perfect way to start a Friday the 13th movie. It will never be said enough: go classic with the next Friday film!!! Go 80’s!!!

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  23. I think New Line Cinema is the best home for any horror film/franchise…

  24. Lionsgate couldn’t do any worst than what New Line/Paramount did with the remake… So, personally I think it’s a great idea.

  25. Whatever it takes to get another Friday film going. This Jason fan needs his fix.

  26. I don’t care which company is going to be next Friday films’ home although it’d be nice to be Paramount for some kind of nostalgia… but what I do care about is what kind of movie they will make: it’s a great idea setting the next installment’s story in 80’s (no cell phones!) and then go classic with the project: classic look Jason from parts 3 and 4, Harry Manfredini, Steve Miner… is that hard to make a good Friday the 13th movie?, really?… because 80’s filmmakers did it with the four first films!!!!…. just do it again!!!, please!!!

  27. With “going classic” I mean, among other things: returning to Camp Crystal Lake (no surrounding areas, just go back to the camp itself), bring back the real suspense! (keep Jason hidden until the final girl chase basically), bring back the classic Jason look from parts 3 and 4… that means throwing away the machete thing and forgetting the jacket-thing for Jason, bring back Tommy- Corey Feldman- Jarvis storyline! (make him face Jason again!), bring back Manfredini’s classic “authentic wooden feeling” music score (not the “too synthesized” score he did for part 5 or 6, for example)… to sum up, just recover the spirit, the classic “feeling” we found in the four early films and make a movie that proudly can be named with the “Friday the 13th” label… just follow the formula contained in those classic films… it would be a dream come true. THAT’S WHAT REAL FRIDAY THE 13TH FILMS ARE ALL ABOUT… feeling, suspense, atmosphere, mystery… “classicness”!!!

  28. Get the deal done. Friday needs a new empolyer and quick. Lionsgate is the right fit for Friday. WB isnt trying to do anything with Friday so let an established company like LG take over the franchise

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